Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Paedogate: Evidence of 20+ High Profile Pederasts

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Luke 8:17 - ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’. (08/07/2014)

Following a bilateral hue and cry viz public outrage over the historical kiddie fiddling culture that has blighted our once-sceptred isle from Bell's End to John O'Scrotes, the Tory's transvestite Home Secretary Terry May yesterday delivered a statement to the House of Conmans assembly in which she announced the appointment of the NSPCC's head honcho, Peter Wanless, to lead an investigation into Leon Brittan's scandalous mishandling of a dossier exposing an elitist paedophile network operating out of Westminster in the 1980s, former child protection manager Peter McKelvie opined to gutter press media hacks that there might now be a 50/50 chance of justice for the victims of organised child sexual abuse.

Best news yet ... and hopefully these revelations morph into pandemic mode on steroids, go seriously viral, and after devastating the contemptuous Westminster political scene then trans-migrate at a geometric rate north of the border and across the septic swathe of Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond's SNP-dominated bonny Nonceland - manifesting in a long overdue Hillsborough-style inquiry into the vile Aberdeen-based high profile 'untouchable' elitist paedo' ring suspects that Hollie Greig named as the abusers who victimised her and a host of other disabled and special needs children, to suffer years of repeated sessions of being forcibly drugged then subjected to sexual abuse and serial rape.

Thus let there be no more behind closed doors / secret courts / not in the public interest / national security excuses chaired by senior Freemason fraternity brothers - nor decaffeinated Q & A sessions fielded by the very fudging / cross-dressing civil service sophist scumbags who are at the core of the kiddie fiddling culture - or at best, part of the apologist cover up - such as PIE supporter and ex-Labour hierarchy troll, Harriet Harmful.

What we required is an industrial strength 'day of the rope' style 'take no prisoners' inquisition that does not involve the corruption-ridden Scotland Yard mafia nor any other fucker or their proverbial dog who in true blue stooge fashion kowtows to political pressure - or bribery - or threats - physical, blackmail, career or otherwise from MI5 - or Scotland's notorious 'Rasputin of the Glens' legal adviser to the entire Caledonian Who's Who index / bribe money launderer-in-chief - and hard line media censor - waving bundles of slander and libel writs at all and sundry who have the audacity to dare speak the truth and name and shame his iniquitous Speculative Society / Violate BD/SM Club member clients.

But let us not celebrate and raise shouts of Horray! too soon. Do we smell the stench of whitewash and coverup in the offing here? Yet another vendre un canard à moitié (to half-sell a duck) scheme being conjured up to toss out a couple of geriatric sacrificial goats to the mob - or point the fickle finger of fate at moss-covered gravestones - while protecting the elitist offenders responsible for corrupting the innocence of children?

For not only do we have a total investigative amateur at the reins of the missing dossier inquiry in the form of the NSPCC's Peter Wanless, but now a Magic Circle insider, Lord Injustice Baroness 'Dizzy Lizzie' Butler-Sloshed, has just been 'appointed' to head the Paedogate inquiry into this burgeoning historical child sexual abuse scandal.

But what's the point - especially after the spectacular 'nothing' job she did while chairing the Princess Di' / Dodo al Fayed murder inquests until 2007 when such responsibility was 'buck-passed' to the equally-useless stooge, Lord Scott Baker. Here we are presented with yet another prime example of Mother Nature’s failed experiments with intelligence-equipped bipeds - as Butler-Sloshed is the type of person who could fuck up a perfectly good anvil.
Further irony lies in the fact she's the sister of Tricky Micky Havers QC - the Masonic scatster notorious for his dispensation of injustice - who buried Geoffrey Dickens multiple paedo 'dossiers' / files (oh no - not just one - this was a very 'plural' bundle) after they were handed to that useless paunchy slug Leon Brittan.
Yes, ten points to anyone who linked bumboy Micky as the official coverup artist responsible for slamming the lid of the original Elm Guest Bordello inquiry and making sure Carole Kaiser was on MI5's Liverpool Care Pathway priority hit list for a treble insulin shot in her bony ass.

My life already. Are the common herd expected to believe that this politically-correct baggage is actually fit for purpose? To go head on - bull in a china shop fashion - with the Jesuit / Masonic Ninth Circle pederast mafia plus their Tavistock Institute / MK-Ultra mind bender pals - and expose the involvement of the crown heads of Europe and the EUSSR's political hierarchy in Satanic worship and the blood sacrifice of sexually-abused sproglets?

Hmmm, time for a wake up call and let's get realistic on this score. These career scumsters have an established - and adhered to - set of protocols for avoiding any semblance of the truth that might upset their cosy status quo self-interest position in the greater order of things. : To recap viz the BBC quote: "Former child protection manager Peter McKelvie says there is now a chance of justice for the victims of child abuse."

Well, much as we all wish this factor would be more at substance than scent, so sorry Peter but there's a better chance of shoving cobs of butter up a porcupine's arse with a hot poker than any living, breathing political / nobility paedo offenders being collared through this set up travesty of an 'inquiry' (sic) while we are burdened with a conundrum of the arrestable class and the unarrestable class – for the PTB labour under the misapprehension that crimes by members of the elite must be swept under the rug due prosecuting them would destabilise the whole crooked system.

Alas but our constitutional monarchy and Parliamentary 'democracy (sic) is no better that some Third World basket case kleptocracy, run for the benefit of the elitist oligarch ruling classes - and the entire system so infested with parasites and their attendant crooks, all mired with graft and corruption, that government is no longer able to operate without.

This privileged elitist fraternity, stricken with an absurd sense of entitlement - and further blighted with congenital birth defects resulting from generations of interbreeding with their own mongrel social stratum - gain election to public office via manipulating the illusion of competence yet are stricken with severe credibility issues - as evidenced by the contradictions, lies, and inconsistencies in their narratives.
With their stock-in-trade one-size-fits-all approach to every fucking thing, to a man they are a low caste brand of shits that will do anything to get into power - and willing to do anything to keep it.

Hence given the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight, what's the odds on betting the Shitehall civil service / House of Conmans shredders and cellar furnaces will be working overtime - plus computer hard drives being wiped clean of all kiddie porno images - while this current witch hunt is underway - and the Yard's Inspector Knacker and his Hooterville-Keystone Plod Squad turning up an inconclusive evidential zero regarding 'missing dossiers'?

Thought for the day: Evidence of 20-plus high profile pederasts being discovered? My ass. How about upping that purposely conjured and 'minified' figure to express the Biblical legion of kiddie fiddlers involved?

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Gilly said...

Historic child sex abuse - yes. But it isn't only about sins of the past - the crimes never stopped or let up. It's still going on today - all across the UK. The fox is still in charge of the chicken house. PFI social services run for profit / on child placement commissions. Secret family courts. All run by paedo interests and for paedo interests.

Anonymous said...

Good sobriquet: Butler-Sloshed.
So how is this appointment of an 81-year old grungy and incontinent senile Granny figure supposed to inspire public optimism that this inquiry, unlike the Operation Yewtree sham will not be another coverup?
This woman is like a stick of seaside resort rock - she's got ESTABLISHMENT written all the way through her - and just like Chilcot - and Whitewash Bwian Mutton and his mishandling of the Dr David Kelly assisted suicide case - she's a safe bet to ensure nothing is revealed that upsets our hereditary ruling regime's self-serving status quo position.

McNab said...

Too right wot Anonymous sez. But more ter the point is this: Forget Butler-Squash - finger the cabinet adviser / civil service mandarin that put her name forward to chair this inquiry and then you'll have the Daddy of paedo protectors - and chances are, a true blue public school / ranking Freemason kiddie fiddling bumboy himself.
Perhaps the same shitbag who penned the appointments of the stooge muppet inquiries headed by Hutton, Chilcot and Hallett. Useful idiots and no more.

Iconoclast 9 said...

See this morning's alternative news scoops. Lord Greville Janner of Bumstones avoids arrest for kiddie fiddling due dementia.
Hmmm, the vile Janner used to visit little boys’ homes - along with his pal Uri Smeller and do all manner of ‘abarcadabra’ smoke n mirrors tricks - like 'hide the trouser snake' . Doubtless the venal Janner showed them his one-eared elephant magic trick too. So, Lord Nonce is considered mentally unfit to stand trial hence will avoid arrest and prosecution. Does this questionable state of ‘unfitness’ also guarantee he is no longer a lurking pederast threat to minors?

Growler said...

Any scumster who is so bent they derive sensual gratification from sexually molesting a child is - inherently evil besides - clinically insane - and sex offenders register be damned - should be removed permanently from the arena of polite and ordered society with extreme prejudice.

Alpha Anarchist said...

Amazing that any media mentions of the likes of the Rochdale's shameless Lib-Dum MP, Sweltering Cyril Smutt, and elitist paedo pimp Jimbo Savile are totally devoid of references to their royally-bestowed 'Sir' knighthood title prefixes.
Very Orwellian - who wants to bet that QE2 portrait artist Randy Rolf will be joining their stigmatised number also. Disgraced and disowned and all mention of their venal existence stricken from the history books as political embarrassments.

Rusty said...

An aside from the main kiddie fiddling theme but regarding the reference to the appropriately-named Nonceland, has anyone yet realised that the forthcoming September 18th referendum vote has now evolved and morphed a quantum light years distance beyond the core issue of Independence and will simply represent a Yes / No vote of confidence in Alex Salmond and continued rule under the credibility-deficient SNP regime?

Fraser said...

Of course the Tory's Downing Street mandarins want old Grannty Butler-Sloshed - to keep the cap on the sordid truth while presenting an air (sic) of 'independence' credibility (?) to any inquiry.
Fucking Tories. Slaggie Twatcher and her New Year parties with Jimbo Savile as the celebrity main attraction - and her annual vacations on Islay - the Scottish island owned by Peter the Paedo Morrison's family of ginger-mingin' mutant inbreds.
They all know WTF was going on - and still is - and who the guilty are.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis shock admission: Catholic clergy infested with raving paedos and bumboy fudgers.
Nothing we didn't know already.

Curly said...

1997 - Iain Mills, Tory MP for Meriden, found dead in his Pimlico flat - located in the notorious Dolphin Square paedo brothel apartment complex. Mills became a victim of assisted suicide after party whips learned of his intention to go into whistle-blowing mode and use his Parliamentary political platform to demand a full inquiry into elitist child sexual abuse.
Westminster coroner, the disreputable and creepy Paul 'Whitewash' Knapman recorded a verdict of alcohol poisoning, wholly disregarding the established fact that Mills was a lifelong teetotaller.

Eyepatch said...

Anyone smell conspiracy here? In 2007 Judge Rodney McKinnon fell 50 feet from his Dolphin Square flat and the same coroner returned a verdict of suicide.
Oddly enough the Tory's closet case of a FS Willy 'Fudger' Vague was once a resident of the notorious Dolphin Square apartments - and it is rumoured this was where the security services got their blackmail filth on him - and turned Willy into their compliant pro-Zionist stooge.

Wilby said...

Some fucker mention Dolphin Square flats? Prince Andrew had a secret love nest there - along with Baldy 'Baseball Cap' Hague and Ronnie Kray - and Bob Boothby and Granville Janner - and Tommy Driberg - and Willie Shitelaw - and Kraut interloper and royal meddler Tricky Dickie Mountbatten (aka Lord Louis Battenberg Cake / Mister Fix-It).
Let's not overlook the glaring Royal paedo connection to all this - the one the establishment want to remain buried - along with the whistle-blowers.

Anonymous said...

Not just the Tories. Whitehall and Westminster are infested with Masonic public school / old boy shirt lifters - and their common or garden Labour / Lib-Dem contemporaries. They're all a bunch of kiddie fiddling pederast pervs.

rebel polymath said...

Wilby's comments viz rabid Ronnie Kray - raving poufter n paedo perv - are spot on. But we'll never know who the fuck was using the Dolphin Square / Cedra Court / Elm Guest House entrapment setup for blackmailing the brown hatter / kiddie fiddling politicos more - MI5 / Special Branch or the Kray twins.
Oh well, when a ranking Freemason is running Scotland Yard's CID plod squad - specifically the corruption-ridden Commander Ernie Millen - then law and order and accountability go out the window and Warwick Rules apply.
Talk about cross party scandals. Tory / Labour / Liberal. Jeremy Thorpe launching his Wallace n Gromit hit squad to eliminate Norman Scott - and ended up shooting his dog. WTF? Was David Steel any better? Not according to his paedo-abused son.
And let's not forget the wicked Astor's clan's Cliveden Set BD/SM soirées and royal pimpster Stephen Ward - who set up Macmillan's inept Tory government for a political fall via War Minister John Profumo going for sloppy seconds with Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies after Captain Yevgeny Ivanov (aka Eugene Ivanov) - the Russian Embassy's KGB Naval Attaché had just three holed the pair in a ménage à trois.
So homophobia / gay pride bullshit aside, the fudger / kiddie fiddler ratio does seem to exceed that of hetero / paedo offenders - and we are thus inclined to pose the question: does any twat in Westminster actually fuck women - or just other blokes - and children?
The Bible / Old Testament / the Pentateuch - that foundation of our moral laws. Leviticus states that men who play the beast with two backs are an abomination. Amen.

Wizbang said...

Yeah, right on. Butler-Squash has opped out in acute embarrassment. So who is Posh Dave Scameron going to appoint next to head this so-called pantomime of an inquiry - Jonathan King and Gary Glitter?

Wilderbeest said...

Granny Butler-Sloshed gone! Hoo-fucking-ray!
So when are the politically correct / muzzled / self-censored mass media gonna let loose on the fact that Maggie Thatcher's Freemason / grotty Grantham Alderman / Mayor daddy, Alfie 'Groper' Roberts, used to sexually abuse her and Muriel (sister) at the back of his grocer's shop?

Hedgehog said...

Rumour has it that the voice who whispered Baroness Butler-Schloss into Scameron's complaint ear was none other that senior civil service Mandarin / Permanent Secretary -now ensconced in 10 Downing Street - Sir Jeremy Heywood (an unsavoury product of the LSE and Harvard) following secret midnight oil consultations with Sir Bobby Kerslake and retired establishment scumster Sir Gus O'Donnell.

wiggins said...

Great stuff Rusty.....glad to see you are back to your best after your disgraceful (incacaration) fit up.

wiggins said...

muntr h@ rebel polymath........I remember a Jewish woman asking the same question - after hearing of all the concentration camp stories and claims for compo from the German goverment - who the fuck did Hitler kill?

Blinkie said...

Oh yes, the can of worms is upside-down:

Now why the fuck didn't Castle use her Parliamentary political connections to have the dossier's contents revealed in the House of Conmans instead of some piss-ant provincial weekly news rag?

Godot said...

This elitist abuse has gone on for centuries. mark well the Church of Rome, infested with bumboys and paedos. The Vatican's Men in Black - the Jesuit's Ninth Circle pederast club - and their patron, St Sodom of the Latter Day Catamites.
The we have Nonceland's Magic Circle and their elitist Violate Club fraternity.

Kwocker said...

The latest filth n scandal on the Rochdale / ‘Sir’ Sweltering Cyril Shitt kiddie fiddling scandal cover-up:

DS Jack Tasker interviewed Liberal MP Smith at a Rochdale police station in the presence of his solicitor.
“He was very, very nervous, and his last words when he left with his solicitor were, ‘This will kill my mother’,” he said.

But Sweltering Cyril got onto his Liberal party bigwig poufter mate Jeremy 'Hitman' Thrope and the Dark Side's sinister Sith agents from Special Branch moved in and Tasker was back to directing traffic - in Cornwall.

An independent and unbiased non-Masonic judge-led inquiry needed to subpoena witnesses and obtain documents in this latest Operation Catch a Dead Paedo Politician – but it’s gonna turn out another shambolic instance of scratching the surface when the likes of Janner and Brittan – and Uncle Tom Cobley and fucking all – are above the reach of the law as it exists in this sick society.

Woz said...

Nonceland's crooked Magic Circle Speculative Society control the Third World shithole's 'illegal' system - and the police and politicos ain't interested in seeing justice done - only 'outcomes' - and ones that are favourable to their corrupt ends.

wiggins said...

Well they can't send Blunt to 'reclaim' any pictures of 'Sweaty Betty' by Rolf on this occasion....can't you hear him sizzling?