Friday, 30 January 2009

US Envoy meets Binbag Nuttyahoo

Bar-rat O’Barmy’s US envoy to the Middle East, George (call me Fatima) Mitchell, is in historic Judea for a meeting with Binman Nuttyahoo, the leader of Israel's opposition Likit Bully Party.
Mr Nuttyahoo, an ex-foreskin pickler, is the leading Likit candidate to be Israel's next Chief Bully and serial incompetent leader.

US President O’Barmy's new envoy is on a tour of the region, shaking hands and kissing Israeli arses, while pissing on Palestinian and Arab leaders’ feet.
He has said he wants to consolidate the fragile ceasefire agreements arranged last week by Wallace and Gromit to end the senseless Israeli aggression and wholesale slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

Mr Mitchell is also scheduled to meet with Issac Warthog, Israel's current ‘Welfare Minister’. (Ed: is this right? – who’s welfare?)
Apparently the US Zionist military-industrial complex barons, after being pinpointed and fingered as the main providers of the high tech armaments used in Israel’s genocide campaign against the Gaza Ghetto Palestinians, want to make sure that this very nasty cat they’ve let out of the bag will shortly be shoved back in : before any nukes start going off – in their hallowed vicinity.

The 97-year old Mitchell, a former cardboard box impersonator, was recently profiled by prestigious GQ magazine and described as being a cosmetic surgeon’s nightmare: with a face resembling a hybrid cross between a camel’s scrotum and a platter of prunes.
Mitchell is considered, by some, to be a superb choice for the position of US Mid-East envoy, defining himself as an Arab-American due his mother, Candeeda al Semtex, being of Lebanese origin.

Mitchell, in his US envoy capacity, has declared that weapons smuggling into Gaza must stop. However, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud bin Abscess contradicted this argument with the fact of US weapons were continually being smuggled into Israel. Mitchell countered that US weapons were shipped into Israel legally under their pro-Zion Fair Trade tariff agreement.

On Thursday the United Nations launched an appeal for $613m to help people affected by Israel's three-week military offensive in the Gaza Strip.
This appeal was thrown out in the UK by the Rothschild influenced / Zionist controlled BBC as being partisan and unfair to the Israelis.
The offensive, which ended on 18 January, killed about 1,300 Palestinians, of whom 412 were children; 21,000 homes were destroyed or badly damaged and several thousand garden sheds obliterated.

Thirteen Israelis, all iffy faggot types, received scratches or shit their pants during the three weeks of violence.

In Switzerland, at the Davos World Economic Conference, the conflict between Israel and the Muslim world sparked up afresh.
Turkey's prime minister, Twatlips Er-dogncat, got totally pissed off with Israel's president, Shitbag Peres, during a heated debate on the Gaza Ghetto slaughter.

Peres, a reformed duckfat addict, broke out into a monologue of hysterical squeals as he made an impassioned defence of Israel's actions, jabbing his finger into Mr. Er-dogncat’s chest.
Mr. Er-dogncat responded by stating Peres was a typical Khazar Yid bully whose frenzied diatribe simply served to conceal Israel’s guilt over the Gaza Ghetto atrocities.

After a brief engagement of hair-pulling and scratching, the Turkish PM stuck the head on Peres, booted him squarely in the nuts, then left the conference.

Stop press: Turkish military go to Defcon 1 status in anticipation of Israeli retaliatory attack.

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