Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tories Launch 'Operation Distraction'

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With a sycophantic Yea vote of 524 against 43 'sensible' Nays (and 82 'not here' / 'couldn't give a fuck' no-shows) Tory leader Posh Dave Scameron gets his wish to lead our once-sceptred isle into another neo-colonial war of latter day imperialist aggression against a bunch of unwashed raghead 'death cult' thugs known as ISIS or ISIL or simply IS - as they seem to get re-branded with every Caliphate Channel news update - with the mission creep intent of expanding the UK's end of this 'Sunni & Cher vs The Shites' sectarian conflict into Syria - to oust President Basher al Assad's regime and turn the country into a total basket case state of chaos alike NATO's earlier fubar achievements in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In an interview with the Warmongers Gazette, PM Scameron - overlooking an earlier House of Conmans statement pledging to have DWP Oberstfuhrer Iain Dunkin Shit slash Broken Britain's welfare benefits cap by £3,000 a year 'if' the Tories win the election - (ha, great way of ensuring you don't win an election / and never won an outright majority at the last election - plus have a cat in hell's chance of doing so next May) - and declaring the Treasury kitty does not have a spare couple of bucks to run the sadly-defunct Remploy disabled workplaces - now intends to pilfer the taxpayers' purse for the cash to fuel Tornado GR4 fighter jet's RB 199 Mk 103 turbofans to fly sorties from Cyprus to Iraq (via Syria) - and buy a shitload of laser guided Paveway IV smart bombs, DMS Legacy Brimstone and AIM-132 ASRAAM missiles - plus stack of munitions for the fighter's Kraut Mauser 27mm / 1,700 rpm cannons that loose off streams of 260 gram projectiles which - Gaza-style - tear the limbs off any non-combatant civilian old enough to scream and bleed - even if they are hiding under a school desk or behind a hospital wall.

So we have Scameron, Clogg and Millipede - this tri-party Coalition of Zionist Stooges, at the beck and call of their multi-national military-industrial complex paymasters. A troika of creeps sanctifying the immoral Operation Distraction mission creep backdoor invasion of Syria with a Parliamentary vote - for democracy's sake - and the public common herd's brain dead media-mesmerised (read 'muddled') emotions stirred up to a Red Queen state of "off with their heads!" propaganda-driven frenzy by Scameron's mention of Jihadi John of the ISIS Beatles Decapitation Brigade.

In Posh Dave's own words: "Yes, you with the Cockney accent. MI6 know who you are and we're stopping your Mum and Dad's welfare benefits and slapping them with a Bedroom Tax bill - then I'm going to send those nasty chaps from 22 SAS at Credenhill over to snuff you and your oick pals - and the Geneva Convention be buggered."

Unfounded rumours abound in the House of Conmans Stranglers Bar that Scameron's further attempts to cow the ISIS leadership into submission include shock n awe tactical threats of dropping his secret Tory 'blonde moments' sub-nuclear Celebrity bombshell, Nadine 'Scouse' Dorries MP in their Jolly Jihad mujahideen midst to cause havoc and disarray.

Yep, that's the key core element for the success of Operation Distraction - paint ISIS as the latest 'foreigner' type bogeyman - an all-new Islamic anti-Christ scaremongering source now that Big Al Qaeda has gone out of fashion and Osama bin Laden's been snuffed for the umpteenth time. In the Tavistock Institute's estimation this will serve to take the focus off the fact that the VIP / Parliamentary Paedo Club Inquiry chair Fiona Woolf is far too busy to investigate the elitist Masonic paedo cabal until after Christmas - by which time the UK will be under a martial law jackboot and all such embarrassing kiddie fiddling investigations into the sordid abnormal perversions of cabinet ministers - past and present - will be a no go area under our (pre-fracking) green and pleasant land's all-new 'Tory Tyranny' fascist democracy system.

Well that's the name of the game now for the Tory Party rag-tag outfit - with turncoat MPs defecting to UKIP or resigning over public disclosure of their disgusting sexual indiscretions - like canny rats deserting an unseaworthy ship of state that has foundered on the rocks of public mistrust after suffering a Biblical scale credibility crisis - back in the Autumn of 2010.

So what's the public opinion? Has Tory MP Mark Reckless been 'reckless' in defecting to UKIP - or is he just a twat? Does everyone agree with Brooks Skidmark's - the Tory MP for Essex Brainless constituency - admission, confided to a gutter press hack from the Daily Shitraker: "I'm a bit of a dumb cunt at times and have no-one to blame but myself."

But to grab the British public's attentions 'and approval' by the Pavlovian short n curlies, Scameron's spin doctors are alleged to be pushing the UK's ubiquitous High Street Poundshop stores to market a line of Islamic horror Halloween paraphernalia - complete with severed heads.
Not to miss a chance on the outrageous, Chatham House's NLP mind-benders are reputedly scheming to have ISIS usurp Guy Fawkes (that notorious Yorkshireman executed for his valiant, albeit failed, efforts to 'restructure' Parliament) as our historical Public Enemy No 1 and henceforth, in accordance with the ditching of Broken Britain's 'multi-cultural society' concept and this post-9/11 Islamophobia sectarian / racist slant being fostered by Western governments - specifically the UK's past Bliarite New Labour regime and Posh Dave Scameron's incumbent mess of pottage politely referred to as the Con-Dem Coalition - now adopting a 21st Century-themed anti-Jihadist / ISIS hate campaign by converting our iconic November 5th Bonfire Night to Burn-a-Beardie Muslim Night instead.

Thoughts for the day. New Labour's Wallace n Gromit leadership team of child prodigy Red Ed Millipede & Fast Eddie Balls were of a mind to pull a spiffing lampoon on Scameron's marketing of this humanitarian intervention 'let's get ISIS' propaganda bullshit to Parliament last Friday - intending to scribe slanderous Twitter and Facebook postings linked to a montage of graphic piccies of the devastated and Balkanised Libya of today - with the message "This is another socio-politically stable Muslim Arab state the Tory Coalition fucked up earlier".
Obviously clearer minds thought better of such imprudent action coming back to kick them squarely in the arse, considering the state of mayhem and chaos Tony Bliar's illegal invasion of Iraq caused back in those earlier post-9/11 Islamophobic 'Let's get Saddam Hussein' hatred heydays, circa 2003.

Do you believe British kids will go for the government's 'Penny for the Jihadist Scum' and swap their regular 'Guy' for a straw-stuffed Muslim effigy in a black Ninja suit, BD/SM ski mask and Granny's gingham tea towel wrapped around its head? Were you invited to the anti-ISIS talks - or did you too - like the Syrian government - miss out on a shopping trip in Paris? Do you think the ISIS photo-shopped journalist / aid worker beheading videos are Academy Award material? Is the ISIS Caliphate's top dog Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi really the kikester Mossad agent provocateur, Elliot ben Shimon?

Send your comments using the online reply form below and you could win a sparkling set of Jihadi John monogrammed limited edition / Argos brand kitchen knives.
A selection of your comments may be published, displaying your name and postal address so NATO can target your back garden patio and conservatory area with a couple of MQ-9 Reaper UAV drone Shitstreak missiles.

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Bonce said...

Are these Western politicos so stupid as to be arming one - and more - sets of Syrian rebels / Islamic terrorists while bombing others - the likes of ISIS - and believe the multi-fragmented jihadist groups are going to go along with that strategy.
Bullshit, it comes down to the enemy of my enemy is my enemy too. Any and all fanatical Muslims who follow the path of jihad will be in favour of a Caliphate - and thus back the ISIS death cult.
All the UK / US Zionist stooges are doing is to seal a pact between the likes of the Takfiri, al Nusra etc and ISIS.

Rusty said...

As the world comes apart at the seams and the ZioNazi powers of darkness gear up for a WW3 showdown in the Ukraine and across the Greater Middle East, the Tory's shit-for-brains Environment Minister, Lizzie Truss, goes into 'blonde moment' mode to focus on the driving need to overturn the ban on fox hunting - which has sadly interrupted the fun and games of Broken Britain's the rich and shameless landed gentry since being legislated by blue collar spoilsport New Labour in 2004.

Trapper said...

Distractions is dead right.
Fiona Woolf's too busy to start the social services 'what went wrong' paedo inquiry til next year. Why the fuck didn't they get some twat who wasn't busy - and wasn't a neighbour of that smarmy kiddie fiddling coverup merchant Leon Brittan?
Cameron is totally bankrupt credibility wise cos accepting the ruling civil service mandarin's choice of Woolf as this inquiry chairwoman is as bad as Dubya Bush putting super-Zionist scumbag Henry Kissaser up as chair of the 9/11 investigation committee.

Alpha Anarchist said...

A full accounting is in order - and stretching back some time too.
Nuremberg 2 War Crimes Tribunal for the warmongering likes of Bliar's New Labour cabinet and Cameron / Clegg coalition cabinet that declared war on Afghanistan n Iraq - then Libya -now Syria and Iraq (again) - and shit-stirring in the Ukraine to get a shooting match going with Russia.
Then street level nominees to head inquiries into Princess Di murder, 7/7 false flag terrorist attack, Dr David Kelly assisted suicide - and a virtual inquisition to run to ground the Masonic / Satanist paedophile scum infesting the corridors of power.
And that is just the fucking start.

Ally said...

Need a nation-wide consolidated display
of civil disobedience to turn this corrupt government system on its arse and get what We, the People, need.
Democracy revisited, the Crapitalism scrapped and a new trading currency line initiated - the non-usury type that doesn't involve rip-off banksters.
Or am I talking Revolution here and gonna get myself slapped with a domestic terrorist label?

Ingmar said...

It's all a race against time: who's going to 'bomb' the Mid-East / Iraq / Syria back to the Stone Age first - this US/UK.NATO led Coalition of the Willing Zionist Stooges - or ISIS themselves with a fundamentalist Sharia Law Caliphate?