Thursday, 5 February 2015

Plods Score Zilch in Popularity Poll

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A street level poll fielded this week by the Anarchists Gazette reports that Broken Britain's opinion of the national Plod Squad was of a limited response when the public demographic surveyed exhausted the lexicon of negative adjectives and expletive comments to best describe the blue uniformed tossers. However 'rude, lazy and intolerant' were the three most popular, albeit euphemistic, derogatory terms used – next to 'Stasi twats' and 'wankers'.

As complaints against forces hit an all-time high of 35,000 during 2014 - the most common being that plods neglected their duties – juxtaposed with allegations of incivility, impoliteness and a couldn't care less attitude towards the public they are paid by, and tasked to 'serve and protect' – a joke in and of itself.

A Daily Shitraker editorial goes several steps further in revealing a culture of Masonic fraternity corruption and outright criminality which permeates all levels – especially the top ranks – of the national Plod Squad – not only in England and Wales but also north of the border in Nonceland – and too goes on to cast a broad brush sweep of condemnation over the Independent Police Coverups Commission 'and' the overpaid 'elected' Police Crime Commissioner politicos who are en masse branded as being a 'waste of fucking space' and 'as much use as tits on a bull'.

Hmmm, no shortage of adjectives and expletives there.

Not only have scores of MPs been petitioned at constituency levels with calls for scrapping the IPCC and an overhaul of the system of investigating complaints against the police but actually recognising the fact that the Plod Squad model is an anachronism and well past its use by date and needs reinventing – and not in a Big Brother Stasi totalitarian enforcer mould either.

Ghengis 'Pitbull' McScrote, spokesman for the Revolution Now Party, speaking to media hacks via Skype from his park bench home on Wimbledon Common, went into high dudgeon at the first mention of the Anarchists Gazette survey, relating that "Damn right we need an overhaul of the entire policing system cos this fucker's broke wiv a big capital B – for Bust."

"All the plods is there for is ter keep an effin' jackboot on the neck of the common herd lest we get pissed off an' throw a major wobbler an' cause a nation-wide insurrection. Effin' Stasi scum. Latter day Gestapo. Tools of repression is all they is – wiv their ranks composed of intellectually-challenged thick twats, rangin' ter total morons. A bunch of all-round nasty bastards – and then some. Macho knobheads – wiv the WPCs bein' total butch-bitch Amazon bunny boiler skanks."

"Talk about the public good / pro bono – they've no fuckin' concept of the principle. But wot the fuck can yer expect from a gang of officious sociopaths an' psychos – cos like it or not – an' they effin' won't for sure – that's wot they fuckin' are. Thugs an' bullies – right or wrong – that's how they're perceived – an' that widespread public opinion is derived from experience."
"But that's the type of scumsters the blue uniform attracts - power trip control freaks and sadists – all wantin' ter get wiv the Freemason secret handshake fraternity crony corruption scams – an' never a prang of conscience about coverin' up the crimes of their paedo pals and kiddie fiddlin' bosses."

"These twats don't work for the public at large but their political an' corporate masters – the ones wot gives the orders an' draft the agenda for their top dog plod commissioners. They're the protectors of the rich an' shameless' an' their property – more so now the middle class have bin driven inter extinction an' there's no more effin' buffer zone between Them an' Us."

"The streetwise perception of yer plods today is one of unaccountable pondscum – wot can commit manslaughter – case in point bein' Harwood / Tomlinson - an' walk away wiv a slap on the wrist. Then yer got the actual pre-meditated murder of an innocent Brazilian sparkie, one Jean Charles da Silva de Menenzes – shot ter death by some unnamed – an' untouchable - trigger happy CO19 psycho – an' all his family got was a 'Whoops sorry' from that dyke slag wot woz in charge of Operation Fuckup on Stockwell tube station, Cressida Dickhead –an' the wanker wot shot the bloke is still on duty, wanderin' around wiv a fuckin' gun."

"An' while we're on the subject of pre-meditated murder by the plods, let's not forget Mark Duggan of Tottenham riot notoriety ('fame' n'est pas?) shot by the SFC's PC Madeupname. Legally killed woz wot the shit-for-brains crony coroner claimed. Legally killed – how the fuck do they work that one out?"
"Now the call's out ter arm every one of the useless twats wiv a Taser. Fer fuck's sake, I wouldn't kit the tossers out wiv water pistols, let alone 50,000 volt stun guns."
"Yer know wot the difference is between our once-sceptred isle's plod squad an' an organised crime syndicate - such as the Rothshite banksters Kosher Nostra? Absolutely none."

Hmmm, McScrote's words bear the essence of a disturbing truth – that power corrupts and the plods can get away with anything – including manslaughter and murder – and actual bodily harm (see Sgt Delboy Smellie vs G20 protester Nicola Fisher) – an argument reinforced by the recent acquittal of members of the Met's Territorial Support Group who, backed up by a squad of neanderthals from the local G4S Renta-Thug Agency, were responsible for 'kettling' a group of demonstrators in Parliament Square during last year's Support Palestine BDS campaign – which resulted in several protestors suffering injuries ranging from acute scalding to third degree burns.

Thought for the day. In one instance of dereliction of duty by the UK police force, the Yorkshire Plod Squad alone suspiciously failed in their duties to protect vulnerable children from predatory paedophiles for decades in and around Scarborough (Jimmy Savile and '99' Jaconelli) where little boys and girls were molested and raped, then mollified with a cornet.
And now Rotherham – where the entire not fit for purpose fucking council have been fired en masse due their collective incompetence (at best) if not criminal negligence in dealing with reports of 1,400 children sexually abused bu kiddie fiddling rings between 1997 and 2013. And the plods didn't know? Bullshit.

While we're busy putting a righteous boot into the disreputable (notoriously scandalous with criminal connotations) Yorkshire Plod Squads – North & South – let's not overlook an even more sinister coverup aspect of their diabolical existence: firing Senior Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell when he refused to back down over the 7/7 2005 London tube train terror attacks, purported to have been carried out by a crew of Leeds-based Muslim jihadists – as Farrell looked the entire sham in the eye, studied it up close and personal, and pronounced for the public record – "False flag attack – it was all a set-up – same as 9/11 – and Mossad probable did 7/7 too."

Anyone remember PC George Dixon of Dock Green? "Evening all".
Alas, a memory of better times. Before corporate greed became a corporate cancer and caused 9/11. Before false flag terrorist attacks became a compulsive 'must have' accessory for Western politicos to pursue and justify their Big Brother police state agendas.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Griffin said...

That's a peach, Rusty

wiggins said...

...and get rid of the feckin CPS, another level of bureaucracy not worth a wank and a drain on the Civic Purse...

Rusty said...

The whole fucking lot are a sick joke.
Wonga Ripoff Payday Loans sends out a shitpile of bullying 'pay up or else' letters from fake law firms, threatening 45,000 customers behind on repayments and gets ordered to cough up more than £2.6 million quid in compensation to the hapless fuckers who received these bogus demands.
Now the useless City of London Police reckon that after reviewing the case and complaints there's not sufficient evidence of a criminal deception to charge and prosecute the money-grubbing shysters.
For fuck's sake, there's 45,000 pieces of sore thumb evidence staring them in the face.