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Criticism of Israel = Anti-Semitism

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The gospel being spouted by 'Friends of Israel Club' MP shills and stooges around the House of Conmans this week is that social media users who spread racial hatred – in this case that old revenant favourite 'anti-Semitism' - should be banned from sites such as Twatter and Facebook – which actually equates as any fucker and their dog who dares criticise Israel and militant Zionism being banned from the internet's social network system – and preferably have their tongues ripped out and keyboard pinkies pummelled with a coal hammer.

The All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into anti-Semitism (but not Islamophobia?) is demanding that the Crown Prosecution Service conjures up any old law or regulation – or even an Asbo prevention order of the kind issued to restrict paedos and other child porno sex addicts' internet access – to penalise offenders from using cyberspace social networking mediums to broadcast the truth viz the human rights abuses and war crimes being committed against the Palestinian Arab Muslim 'Semite' population of – er – Palestine – and push the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against the rogue Zionist 'bully boy' state of Israel.

The House of Conmans cross-party Zionist Shills & Stooges group also highlighted the use of anti-Semitic terms online. Their report states the terms 'Palestinians', 'Yawm an-Nakbah' and 'Third Intifada' – along with Meshuggenah; Hudaibiya; Kvelling; Chutzpah; Kedeshah; Hasbara; Schadenfreude and Jabotinskyism were among the top 35 phrases relating to Israelis and Zionists during the conflict.

(Yawm an-Nakbah - the Palestinian 'Holocaust' of 1948 – their Shoah – the Day of the Catastrophe when their sovereign nation was stolen from them – with UN approval – by the Ashkenazi Zionist Stern, Irgun and Haganah terrorist gangs.)

The hashtags 'Palestinian Final Solution', 'ethnic cleansing' and 'genocide' featured with high frequency, the report added – with the 'ZioNazi war crimes' hashtag trending across the expanse of the known Universe in July last year.

The rise in violent anti-Semitic attacks during 2014 in the UK (swastikas daubed on synagogue walls and the front of Mrs O’chel Batachat's Manky Matzo Bakery) was clearly linked to the conflict in Gaza, with some using criticism of Israel's actions as a pretext for 'hate speech' – aka 'speaking the truth' about the IDF's human rights abuses and war crimes.

Last week, a Jewish-funded private Renta-Thug security agency - the Community Security Trust - claimed that anti-Semitic incidents across our once-sceptred Christian isle more than doubled – to 168 in 2014: proportionately in line to the war crimes and land grabs / house / farm / orchard demolitions and well poisonings committed against the Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip by illegal settlers and the IDF's homicidal maniacs – and the foreign human rights protesters maliciously crushed – a la Rachel Corrie - under the tracks of IDF bulldozers.

The Community Security Trust - which monitors and manipulates anti-Semitism complaints in Britain - says this 168 incidents was highest figure recorded since the last high figure.

Although the Jewish community is deeply integrated (some claim 'embedded like termites' - whereas others resort to total political incorrectness mode and state 'like a cancerous tumour') into British society, many Jews are whingeing there has always been a low level of underlying anti-Semitism - such as casual, thoughtless remarks - but the rise of hate speech online is new and risks normalizing such sentiments – especially so while the hard line Israeli Jabotinskyist Likit Party government of PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and his equally nutty Knesset continue with their vile inhuman treatment and genocidal military forays against the captive Palestinian population.

(Aha, but these 'offending' remarks and comments today are not of the 'off the cuff' / casual variety but well thought out and reflect the moral indignation – outrage, in fact – of the British public's sentiments and sympathies towards the plight of the Palestinian people – especially so those in the ever-diminishing occupied West Bank with its ever-expanding illegal Israeli settlements.)

The Rt Hon Ron McScrote, Tory MP for Old Scrotum and spokesman for the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into anti-Semitism, opined to one gutter press hack from the Xenophobes Gazette that "Extremist or hate speech against one minority creates an environment in which such sentiments can easily spread to others. So today's call may also be welcomed by Muslim communities, facing what they say is a rise in Islamophobia following the Paris attacks – but they are advised not to hold their breath on that one as it's Zionists – er, I mean Jews – who get served first."

Hubristic petitions from the Board of Deputies of British Jews now before the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into anti-Semitism are calling for:
A mega-bucks £££ government fund to be set up to cover the costs of security at synagogues – (but not mosques).
Fresh research on identifying and explaining anti-Semitic language = any and all criticism of Israel / Zionism - (but no word on why the Zionists / Jews have hijacked 'anti-Semitism' term as their very own – to the expense of other Semites – such as all Arab and specifically the Palestinian people).
Guidance for school teachers on how to explain (sanitise) the illegal Middle East conflict in the classroom: more hypocrisy and propaganda.

The Met Plod Squad Commissioner Sir 'Scouse' Hulk Hogan related that the force had taken steps to provide additional reassurance to Jewish communities in recent weeks by assigning a couple of moronic Community Enforcement Officers – equipped with real radios and the all-new 'Spot the Muslim Terrorist' pop-up manual (with photos to differentiate between Arabs and Brazilians) - to stand guard outside synagogues.

Rabbi Mark Goldshit joined with Chief Rabbi Shylock Snipcock in pontificating that: "The goyim need to wake up to the fact that wherever you spread hate, it's not going to be legal."
Yeah right – apart from inside the racist apartheid state of Israel when hate is directed against the Palestinians by illegal settlers and the psycho IDF thugs. Israel – the only country on the planet with a fucking wall around it.

Meanwhile, a kikester poll accompanying the Parliamentary report suggests a third of British Gentiles (the goyim) - 37% - believed the problem of anti-Semitism has got worse in the last decade. Whereas by comparison 16% thought it had got better – with the remaining 47% saying they couldn't give a flying fuck one way or the other.

So we have these people РThe Board of Deputies of British Jews Рwhoever Рmight well be, in all good conscience, flogging this vendre un canard à moitié (half-sell a duck) scam to protect Jews from the mislabelled anti-Semitism cyber offensive Рbut at the end of the day it will, if passed and legalised, come down to criminalising any and all criticism of Israel and the venal cult of Zionism.
They need to wake up to the fact (well they actually know it already but are in convenient brain dead denial) that it's fuck all to do with sectarianism or 'faith hatred' but protest against militant Zionism and what it is doing to the hapless Palestinians – usurped from their own homeland.

The Con-Dem coalition government might well be set on a zero tolerance approach to these perceived anti-Semitic comments – but nary the same zero tolerance to demonising Islam (false flag terrorist attacks / mass mainstream media smears)– and most definitely no 'zero tolerance' approach to Israeli human rights abuses and war crimes committed against the Palestinian population of – er – Palestine.

So, to conclude, have the Israeli Zionists, via the influence of Jewish lobbyist shills and AIPAC / ADL stooges in the US – plus Europe and specifically in Broken Britain - got too much of a chokehold on the socio-political affairs of government - MPs and cabinet ministers – and even more damaging, Shitehall's manky mandarins and permanent undersecretaries who rule the political roost regardless of who the fuck is in Downing Street?
Damn right, and it's an affront that needs to be rectified by establishing a Parliamentary Friends of Palestine Club to reset a level playing field.

Disclaimer: While scores of pro-Zionist shills and stooges, politicians and foreign service diplomatic personnel etc et al might have seen their hypocrite's sensibilities fall casualty to collateral damage, no innocent non-combatant Palestinian Arab Semite Muslim women and children were harmed in posting this insurrectionist epistle.

Thought for the day. Over 500 rabbis from Israel, Britain, the US and Canada have called on the Israeli prime minister to stop demolishing Palestinian homes. Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) say Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance is against “international law and Jewish tradition.”

RHR’s open letter came after the Israeli PM announced the destruction of over 400 Palestinian homes in the Israel-controlled part of the West Bank, the territory known as Area C.

“Thousands have been forced to build without permits, and great human suffering is caused when hundreds of homes are demolished each year in Area C alone,” RHR stated in their letter, adding that Israeli planning and zoning laws “severely restrict the ability of Palestinians to build homes, even on the lands that the State recognizes as belonging to them.”‘

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Gazzer said...

Hitler and his Nazi gang were bad, nasty bastards, yet now the Israelis who never stop whingeing about the Holocaust are doing even worse to the Palestinians.

Gilly said...

Gospel of John 8:32
And Jesus said "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
Hmmm, unless the Israeli Zionists - the Kosher Nostra - complain.

Jew of Conscience said...

Alpha Anarchist said...

Israeli Zionists - and by extension US Ashkenazi Jews - in this case Jewess - a septic bunch of racist scum.

Zionist Conservatives Dance On Grave Of ISIS Hostage: 'Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel Bitch'

Not all conservatives used the death of American hostage Kayla Mueller to highlight the brutality of the Islamic State — some decided to focus their disgust on the 26-year-old’s humanitarian work for Palestinians.
“No tears for the newly-departed Kayla Mueller, the ISIS hostage whose parents confirmed today that she is dead,” conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel wrote on Tuesday, under the headline, “Kayla Mueller: Dead ISIS Hostage Was Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel Bitch.”

“Mueller was a Jew-hating, anti-Israel piece of crap who worked with HAMAS and helped Palestinians harass Israeli soldiers and block them from doing their job of keeping Islamic terrorists out of Israel,” she wrote.’

Schlussel called Mueller;'s death 'poetic justice'. Nice Nazi mindset - must be this superior culture they harp on about. Fucking barbarian neanderthals.

Niz said...

any socio-political system that denies the right of free speech has something to hide or suppress if it can't stand criticism or questioning its policies or motives