Thursday, 11 September 2014

No Bugger Wants the Big Bad Woolf

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So we know who nominated the reject status Baroness Lizzie Butler-Sloshed to head the CSA (child sexual abuse) inquiry but who the fuck failed the due diligence test and whispered in Terry May's transvestite ear to nominate this menopausal Botox-deficient baggage Lady Lord Mayor Fiona 'Wrinkles' Woolf for the role? Why none other than her old Pimlico neighbourhood pal, the smarmy Lord Leon Brittan of the Shredders.

Yep, thanks to bent Masonic allegiances, Flabby Leon's got a hand on the helm of an official inquiry into his own scandalous sex pest misconduct past - the same smirking scumster who allegedly spent half his fucking time at the Home Office trashing kiddie fiddling reports from concerned MPs and Scotland Yard - and the other half at Carol Kaiser's Elm Guest House knocking shop - in the hot tub listening to Cliff Richards singing 'The Young Ones' and sodomising a couple of 12 year old orphan lads from the local Richmond-based Catamites Care Home.

To wit, as much as we didn't want Butler-Sloshed forced on us due her presiding over the crooked coverup of the Princess Diana and Dodo al Fayed murder inquiry - then we want this lupine troll even less. The bitch is damaged goods - a useful idiot stooge of The City's shadow para-governmental / trans-national special interest ruling regime - the Black Nobility / Rothshite - Sassoon bankster crime syndicate - that does naught for the common good or in the public interest - hence Fiona 'Muppet' Woolf - or Swain - whatever alias she's going under to suit this proposed role - has the shadow of perceived bias cast over her and is thus devoid of all credibility where impartiality is concerned.

This is especially so when we consider the sinister implications of her past history of involvement with the likes of Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers, Tony 'Miranda' Bliar and Charlie Falconer - and not to overlook making a pertinent mention of Islington care homes paedo coverup super-troll Margaret Oppenschemer Slodge - the nasty money-grubbing twat rumoured to have ordered the 1999 hit on Jill Dando to prevent her forthcoming televised Westminster elitist paedo expose - and naming Slodge as a child abuse facilitator / apologist.

Ha! WTF does this government think it's at? Flogging the voters yet another vendre un canard à moitié (to half-sell a duck) scheme. Conflict of interest isn't in it - same as with the Butler-Sloshed scenario that Posh Dave Scameron (whose true constituency is the Fortune 500 company index membership) tried to pawn off on the public - impartiality is out of the window, along with baby and bathwater - and the stench of impropriety and bias is enough to make a billy goat puke.

If Butler-Sloshed, sister of the bent paedo-fudging Sir Michael Havers QC - who acted with improbity as Attorney General, covering up the sexual misconduct of his Masonic secret handshake club fraternity brothers - wasn't insult enough we now have dumped on us this justice system insider, Fiona 'Fix-It' Woolf - the ultimate establishment cover-up queen.

And that, at a glance, disqualifies the slag - without including further mention of her Isle of Man 'Mitre Secretaries Corp' involvement - a dodgy front for tax evasion - or her multi-currency numbered account in the Swiss UBS Bank in the name of Ms Fiona Woolf with a balance of over 5 million francs - and guess who's the Vice-Chairman of the USB? Why none other than Woolf's old pal Leon Brittan QC.

The bitch is dirty - and that bent if she dropped down dead there would be no need to dig a grave but simply twist her into the ground like a corkscrew.

But the point of fact is this: it is not just the historic child sex abuse cases we want airing in the light of day but the current ones too - as denials to the contrary besides, this same Westminster / Whitehall / House of Conmans / Lords / Holyrood / Inner Temple Freemason-dominated kiddie fiddling ring is still as prevalent - and predatory - and untouchable - as ever.

Now, with bearing on the above paragraph, Mrs Woolf, alike Baroness Butler-Sloshed before her, is only going to be tasked with an inquiry into the 'purported failings' of regulatory child care / social service departments. (Que? WTF? The entire child care / social services is a failure).

But how about the abusers and complaints of this establishment VIP child sex abuse culture going back generations? The stock response = "Oh that's the police's job". And here is the fucking worry - as the police have not been doing their job. They have been delinquent in all aspects of such - marked by gross incompetence and at best, slack-arsed sloth and apathy aforethought, ignoring complaints - and at worse, criminally covering up these abuse complaints and budding scandals involving their Masonic brothers.

"All right PC Tosspot, you've got your 'shredder proficiency badge' - so look after this Elm Guest House report wot the Home Secretary's just sent us."
"We can't go investigating the celebrity likes of Prince Chazzer's mate, Sir Jimmy Savile, now can we. Cos we won't get any more Xmas box back-handers and free tickets to the BBC's Top of the Paedos Show. Or investigating old porky Cyril Smith MP - as he might come down here and sit on us. Plus he's a big (sic) pal of Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe - who has his own hit man to knock off political trouble-makers - and their dogs - and let's not forget that Fat Cyril's been knighted by Queen Betty too."

Hence doubtless this piece of fictitious speculation included forgetting about Lord AndyPandy and Sir Peter Hayman and Lord Granville Janner and Sir Peter Morrison and that slimy smirking twat Leon Brittan - and all the other flabby public school bumboy / paedo scum who managed to slither into Slaggie Twatcher's cabinet. Just too much hassle to go after the untouchable Houses of Conmans and Lords - and Whitehall's Civil Service Mandarin Central - 'and' the BBC cesspit dwellers.

Aha! one might exclaim - and as the Plod Squad's been criminally negligent in their non-performance of duty then the MI5 security service haven't been doing their job either.
Well, in fact they have - protecting the VIP politico bottom feeders that are charged with governing our once sceptred isle - as they don't give a flying fuck about useless eater kids getting bummed or subjected to serial rape and ritual blood sacrifices to the elitist's God of Greed, Mammon - or is it Satan?

And as to any fucker and their dog from the public demographic who might dare display the audacity to turn whistle-blower and expose these dirty deeds, then, al la Dando, they'll get suicided and found leaning against a tree in the David Kelly Memorial Woods - or shoved under a hedgerow in Grassy Knoll Park for urban foxes to piss on - or fall victim to their own fantasist fetish sex games and suffocate inside a big black North Face holdall - padlocked on the outside.

So where does the battle start and end with these perverted kiddie fiddling pariahs that infest our society like burrowing vermin? Well, number one on the agenda would be to publicise the scandals nationally - but alas our craven mainstream media - and none more so than the publicly-funded BBC - are not up to the task. Hence the limited reach of the alternative cyberspace / internet media bloggers are left to shoulder pro bono moral responsibility and do the job.

Next we need to hoof out this political correctness' culture aberration that has come to permeate and curse our free speech society - where every fucker and their dog is shit scared to say Boo! to a goose anymore lest someone gets upset and has their fragile sensibilities offended - as per the pathetic excuse from Rotherham officials as to why the pandemic of serial child molesting continued unabated for years.

For if local social care officials - specifically Mr 'In Denial' Shaun Wright and the not fit for purpose Plod Squad - had clamped down on the abuse and arrested this organised ring - this gang of Indian and Pakiland Asian sex offender criminals on charges of grooming and child molesting and serial rape of underage girls then they claim such would have been labelled as 'racist' - for targeting Asian sex offenders. Que? WTF? Call a spade a fucking 'spade' for Christ's sake.

Then we have the Simon Danczuk dilemma, wherein the whistle-blowing Labour MP for Noncedale (Cyril Smith's old sphincter-stretching constituency) was approached in a most sinister cloak and dagger manner by a Tory MP inside the House of Conmans and warned - threatened in fact - not to name and shame ex-Slaggie Twatcher Home Secretary Leon Brittan as an Elm Guest House - and Cedra Court and Dolphin Square rent boy sodomite brothel habitué - (all being blackmailed by the Kray Twins 'and' Scotland Yard's CID Commander Ernie Millen - 'and' MI5 - and probably the KGB to boot, if the truth be known) - for 'someone' would end up dead.

Hence to apply corrective remedial action, the first job for Mr Danczuk is to publicly name this Tory MP so the Met's plods can have a quiet word - preferably in front of a Grand Jury - and find out what his persona; knowledge and involvement are with the historic child sex abuse scandals and who set him to warning Danczuk off. Get the proverbial cat outa the bag and amongst the fucking pigeons - then some twat will start blabbing to salvage their own worthless hide.

Given the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight, one is left to ponder how many of these scabrous royals, celebs and elitist VIP politicos are suffering a strew of well-deserved sleepless nights, fretting over when Det Supt Dave Gray from Operation Yewtree - or one of his equally-tasked paedo-hunting contemporaries - is going to come knocking on their door in the dawn's early light, asking some very embarrassing questions viz past sexual indiscretions with kiddies on loan from the local orphanage.
Oh yes, you can bet on it - just like the bent Brittan and others right now -doubtless lots of old school pal favours and Masonic secret handshake club 'you owe me one' debts will be getting called in.

Luke 8:17 - ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’

Thought for the day. The terminally-inbred blue blood mutants who rule over our wind farm and fracking-blighted once-pleasant land are fallen so low in public esteem that trust can only be placed in a panel composed, in the manner of a Grand Jury, entirely of unbiased members of the common herd, free to subpoena witnesses and command evidence as they, and not our so-called ‘social betters’ - the great and the good of this society - see fit.

Where this vile Satanist-run kiddie fiddling culture is concerned, justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done - and that criterion can only be met by excluding pre-contaminated members of the graft and corruption-ridden establishment that comprises the civil service and elected governments - local authority and Westminster - of Broken Britain.

With a blood n guts revolution on the horizon, isn't it about time these elitist ruling scumsters, who pay no more than lip service to democracy and the common good, woke up and respected the trust that voters have 'misguidedly' placed on them via the election to public office - to work for the common good and not the benefit of an elitist cabal of perverted sodomites whose collective pastimes are centred around zoophilia, necrophilia and paedophilia.

To close, fuck the Freemasons and Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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wiggins said...

Another 'Tribe' whore shoe horned into a 'job' to do her worst......

McDuff said...

Westminster Magic Circle - Nonceland Magic Circle - Brussels Magic Circle - Vatican Magic Circle: they're all part n parcel of the same paedo-Masonic-ring of Satanist shitbags.

Ally said...

Once more a blatant display of the Imperial Position. These so-called captains of industry and finance that lord it over the socio-political domain assume they have the right to play God and supersede the laws of the land, to tutor the common herd on how best to order their affairs.

Nadjer said...

and Cameron is on the Beeb news today - 23rd October - shouting as to how Terry May / Home Office have displayed due diligence viz no conflict of interest in their background checks for approving Woolf for the job.
For fuck's sake, she the neighbour and social pal of the main kiddie fiddling suspect and paedo protector at the heart of this historic child sexual abuse scandal and there's no conflict of interest.
Give us a break. Be of no shock or surprise if Downing Street had appointed Leon Britain to chair this bent Whitewash inquiry.