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UK: Man-Child Refugee Migrant Scam

In this New Year ‘Enhanced Ripoffs’ edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip – live and as it happens - via our undercover Islamic 'shufty bint' Mandeep McSkanger - manning the mobile phone hotline from a bus shelter outside Croydon's Lunatic House refugee transit processing facility – exclusively for Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with 'ring of the anvil' dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding non-conformists, proto-nihilists and career radical pro-justice revolutionaries who carry the immortal genetic bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

The gospel according to Mandeep's whistle-blowing mole contacts - embedded in the heart of the Border Force immigration agency – reveals yet another boatload of Muslim child 'asylum seeking' refugees is scheduled to arrive in Broken Britain the first week of the 2017 New Year – with reports that this latest bunch of scrounging scrotes were found living on the Port de Calais' Rue Vigier landfill site since their adjacent Jungle Book Refugee Camp was demolished at the onset of winter 2016.

The scores of pick n mix refugee counterfeit kids – some looking as young as 25 – were discovered by do-gooder busybodies from the Safe Passage charity (the migrant arm of Citizen UK) last week while staff were expediting their customary non-denominational Xmas Eve home-made mini pork pie and sausage roll handout rounds.

Speaking to the editorial desk of the Xenophobes Gazette on a contraband mobile phone from his HMP Shithole two-man prison cell – (which he shares with convicted Muslim hate-preaching Islam4UK career shit-stirrer, Anjem ibn Himar Choudary) - former British Thug Party councillor and current Britain First leader, Paul Goldfish - expressed disgust that "Wot, more fuckin' migrant refugee scum arrivin' from the Jungle Book camp in Calais an' posin' as effin' kids? Cos in the last effin' batch of supposedly under-18's wot social workers processed there woz hundreds of adult asylum seekers lyin' through their fuckin' teeth about their age ter enter Britain posin' as teenagers - when in all truth they woz a bunch of ISIS Saracen Scally terrorist types on the cadge fer jobseekers allowance an' child tax credits."

"Fer fuck's sake, they had one twat who said he woz 13 an' looked more like closer ter 40 – an' then the same lyin' bastard MSM sez he woz the kiddie refugee's interpreter – wot woz a big effin' lie, in an' of itself – an' the effin' Home Office took their feet-draggin' time ter deny that woz the case – an' still they let the tosser stay here."

Right on, for a change, this semi-qualified opinion from professional jingoist and all-round hate-monger Mr Goldfish – for official age assessments carried out by social workers across the country revealed that a staggering number of those claiming to be lone refugee children were far older than they pretended to be.

David Davies, Tory Nasty Party MP for Monmouth, commented to one gutter press hack from the Impostors Review that after observing several purportedly child asylum seeking migrants disembarking the bus outside Croydon's Lunatic House with the aid of Zimmer frames that "I really hope our British hospitality isn't being abused – as many have no birth certificates or passports."

Nope mate – it's British gullibility – and the long-suffering taxpaying voters – that are being abused - by this nonsensical government's insane foreign – and domestic - policies.

And as to Davies' dearth of 'birth certificates and passports' comment - of course they don't – the only one's with either document are the genuine 'under 18's' – all the rest of these counterfeit child adults have ditched their proof of age / identity / nationality papers in the nearest shredder.

Thus the current PTB Establishment / Border Force's 'Project Shambles' (more at Project Snafu: Let Any Fucker In) philosophy regarding migrants suspected of lying about their age shall continue as skewed as ever – with offenders given the 'benefit of doubt' – along with a shedload of other 'benefits' – social housing / welfare payments / medical etc, et al.

Obviously the incumbent Nasty Party's ginger mingin Home Sickretary, Amber Crudd - (a former Botox addict and co-founder of the Hastings-based Gladys Grott Halitosis Society) – along with Border Force Director General, Sir Charles Monty-Python and Chief Operating Officer, Philip Duffer, are collectively in a state of 'we know nothing' utter denial regarding six-foot tall impostor / counterfeit child migrants / asylum seekers from crappy Calais's Jungle Book Camp arriving on the shores of our once-sceptred isle in need of a shave.

Die Hard British nationalists might recall that just prior to the long overdue demolition of Port de Calais' sprawling Jungle Book refugee camp, a team of shit for brains Safe Passage charity workers were wandering around the shithole with megaphones, balling out "Who wants ter go ter Britain fer a welfare benefits paid vacation?"
Hence little wonder every pseudo Muslim fucker and their underage dog jumped on the proverbial bandwagon – including scores of ISIS / Daesh / ISIL (same shit in different wrapping) Takfiri Jolly Jihadist types - disguised as children and creating a Catch 22 fubar of Biblical (or Koranic) proportions – with the lot all hell bent on executing (sic) random 'mayhem n chaos' terror attacks at their designated kindergartens and local toyshops – to pave their way to Paradise.

Conversely, Ras al Shitbag of the London-based Mujahideen Migration Watch think-tank, opined to gutter press hacks that the asylum seekers should be given the benefit of the doubt.
"To the unqualified eyes of the stupid Christian British public, most of these children might seem older than they look – and appear at first glance to be vulgarian infidel scum with the criminal mindset of thieves and rapists."

"But in response I say 'Is it any surprise they look like that after what they've been through: fighting in the hills, killing their fellow Muslims – both Sunnis and Shites, - with nothing to eat or drink for weeks on end - and being tortured and sexually abused by ISIS sodomites – then travelling thousands of miles through Turkey and Europe and getting shagged up the arse at every pit stop?' We need to be circumspect and inclined to give the benefit of the doubt unless there is undeniable evidence to suggest they are a lot older."

Hmmm, thanks for that little piece of skewed rhetoric from Mr al Shitbag.

Then we have the likes of knobheads such as second rate soccer pundit Garry Lineker's totally unqualified opinion that any fucker or their dog who questions a child migrant's age is a 'hideous racist' – and probably homophobic, an anti-Semite and Holohoax denier to boot.

But not quite as bad as one Border Force doctor suggesting that many of these adult impostor 'children' are in fact suffering from progeria - aka Hutchinson-Gilford Syndrome – or may be due to differences in the timing of the onset of puberty - with 12-year old Afghan asylum seeker, Hamid bin Bag - sporting a half metre beard - described as simply being mature for his age.

Now, as opposed to child refugees having their ages checked by someone from Henshaws Blind Institute how about the Border Force contracts a couple of horse-canny pikey travellers to check the teeth of the next incoming batch of child refugees to see who's lying about their age – specifically targeting those with grey hair or complaining of enlarged prostate medical conditions.

Thought for the day. So who the fuck is running the Border Force immigration control – Wallace n Gromit – or is it now a PFI job, farmed out to the incompetent likes of Wile E. Coyote?

Amber Crudd's Home Office and Borders Force officials claim there is no safe way to check the ages of child refugee / asylum seekers.
Que? WTF? How about the application of common fucking sense to start with.

However, this is precisely what the Rothshite Kosher Nostra's Edomite Mafia / New World Order Neo-Con fascist scum want – the absolute dissolution of our once-sceptred isle's Anglo-Saxon national identity - via forced multi-culturism / mass heathen immigration.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour 'and' decaffeinated public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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