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Operation Paedo Hunt: Politicos Exempt?

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The Met Plod Squad units tasked with Operations Yewtree, Fernbridge and Pallial continue to go through their paces for the media and half-heartedly investigate a litany of historic child sex crimes in England and Wales – though conspicuously no links have been publicised with UK and European Satanic worship groups.
Further, nor has a parallel police inquiry been launched into the sordid child molesting sins of the titled and landed gentry directing the affairs of state from the wings of the stage of power in nonce-infested Caledonia (land of bagpipes and kilts - and hairy phallocrypts – those tadger-warming sporrans) – thanks to the graft and corruption-ridden hand of First Minister Alex ‘Three Chins’ Salmond’s SNP-dominated government calling the shots at Police Scotland and the Crown Office.

So will this collective ‘Operation Paedo Hunt’ turn out to be more at scent than substance? Alas, the unencrypted messages filtering down the snitch and grasser grapevine via embedded moles read that no august persons of noteworthy (royal / political) public acclaim will be collared and prosecuted - regardless of being caught ‘in flagrante delicto’ stuck up a bare arsed schoolboy in their local Doggers Wood as the plods assigned to expedite these inquiries have seen their original ‘brimstone and fire / take no prisoners’ remit put on a tight leash – a veritable pit bull choker chain – as soon as the trail hotted up and took a turn in the direction of Downing Street and Shitehall – and Bucks Palace.

As to the revelations of Yewtree, et al, the obvious has been plastered across the goggle box screens and banner headlines of the red top gutter press tabloids. Scandals galore, exposed for all to see – and politicians (now deceased) fingered for their pederast sins – while the ‘still breathing’ guilty parties such as Leon ‘Shredder’ Brittan et al gasp a sigh of relief, due assurances from MI5’s ranking Kurumaku agents that their involvement will be covered up – yet again – by their secret handshake brotherhood cohorts that steer this sordid ship of state.

Semi-certified innuendo listed in the Rumour Mongers Gazette claims Lord Greville Janner had his Glasgow kiddie rape charges ‘fixed’ by the Scottish Rite Kosher Nostra – and Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers escaped charges of zoophilia after the trio mix of underage hamsters and a gerbil extracted from his back passage at a Paris A & E clinic failed to survive their ‘shitty’ ordeal and were hence unable to press charges via the aegis of the RSPCA.
Thus we are left to ponder how many more Vermin in Ermine scat-rat sodomites and their Parliamentary ‘Mollies’ have – and still are – managing to weasel their way out of criminal charges for their pederast offences

There again, we have fall guy schmuck Nigel Evans, the obnoxious Tory MP for East Buggery, charged with eight offences of rape and sexual assault, committed between 2002 and 2013 – though when arrested and confronted with the accusations, his ‘self-preservation’ gene kicked in and he assumed total denial mode – in the hope that MI5 will get involved and the complainants end up dead, in a large black North Face holdall.

Meanwhile a gaggle of senile celebs, all household names – bestowed with Royal honours regardless - are pilloried and jailed due their lower rank in the pecking order of things. Tossed to the wolves, one might say, for the common pack to castigate and rip to pieces. Sacrificial scapegoat offerings, to act as a distraction and appeaser. Stuart Hall, jailed – with Randy Rolf, the didgeridoo man from Down-Under, next for the cells – along with a motley few more.

Serial litigant Sir Jimbo Savile, alike Thatcher’s PPS cabinet creep Peter Morrison, have shook off their mortal coils. Cyril ‘Mista Creosote’ Smith exploded in a massive super-nova of intestines, flab and pigswill following a double-helping of old Aunt Slaggie’s cow pie. Ted ‘Piranha Fangs’ Heath, Alan Clarke, Georgie Wigg and a notorious legion more with the moral scruples of rutting sewer rats out on a stag night – all gone – six feet under - and dead men tell no tales.

So we resort to speculation: was the death of Carole Kasir and the closure of the Elm Guest House on Rocksoff Lane in Barnes the end of an era of paedo-sodomite abuse of kiddies on loan from neighbouring orphanages? Was this era of aberrant social behaviour a one-off transgression of sexual norms and affront to human decency? Do pigs fly? Will Hell freeze over this winter?

More to the point, is the exposure of child sexual abuse around the UK in this period of recent 60’s /70’s history the whole story? Sorry, no fucking way. The abuse goes back as far as the record of man’s inhumanity to his (and her) fellow man / woman – and in the case of the paedophilia scandal, continues to this day with the same regularity – blatantly assisted via the cyberspace medium of the internet and child porno’ – and the cover-ups continue – as blatantly expedited by New Labour PM Tony ‘War Crimes’ Bliar gagging the media on the revelations of Operation Ore following the arrest of his paedo-scum Parliamentary assistant Philip Lyon.

And that’s the tried and tested modus operandi: complainants intimidated and gagged, investigations suppressed and subverted, witnesses coerced -‘and’ murdered, evidence falsified and misplaced – all by the compliant hands of the servants of the landed gentry, the rich and shameless bottom feeders who control the taxpayer-funded Plod Squad and security services.

Now here’s the stinger - were these scandalous sexual sins committed against helpless and trusting children confined to this sector of our sick society – entertainment celebrities and the odd dog-wanker of an expired groper of an onanist politician? No way – they go all the way to the top – the First and Second Estates - to the people Mum and Dad used to trust without a second’s thought.

But human nature being such a corrupt element – akin to greed - where sins of the flesh are concerned – these character flaws run like some toxic thread through the entire weave and fabric of our corrupt global society.
The perverse local worthies and household name telly celebs are the tip of the iceberg as this criminal enterprise runs to the highest in the land – with Royalty-commanded Black Mass blood sacrifices of sexually abused children a regular full moon feature – all purposely selected, then kidnapped for the purpose. Anyone like to know what’s on the dark dungeons ‘entertainment’ itinerary at Balmoral this week?

Beyond belief you say? How about our Vatican-appointed spiritual guides and mentors – our Catholic confessors? Sodomites and pederasts infest the entire shebang. What a fucking hypocrisy-mired joke that classic outrage has made of orthodox, mainstream RC religion and the vow of celibacy.
In God we trust? Not fucking likely with ex-Nazi Youth thugs wearing the Fisherman’s ring and directing our temporal existences – and now we have a Brazilian Jesuit posing as the Vicar of Christ.

Collectively these bottom feeders represent a venal aberration, and an anathema to polite society, who purposely and with malice aforethought, seek posts in the priesthood and teaching professions to gain access to vulnerable children and thus satiate their kinky sexual fantasies and fetishes.
The sickening aspect of these kiddie fiddling scandals lies with the establishment offenders not so much setting their sights on the rape of budding jailbait schoolgirls just sprouting hair they can sit on - but targeting innocent little boys who can’t even spell ‘sodomy’.

The whole gamut – politicians, police, social services, the entire spectrum of generalised appointed officialdom in fact – quangos included - have a chartered responsibility and are entrusted with a duty of public care – especially so of vulnerable persons – the marginalised, disabled and special needs – and this includes children more than any other.

And here we are referring to the likes of these toasted and be-knighted public figures (with souls blacker than the portals of Hell’s Gate) – the immoral likes of Sir James Savile and Sir Cyril Smith – and those hypocrites who were fully cognisant of these VIP paedo rings and their vile crimes - and if not personally involved, were by association and complicity guilty of contributing to the conspiracy of silence and coverup that perpetuated the sexual abuse of untold numbers of hapless children by these vile pederasts.

Such is evidenced in the blatant hypocrisy practiced by our succession of morally reprehensible governments to establish a Womb to Tomb ‘caring’ Nanny State while these same elected politicians who would conjure up laws for the common herd to obey and live by, put themselves above such laws and prey on our children to satiate their perverse sexual tastes – and here we finger New Labour’s ginger-mingin Harriet Harmless who at one stage of her questionable career sided with the Paedophile Information Exchange to lower the age of consent – to accommodate their lust for despoiling the innocence of little boys and girls.

It’s not just the hypocrisy and corruption of morals, but the skewed attitude of the upper echelons of society, the pondscum egoists, that sanction the suppression of these crimes being revealed – in the delusional belief that public exposure of such would incite a wave of public outrage and bring the entire system crashing down. Hmmm, well, there might be a modicum of accuracy in that speculation.

Yet these are the raving faggot scum who, along with their liberal apologists, scream and shout about ‘political-incorrectness’ and homophobia when the reaction to their attempts to lower the age of consent are challenged and thwarted by public outrage.
To wit it is our qualified jurist opinion that any person who fantasises on sex with a child, then puts their lust into practice, is a morally bankrupt pariah, unfit to mix with society.

Personally we’d like to see the reintroduction of the Buggery Act of 1533 - that defined this crime as an unnatural sexual act against the will of God – and for which a conviction carried the capital punishment penalty of death.

Though the term ‘topsy-turvy’ doesn’t do the state of affairs justice, a clich├ęd phrase this might be but one so fitting to the situation: ‘the lunatics have taken over the asylum’.
While welfare benefit deprived single Mum’s are having their kids stolen by the ‘for-profit’ quango child care (sic) services to supply the needs of the money-spinning national foster / adoption pederast bourse and affiliated Satanic covens to facilitate their black mass ritual blood sacrifices, we have surrogate mothers from the Renta-Slut Agency getting paid mega-bucks to have her snatch pumped full of a blend of bumboy semen ejaculated by some keyboard plonker of a pop star called Stilton Jack (real name Reg Shite) and his faggot partner Rupert Furniture – to prove that even hard core sodomites can ‘have children’.

The rest of this corrupt world besides, for Broken Britain alone this is true. Frank Allaun, a former working class roots Labour MP for Salford East (unfortunately now deceased) and a great pal of my late father, often discussed the fact that Parliament and the Shitehall civil service were dominated by the secret handshake club and chocker block with shirt lifters and deviant pederasts: fudge and chutney merchant perv's of every persuasion. Especially so – in Frank’s own words – ‘infested to the rafters with raving bisexuals, closet case tranny’s, outright sodomites and sicko nonce kiddie fiddlers’.

Hence Frank Allaun’s three decades of first-hand observation of the graft and corruption-ridden Westminster / Whitehall scene see him as eminently qualified to point the fickle finger of fate and expose the fact that the Masonic secret handshake club – along with Corporatism - dominates the affairs of government and these bottom feeders would pervert the course of justice to protect their elitist kiddie fiddling brothers at all costs – even that of a child’s innocence.

So will we see these Plod Squad Nonce Crime investigations actually collar any living politico child sex offenders? Alas, as per the earlier sarcastic comment – pigs will take to the air before that occurs.

Thought for the day. Fuck the Freemasons and Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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Anonymous said...

Lord Scandalson of the Felchers. Nice one.

Scouser said...

Salford's Frank Allaun was that rarest of creatures - an honest politician who put his constituents first and was never corrupted by Labour Party in-fighting.
It was the passing of an age when the his like - and that of Bessie Braddock - left the H of C benches.

Anonymous said...

they all know,mi5 brief them,it is all hidden,they are ALL culpable

wiggins said...

They - being the S.T.A.S.I.- like to encourage poor deluded saps with ambitions of power to partake in a bit of debauchery for the purposes of blackmail. Why do you think the 'Vermin In Ermine' still likes putting little furry animals up his dirt-box?

Ally said...

Ref Wiggins comment on Scandalson / little furry critters: Why? Cos it tickles.

Anonymous said...

Lord Kaufman &

Lord Pendry

Tom Pendry the alleged accomplice of Stuart Hall.

Anonymous said...

Janner allegedly used a hotel in Glasgow