Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Clucks are Coming Home to Roost

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As St Ambrose College sadistic sex fiend Rev Alan 'Paddywhacker' Morris settles into a sentence of nine years of arrogant guilt denial in low security HMP Buttfuck and Posh Dave Scameron's Con-Dem coalition government are pursued to drop establishment favourite cover up merchants such as Baroness Butler-Sloshed and Judge Fiona 'Big Bad' Woolf to head any honest and impartial inquiry into historical child sexual abuse failings on the part of local authority social services, the Plod Squad team heading the England and Wales (albeit most conspicuously 'not' bonny Nonceland) multi-tasked Operation Kiddie Fiddler investigations are rumoured to be examining damning subversion of justice evidence to be laid before the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Oh yes, it's paedo payback time with a vengeance - and the clucks are finally coming home to roost.

This novel audit dynamic will focus on fellow pederasts and their villainous apologists who conspiratorially facilitated the criminal concealment of Morris's sadist torture-orientated sexual offences against schoolboys under his purported 'spiritual' tutelage being as guilty as the debased deviant sodomite perpetrator viz charges of subverting the course of justice - especially so the holier-than-thou millionaire bog-trotting scumster who is rumoured to have paid off Morris's hapless 'damaged goods' juvenile victims to ensure their silence and avoid a college / community scandal of Biblical proportions.

The craven Morris, a self-confessed fudger and former Corporal Punishment instructor at St Sodom's School for Latter Day Catamites - (administered by the notorious bully boy Roman Catholic 'vow of silence' religious order, the Christian Sodomite Brothers of Omerta) - joined the staff of St Ambrose in 1972 and quickly deluded his brutalist self into believing he was the college's Head of Discipline and fuelled his latent masturbation fantasies by spanking schoolboys' bared bums - which sort of makes a pathetic joke of the Roman Catholic Church clergy's vows of celibacy.

Following a swathe of complaints from former students concerning the 'inappropriate use' of forced fellatio and sodomy as detention punishments meted out by Deacon Alan Morris 'and' a number of other teachers (many of who had since conveniently croaked) - in July 2013 Morris was finally collared by an honest contingent of the Hale-based Plod Squad not infiltrated with Masonic Magic Ninth Circle Satanic paedo cult and charged with forty-one counts of indecent assault, one count of outraging public decency and five of inciting gross indecency following an investigation into historical sexual abuse at the school - offences committed between 1973 and 1991 - which involved twenty-nine under-age former pupils - and almost but not quite (by a long shot) surpassed the record of his Whalley Range Roman Catholic bumboy contemporary, Monsignor Thomas Duggan, the Boy Buggering Beast of St Bede's College.

Hale plods raided Morris' house and uncovered a sick library of bum-fudger pornography and sordid sex movies filmed at Glasgow's Violate Club, involving spankings with a teacher-pupil theme - and unmasked a persistent and prolific sex offender posing as a Roman Catholic religious spiritual guide / teacher who nurtured a culture of corporal punishment to cloak his real motive for chastising young boys: one of onanist sexual gratification - which not only defiled a child's dignity but scarred them psychologically for life.

Hence when the excesses and venal sins of this Vatican-endorsed 'Deacon' were finally exposed in 2013 it was further learned that complaints against Morris dated back to the 1970's but had been suppressed / muzzled / covered up - call it what you will - to avoid a most embarrassing scandal - allegedly by Morris's big pal, the Irish multi-tasking philanthropist / boring drunkard / serial adulterer - none other than John Thomas Kennedy, a bog-thick construction zillionaire cum latter day vulgarian whose ill-gotten tax-dodged gains were squandered on political favours and Vatican religious titles, benefices and indulgences - and not at Weight-Watchers or AA meetings or on marriage guidance counselling - or cobble-dodging classes (hurled with a venomous accuracy at his conservatory double glazing 'and' Bentley windscreen by a spurned ex-mistress).

So it be said and known, we - the common herd (voting public) aka 'We the People' - are sick to fucking death with this elitist VIP culture that permeates our society like some debilitating miasma - and here in Kennedy's case yet again we are faced with the typical nouveau riche's flawed belief system - of their own infallibility - all rooted in the unqualified arrogance that 'money talks' - hence are heavily invested in self-glorification and extreme measures of social snobbery.

And for Kennedy - besides the fact his BMI denotes he's only a couple of steps away from a fatal coronary or stroke - or both - his only party trick claim to fame that he hasn't had to pay through the nose is the fact he can fart Handel's 'Largo' while whistling 'Dixie' and simultaneously knock out a fair rendition of Prokofiev's 'Drum Concerto' with a couple of dessert spoons on the sideboard.

Kennedy's history does not read well between the lines - especially so if this alleged paying off Morris's sexual abuse victims with lump sums of cash carries the required elements of veracity that will stand up in court.
In such a case he has knowingly and with cognisance of the criminal implications attached, participated in the concealment of a series of vile pederast sexual offences that constitute an outrage to public decency - to protect Morris from arrest and prosecution - and the Church and the Diocese from an indecency scandal - a crime against the same public decency he clamours to be a paragon of - with the manifest appellations behind his name like some swank airplane fly-by banner (CBE, KSG, KHS, KMCO, DL, FIHT) - yet to all intents and purposes is thus seen to be possessed with the moral scruples of a sewer rat and should be publicly pilloried and all glittering prizes, laurels and accolades revoked.

But does the stench of graft and corruption stop there? Ofsted expedited an inspection of St Ambrose College in November 2005, with the report noting that the school's buildings were old and cramped and was considered the school in Trafford most in need of a new building - and duly copped a handout of £17 million quid in July 2006 for a complete rebuild.

The Balfour Beatty construction company was awarded the contract following a controversial sealed bidding process. Yep, the very same Balfour Beatty that bought out Kennedy's construction company. Apparently a foul odour of tender bid conflict of interest still lingers in the posh Hale Barnes air.

For the record, Morris facilitated the name-dropping Kennedy in his pursuit of public and Catholic Church institutional recognition - with the porcine slug from County Mayonaisse displaying these glittering blue ribbon accolades with triple-chinned pride - especially so QE2's CBE and the Holy Papal Knighthood award granted by none other than Pope John Paul (Mk II version) himself at Rome's Vatican-based Paedophile Central - along with his hosted fund-raiser dinners for the scandal-ridden Taoiseach crook Patrick Bartholomew "Bertie" Ahern. (As a mark of grateful thanks for such charitable services, Bertie Ahern's minder described Kennedy as a Manchester-Irish low-life - a fat little bald man). Nice people.

Corruption besides, bribery was used as an everyday facilitation tool - to foster a favourable business decisions - simply to cut to the chase and get things done - which too equates with fielding enough cash in hand to tempt and corrupt a semi-honest official into doing the wrong thing - and sexual abuse victims into keeping schtum.

To wit, these glittering blue ribbon honours, kudos, plaudits, accolades, laurels besides, the stench of Vatican endorsement and the corrupting influence of the Masonic / Jesuit Magic Ninth Circle Satanist (Order of Constantine) secret society fraternity thread is woven throughout the entire fabric of a tapestry of sodomic sin that involves St Ambrose and Morris.

Perhaps alike Sir Jimmy Savile before him we have a venal beast hiding behind a veneer of charitable works? Yet another Vatican-endorsed pederast scatbag who kept a younger mistress, Roberta McGirl - (until she cuckolded and ditched the impotent stooge and he discovered Viagra and a younger slut) - plus fosters 'Boy Scout' interests - alike Thomas Watt Hamilton of Dunblane massacre notoriety before him.

But let us not overlook the maxim that 'evil needs no reason'.

Morris and Kennedy are of a breed of bottom feeders who prompt one to count their fingers if they've inadvertently shaken hands with them - and while Morris is now behind bars, on a scale of 1 to 10, how guilty is Kennedy?

As our governing Westminster / Whitehall establishment criminally conspire to subvert the course of justice and cover up cases of historic child sexual abuse - and their Edinburgh Holyrood scumbag contemporaries - the likes of the SNP's First Minister Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond and Justice Minister Kenny 'Numbnuts' MacAskill - 'and' top dog (read 'bitch') Crown Office panjandrums collude to obstruct police investigations into the sexual abuse / serial rape and ritual blood sacrifice of special needs and disabled children by an untouchable Aberdeen-based Satanist paedophile ring headed by a sitting Sheriff - and too the murders of paedo expose whistleblowers ..... well, what can we say?

Viewed in that light, then Kennedy only manages an mere 9 out of 10 on the Pederast Scum-ometer.

For further reference on the scandalous doings at St Ambrose and St Bede's, follow the link to Paul Malpas' bespoke weblog and his superior work in progress on these themes:

Thought for the day. So fuck all religious institutions - specifically the Roman Catholic Vatican and their 2,000 year old Hellfire damnation versus salvation / Eternal Life confidence trick myths - and Holy Papal Knights (Holy Papal Nightmares is more like) - and fuck the Freemasons and the Order of Constantine - and Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

Luke 8:17 - ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’.

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Flynn said...

Rusty's recourse to literary license is a fait accompli, and in a perfect world - we wish - these apologists and coverup artists would get the chop. But alas we live in a far from perfect world, where even the child molesters run the country and make the laws.

McDuff said...

So much – and too, so many – these Satanic bastards would airbrush from the historical record

Rusty said...

An adage states that there’s only one thing lower than a politician and that’s a child molester – and in light of the Met’s current Operation/s Yewtree n Fernbridge investigations into the crimes and misdemeanours of kiddie fiddling Tory cabinet ministers then that distinction no longer applies.

Ally said...

Kennedy's just another master of self-magnification who hungers for applause but is deaf to prudent caution.

Gabriel said...

Here we have the conundrum of the arrestable class and the unarrestable class – for the PTB labour under the misapprehension that crimes by members of the elite must be swept under the rug because prosecuting them would destabilise the entire fucking system.

Alpha Anarchist said...

Kennedy's the type of bloke who could fuck up a perfectly good anvil. Another prime example of Mother Nature’s failed experiment with intelligence-equipped bipeds.

Sigismund said...

Mr Kennedy has been on an ego trip the size of the national debt and is hardly a representative model of moral rectitude.
Yet another frog who dreams of being a toad - ambitions beyond the scope of his abilities, but that's always a problem when EGO surpasses intellect.

Butcher's Dog said...

The Roman Catholic Church is a pseudo religious-homosexual - paedophilia cult that's blighted by the curse of the Four C’s: Cronyism, Collusion, Corruption and Complacency.

Billy Carlin said...

Here Here! To your thought for the day - Fuck the lot of them and hopefully their time has come.