Sunday, 31 January 2016

Afghan Catamite Scandal: 'Toothache Problem'

In this morning’s ‘Sodomite's Delight’ edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from Afghanistan's Bumboy Central Command HQ - transmitted direct to the editorial desk of Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding non-conformists, proto-nihilists and career radical revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

Good news all round as the Pentagon and US Army hierarchy cop shedloads of well deserved toxic flack from the virtuous and religiously conscionable sectors of Western society for firing Special Forces troopers who dared pull the moral high ground argument when accosting a kiddie fiddling Afghan police official, Abdul Rahman, commander of the 21st Bacha Bazi Brigade, in the Taliban-infested Bellend Province, who had his personal sex slave – a 12 year old Uzbek schoolboy / catamite chained to the end of his bed for purposes of suck n swallow oral and forced sodomy – and copped a good kicking when he had the audacity to laugh in the trooper's faces when reproached on the depraved conduct of a commanding officer tasked with setting a chaste and righteous example.

And the Pentagon's excuse for cashiering (politically correct terminology is 'involuntary discharge') Green Berets Captain Daniel Quinn and Sgt. First Class Charles Martland for doing 'the right thing'?

'Not our concern to moralise on what goat-fucking Afghans do for fun. We're there to secure the money-spinning opium crop harvests and maintain a geo-political strategic military advantage – poised and ready to strike into Russia's Far East energy sector and China's heartlands – come the day. Rampant homosexuality and incest are Afghan cultural issues, and the sickening ethnic perversion that paedophilia represents is a mere 'toothache problem' considering the legion of incurable ailments and socio-economic / political corruption cancers eating away at the core of the nation's soul.'

Yep, that's the status quo folks. This bizarre – twisted - American policy of non-intervention is intended to maintain bonhomie relations with the Afghan police and militia units the good ole US of A has trained to fight the Taliban. It also reflects a reluctance to impose cultural values in a country where – like Scotland - pederasty is rife, particularly among the powerful Freemasons of the Tartan Tadgers Society, for whom being surrounded by young teenage rent boys at their BD/SM Violate Club get-togethers can be a mark of social status.

For fuck's sake, these dog wankers are sicker than the Vatican's Ninth Circle Orgia Jesuit child raping sodomites, with their personalised nonce version of 'droit de seigneur' – the legal right to bugger little boys.

Conversely, if a historically- established culture of paedophilia is merely a 'toothache problem' in Afghanistan then here in the UK we have a negative orthodontics dilemma that the Tooth Fairy on steroids would be hard pressed to fix.

Regardless of applying the moral statutes of the Holy Bible to swear to the 'truth' (sic) upon in a court of law, while hypocritically ignoring the Old Testament's condemnation of bumboys playing 'the beast with two backs' as abominations, the Westminster Parliament - both the House of Conmans and Upper House of Frauds - were coerced (threatened, bribed and blackmailed) by the Astorite 'Cliveden Set' elitist scum who rule our once sceptred isle to legally accommodate their venal carnal perversions, and in 1967 passed the Sexual Offences Act which decriminalised sodomy between males – and thanks to Orwellian topsy-turvy social engineering (politically correct propaganda) less than 50 years on, has seen homophobia become an actual discriminatory 'hate crime'.

Obviously egged on by this questionable immoral victory, certain sexual deviant elements and their compliant sock puppet stooges (Harman / Hewitt et al) that vie to steer the helm of state then conspired through the now-infamous Paedophile Information Exchange to lobby Parliament to lower the age of consent and thus legalise kiddie fiddling between 'consenting' parties and their care home / orphanage orgies.
Oh yeah, a three year old sprog is going to agree to sucking the cock of some crypto-kikester MP for Red Leicester and get shafted up the bum. Makes perfect sense – in the madhouse.

And now we have Operations This, That and The Other – Yewtree, Fairfax, Pallial – too many to mention, and all appear tasked with dragging their feet and covering up any and all involvement by the establishment Powers That Be – or rather Very Important Paedophiles.

To wit, this attempted perversion of the course of justice starts with the cult of Freemasonry and the highest in the land – the Royals and Downing Street and a fudger / paedophile / sexual deviant infested civil service – trying to pawn off the taxpaying voter demographic with the likes of establishment insiders Annie Butler-Sloshed and Fiona 'The Dog' Woolf to chair an inquiry into historic cases of child sexual abuse – finally ending up with Kiwi legal beagle, Lowell Goddard. A long way to go to find anyone who might be considered 'impartial'.

Thus we are left to ponder on what's the next sexual abnormality we can have decriminalised? How about incest?
As recently as last week, up north of the border in Sturgeon's SNP Police State Nonceland, MSPs held discussions regarding the fact that the ban on Adult Consenting Incest is representative of bigotry and thus debated the merits of legalising sex between consenting family members – and if legalised, to file requests for Royal Pardons, for all people convicted of incest in the UK.

Now how does that qualify for a 'totally fucked up' legislation reviews label? Especially so when filed by some sheep-shagging Ozzie who has a wet dream wish to come over to the Highlands and bonk his Caledonian cousins.
(Mind you, when it comes down to paedophile-related 'toothache problems' then nonce-infested Scotland represents an aberration that a full set of Smile Centre dentures won't cure.)

Back to legalising incest – now that's a most definitely a step in the wrong direction when we look at the example of the inbred Brotherhood of the Snake Royals – the Kraut-Greek Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsor / Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg gang – and what a slack-jawed, indecisive, muddled, Dobby-eared, privilege-abusing bunch of genetic mutants they are – and all possessed with this 'divine right' exaggerated sense of entitlement and delusion of importance in the pecking order of Life.
That's what swimming at the shallow end of the gene pool for generations does to the DNA.

Thought for the day. The far-away reaches of a Third World Balkanised shithole like Afghanistan besides – the same perversions are prevalent on our own doorstep, with a dirty deviant establishment culture going all-out to cover up these scandalous abuses, from Westminster to Cardiff to Edinburgh.

Just look at the Sturgeon-directed SNP Police State Scotland's pretence at investigating historic child sexual abuse reports, wherein the 16-year old complaint case (2000) of the serial rape of Hollie Greig and a host of other special needs and disabled children by an untouchable Aberdeen-based elitist establishment (Masonic / Satanist) pederast ring continues to be ignored – and the named 22 abusers and paedo-enablers never to this day interviewed by police nor arrested – and hence never brought to justice.

Hardly surprising when one of the named 22 nonce-ponce abusers belonged to the very same Aberdeen Plod Squad tasked with investigating the complaint.

Whereas two anti-child sexual abuse crusaders, specifically the stalwart Cheshireman, Robert Green, who have sought to expose the scandal and seek justice for Hollie have been subjected to multiple cross-border arrests in their English homes by Plod Squad Nonceland thugs and imprisoned in Scotland - plus gagged by corrupt nonce-protecting Scottish courts from initiating further exposure campaigns.

But nothing new on the corruption front if one takes a closer look at Scotland's past record for sexual perversion and child abuse coverups – as instanced by Operation Planet and the follow-up actions by Crown Office legal stooges, tasked with re-writing the law of the land to indemnify their Magic Circle Masonic Speculative Society Law Lord bosses from prosecution for sodomising underage rent boys.

Here, time and again, we see the very same venal establishment hands involved in sanitising and covering up criminal acts of kiddie fiddling and child porn possession - ranging from the offices of disgraced lowlife money-laundering Glasgow solicitors manipulating the media with carrot n stick 'enticements' - to the sock puppet Scottish Herald's moronic paedo-apologist excuse for press hacks - to career pederast Grampian Sheriffs, to the rent boy buggering Nonceland Legal Aid Board's technical head - and let's not overlook the complicity of the Crown Office, and even further, into the Holyrood Parliament – a hotbed of hypocrisy, graft and corruption, in and of itself - under the questionable Porky Pict Salmond - and now Mrs 'Wee Nippy' Sturgeon. Alas, such is the price of devolution.

So, in closing, bollocks to Afghanistan, for it won't be too long before the Taliban are back in control and, Islam rules, make short (and violent) work of the paedo culture, same as the opium crops and the corrupt Western stooge politicos.

Thus time for the British stooge media to focus on the Westminster 'Very Important Paedophiles' scandal and Dolphin Square, Bryn Estyn, Elm Guest House, Haut de la Garenne, Nottingham's Beechwood Child Abuse Home – and a host of other such Satanic 'care homes' (sic) and orphanages where defenceless, emotionally-shattered kids were sexually abused and often put to death by untouchable Devil-worshipping Establishment paedo-sadists - both men 'and' women (Savile, Heath, Smith, Boyson, Joseph, Janner, Morrison, Astor, McAlpine) who were granted free range license to prey on vulnerable children purportedly under state protection.
Ha! Some joke. Tell that to the victims who, alike their now-dead contemporaries mouldering in shallow - and watery - graves, still await justice to be done.

To conclude, fuck the Devil's demonic Satanás and the crypto-Judahist sayanim scum – along with the Tory Monday Club fudgers and the venal Vatican-regime's flabby, maladjusted Masonic / Opus Dei / Jesuit Ninth Circle / Sovereign Order of the Shites of Malta secret handshake psycho-sodomite-felching-pederast-necrophiliac ruling elitist fraternity.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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