Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Revealed: The True Face of Social Services

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Yep, like the main banner headline states: revealed: the true - and 'unacceptable' - face of Broken Britain's semi-privatised social services exposed to the public purview.

The public voting demographic are up in arms and outraged after a shit-for-brains social worker gloated on her open account Facebook page over her dirty deeds done cheap procurement of three children - all under the age of ten and snatched from their natural loving parents to be arbitrarily placed in foster care under the aegis of complete strangers.

Siobhan Condom, 41, went into an ego trip on steroids and publicly bragged over the sense of life or death power adrenalin rush she felt at breaking up the hapless McScrote family, then revelled in the judge handing the parents a ‘massive bollocking’ for being unemployed and on welfare benefits - and hence branded as 'dysfunctional'.

Condom even posted a big 'thank you' to the solicitor assigned to the case - Ms Chlamydia Mingerot of Shitshot, Bagrot & Tosspot - for commenting on her manicure and sensible shoes before writing "Social services rule - the effin' poor can kiss my ass".

While family court proceedings are normally held behind closed doors and shrouded in secrecy alike some Kafkaesque or Orwellian script that became reality under Hitler's Nazis and Stalin's Soviet regime (and now too in our dysfunctional once green and pleasant land) - the kiddie's mother, Mrs Slagella McScrote, reported Condom’s disgusting egocentric comments to Essex County Council after spotting them on the social worker’s open access Facebook page - which went so far as to identify the star-crossed family as a bunch of 'gyppo scallies' and posted their actual address at Pikey's Crotch Travellers Park.

The Health and Care Professional Council found the erring Condom slightly guilty of misconduct and the council director Ms Candida Condom, (no relation) while deferring the renewal of her local authority contract for appearances sake, failed to do the 'right thing' and have her name struck off as an inept vainglorious twat - and an embarrassment to all concerned - but doled out a slap on the wrist caution and sanctioned that she be monitored by a line manager for twelve months.

Condom, who now works for the London Borough of Barking Mad, was advised to stay off Facebook and keep her stupid gob shut, yet being a brainless blonde simply could not resist grabbing her Andy Warthole predicted 'fifteen minutes of infamy' in a face to face interview with a press hack from the Daily Shitraker.

"Wow an' no effin' shit - wot a multi-orgasmic rush - ter have the power ter simply fuck someone's life right up wiv the stroke of a pen. Better than snortin' a coupla lines of snow off a car bonnet an' gettin' three hole bonked down Doggers Wood after the effin' pubs shut on a Friday night, I'll fuckin' tell yer."

Conversely, Essex Council has since apologised to Mr and Mrs McScrote for Condom's despicable conduct, concluding such fell seriously below expected standards as the postings were disrespectful and demonstrated an unacceptable level of unqualified arrogance normally reserved for Rochdale's porcine kiddie fiddling Liberal MPs, senior council officials and Police & Crime Commissioners.


Thought for the day. Of course, as per the Roman Catholic Church being a magnet for shirt-lifting fudgers and kiddie fiddling pederasts, the Social Services and Community Enforcement Officers and PCSO units likewise attracts all manner of society weirdos - specifically sadistic control freaks from the renta-bully Thugs-R-Us Agency's 'Moron Squad' who got off as kids dominating their pet hamsters and freaking out Granny's cat.

In Condom's instance this 'error of judgement' simply cannot be put down to a high octane 'blonde moment' - especially so when we are dealing with a self-delusional Common Purpose-trained (read 'NLP brainwashed to useful idiot / jobsworth') serial hypocrite working for the profit-motivated social services Nonce Ponce Kiddie Placements quango - pursuing a programme of coercive fostering and adoption that is rooted in an industrial strength profit-driven motive - basically greed-orientated kiddie snatching on steroids - where the kids end up fostered out to a couple of child molesting paedophiles.

Ms Condom, as per the rest of her social services empathy-deficient scumsters, comes across as a power hungry control freak psycho-sociopath scatbag possessed of a one size fits all approach mindset to every fucking thing - who was caught tripping out on causing some poor unfortunate family a tidal wave of grief - and equates as the calibre of sadist that turned on the Zyklon B communal showers in Auschwitz and stoked the Holohoax crematorium fires.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Miranda said...

Disgusting. Another power crazy slapper that shouldn't have any part in the social services system.

wiggins said...

Of course this useless excuse for a human being will not receive any censure from her equally fucked up and brainwashed Common Purpose superiors...........in fact the dangerous bint will probably get a promotion. It reminds me of the IDF slag on Facefack having an organism seeing all the dead Palestinian children...