Saturday, 19 July 2014

UK: SS Kiddie Snatching on Steroids

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Social Services (SS ) like much else in our once-sceptred isle, has become, to the detriment of the many (us - the working class 'have nots' of this world) a PFI for-profit run system, where all and sundry are paid on results - and commissions for their Child Catcher activities - with a dead cert' back-hander from the Masonic Magic Circle secret handshake fraternity paedo's with whom snatched kiddies are placed as foster or adoptive parents - for their £400-plus quid per week care and well-being (sic).

This is no humanitarian service out to safeguard the welfare of sprogs but a profit-motivated / paid by results money-grubbing mechanism, legally authorised by the secret Family Court system to target and abduct children from vulnerable single mothers and what they slap a 'one-size-fits-all' arbitrary label on as Broken Britain's 'dysfunctional families'.

Specialist children's homes typically run at £7,000 a week per child. Local authority agencies get £13,000 per kiddie abduction / placement - with adoption and fostering agencies raking in mega-bucks - at £27,000 nicker per each successful abduction / pre-arranged placement.

Kids for Cash, it's that easy. Excuse me while I just go and throw up.

To qualify in the role of a social services goon , these empathy-deficient morons have to achieve diploma level passes in the core curriculum courses of General Thuggery, Intimidative Bullying (Sections 1 & 2) and Advanced Kiddie Snatching - under the aegis of Julia 'Blonde Moments' Middleton's Common Purpose 'Leadership Development' charity - which is a government-subsidised front for NLP / brainwashing behavioural modification and turning out 'empowered' useful idiots / stooges on the required industrial scale - and all with a stifled sense of cultural intelligence.

Oh yes, these people are from the very same 'cancer of the personality' mould that cast the sadists and psychopaths who turned on the Zyklon B showers and stoked the crematoria in the concentration camps during the Nazi Holohoax. Nice people to be wielding an authoritarian big stick in any polite society.

Kafka, Huxley and Orwell saw this coming and, alas, we ignored their prophetic warnings.
Hence our centuries old enshrined laws of protection and liberty - and the established sanctity of 'the family unit' - are trodden into the street level shit by officialdom's Social Services (Schutzstaffel) scumsters that worship before the altar of Mammon and are devoid of any semblance of moral or social conscience.

NB: Julia 'Moneybags' Middleton's Common Purpose 'charity' (sic) should not to be confused with 'Common Porpoise' - a genuine philanthropic endowment ministering to the needs of distressed pelagic mammals.

Thought for the day: Just take a look north of the border and at Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond's SNP-dominated shimmering Utopia of a 'Yes' vote separatist referendum paedo-infested Scotland - where noncing is a slap on the wrist offence - and each child has now been 'assigned' (sic) a 'personal guardian' social worker to oversee every aspect of their life from womb to tomb.

Hmmm, then step forward the corruption-ridden / for profit local authority-appointed Hamish McNonce. Following the Dunblane massacre / Masonic paedo pimp Thomas Watt Hamilton / Lord Douggie Cullen 100 years gagging order cover-up outrage - 'and' the Crown Office / Holyrood government suppression of a neutral jurist inquiry into the Hollie Greig sexual abuse of special needs kiddies by an untouchable Aberdeen-based pederast ring scandal - then the mind boggles at this 'personal guardian' hypocrisy.

Hence fuck the Ninth Circle pederasts and Big Brother – and his sister – and the EUSSR Federation / New World Order.

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