Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Dentist’s Nurse / Lover Extracted Teeth

Female patient all gums and confused
Dr. Mogamat Groper, a Southsea dentist, stands accused of kissing, fondling and fornicating with his trainee dental nurse in the surgery while she carried out her duties.

The General Dental Council’s professional conduct committee heard evidence that dental nurse, Rita Halitosis, a former Cracow pole dancer, had extracted a patient’s teeth while Dr. Groper engaged in a beast with two backs frolic from behind.
“It gets him really turned on when he see me wrenching teeth out with the pliers,” Ms. Halitosis told the hearing. “I think the patients’ screams get him going too.”

David Bicuspid, representing the GDC, said “Dr. Groper is guilty of a criminal offence by allowing a trainee dental nurse to extract teeth, regardless of his intimate, close proximity presence and looking over her shoulder proffering guidance as he gave her one doggy style.”

Dr. Nida Handjob, an anaesthetist who worked with Dr. Groper at the Last Choice dental practice in Southsea, told the hearing of further professional misconduct incidents.
“A real randy rum bugger is old Mogamat. One female patient had a bit of a cough so he pulled out a stethoscope and says ‘Let’s see yer tits, sweetie,’ and proceeded to fondle her breasts while listening to her bated breathing.
The patient was very confused and asked if he was a dentist or a doctor.
Pointing to Nurse Rita, he replied she was the dentist and he was the doctor. The incident was quite amusing at the time.”

Ms. Edna Skagrat, the dental patient in question, told the hearing “It was all very confusin’. I just bobbed in for a fillin’ and the next thing they ‘ad me sat in a gynaecology chair, feet in the stirrups, legs akimbo, and Dr. Groper starts mashin’ me boobs an’ listenin’ to me chest wiv a stethescope.
Next thing, the nurse clamps me jaws apart an’ they give me laughing gas, which was a bit of a giggle, then I comes around after an’ I’m all effin’ gums. The bitch ’ad pulled all my bleedin’ teeth out.”

While the General Dental Council intends to forward a copy of their report to the Director of Public Prosecutions for review, Dr. Groper’s name has now been registered in the GDC’s Very Naughty Book.

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