Monday, 21 July 2014

Dando Snuffed to Block Paedo Exposé

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Yes folks, the banner headline says it all regarding this burgeoning scandal that the Westminster / Shitehall cross party politico whips and civil service mandarins are working flat out - like a lounge of lizards drinking from a pitcher plant - in a futile 'shovelling-shit-uphill-fest' attempt to keep a lid on.

The entire outrage is morphing by the day into a major embarrassment of Biblical proportions, whose criminal implication threads weave their septic way through the entire institutional fabric of our once-sceptred isle - the proverbial corridors of power - and into the depraved palatial dens and castles dark of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg inbred Kraut-Greek mongrel mutants. Oh yes, the very same welfare benefit-fiddling dynastic parasites that, regardless of being unelected and bypassing the statutes of the flawed facade of democratic voting process, claim to rule us by 'divine right' (God sez - okay).

But now the sins and crimes of yesteryear are all coming home to roost, as vindictive whistle-blowing toadies - alike Tory party activist and all-round gopher Tony 'Gobbler' Gilberthorpe - and bearing grudges the size of Gaza Strip IDF missile craters - are defying the bright light of day and slithering out from slimy culverts and septic tanks or under their respective rocks - to spread the venomous gospel of wrongs done - and by whom - in those wondrous 'Never Had It So Good' days of yore - the Macmillan / Heath / Thatcher 'Tories Rule' years. (yep, we've purposely and with prudence aforethought left out that annoying and insignificant Scots nonce of a PM, Lord Alec Douglas-Home - aka McSkeletor of the Tartan Tadger clan - and the pathetic Major muppet).

So while the slack-jawed former Tory minister David 'Bad Hair Day' Mellor goes into hyper-spin mode and attempts to dismiss the veracity of Gilberthorpe's claims as a 'lot of tittle-tattle' about a few fusty old perverts and Parliamentary fudgers who are dead and unable to defend their dubious honour with a string of money-spinning Crater-Ffuck libel suits, the facts speak for themselves.
To wit, the fickle finger of fate yet again points to this obnoxious and exaggerated sense of entitlement - plus abuse of privilege and position by elected politicos and inbred nobility - also implicating the Masonic secret handshake fraternity - and too the infamous Monday Club with their little 'Oscar' bumboy merit badges.

Mellor's pointless rabid rant besides, Gilberthorpe had no reservations in naming Dr Alistair Smith, the Conservative party chairman of bonny Nonceland, as the guy who slapped a bunch of tenners in his hand and bade him to go forth to pimp up young lads for a couple of Cabinet ministers to play 'toss the caber' with.

Oh yes, another set of royally bestowed 'kiddie fiddling' knights of the realm: Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Rhodes 'Bend Over' Boyson - the House of Conmans main corporal punishment / sado-masochist proponent - joined by their pal Sir Michael Havers, and all members of the Freemason's crony club / bumboy brotherhood, with a predilection - more of an addictive fetish - for sodomising innocent, defenceless children.

And to add to the calumny of this political / criminal pickle, the latest red top gutter press banner headline exposes yet another titled / deceased VIP offender that was blackmailed into political servitude compliance - plus fiscal 'and' moral bankruptcy: the notorious sheep-shagging Methodist hypocrite who carried a jar of Vaseline around in his pocket, Lord Andy Pandy - whose party trick was showing off his George Thomas trouser snake to little boys.

But of course given the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight we have a whole litany of politico dog wankers allegedly involved in the Westminster Pederast Circle to refer to Chief Inspector Whodunit of the Met's Plod Squad.

Tom Driberg, Lord Bob 'Man Tits' Boothby, Granville 'Bonkers' Janner, Charlie 'Chickenshit' Irving, Ted 'Mr Eddy' Heath, Jeremy Thorpe, David 'Incest' Steel, George 'Curb-Crawler' Wigg, Silly Willy Whitelaw, Leon 'Wot Dossier' Brittan - and blackmailed by the short and curlies not only by the security services but also the London gangster scene's notorious Kray Gang - with predatory paedo / fudger Ronnie Kray running a stable of pimps and rent boys under the aegis of Leslie Holt - based out of dirty Dolphin Square and the equally-notorious Cedra Court - supplying all manner of underage care home kids and rent boys - and three hole tottie - to the disgusting Astor clan for their deprived Cliveden Set BD/SM soirees. All protected by Scotland Yard's cross-dressing paedo perv' of a CID Commander, Ernie 'Call me Mildred' Millen.

Justice Secretary Chris Graything, not wishing to miss out on a media opportunity to get his face in the press and say any old shit, opined to a gutter press hack from the Catamites Gazette: "This is the kind of operation that's absolutely vital for our society. Somebody who starts looking at dirty photos of sprogs on the internet may go on to do something much worse, - such as run for the post of MP - so they appear to be bastion pillars of society and above suspicion - like the Liberal's answer to Mr Creosote - that Sweltering Cyril Shit character from Rochdale."

Jim Gamble, former chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop), has called for "consistent and persistent investigations of this kind - witch hunts, if you will - to not only deter these dirty bastards from surfing child porno websites - all of which need shutting down and their operators feeding to sharks - but grooming children - and more so, from kidnapping, drugging and sexually abusing - then sacrificing them in blood rituals to their Satanic god Lucifer."

Gamble and Graything's self-interest opinions besides, these pantomime Operation Christmas Tree inquiries - and last week's reported arrests of 666 'paedos of interest' accessing the child porno 'dark net' are media fairy tales - and nothing more than an Operation Scapegoat distraction - as too the prosecution and conviction of the rampant Aussie dingbat child molester - and royal portrait painter, Rolf Harris.

Sure, such offences and investigations are reality but it's all a fucking distraction to keep our eye off the main ball in play - and of course, the all-consuming 'bigger picture'. The Westminster / House of Conmans (and Lords) cross--party politico Paedo Club - and who the fuck (Special Branch / MI5 / MI6 - is there really any fucking difference?) shut down whatever inquiry or blackmailed who or threatened so-and-so, or stitched up what-his-name - or had thingy - the BBC Slimewatch presenter Jill Dando - murdered - as the meddling bitch was doing a spiffing job for a TV presenter turned amateur investigator, and getting a bit too close to the sodding truth: Dando was going after both Bliar and Scandalson.

And here this skit has arrived at the juncture of the governing regime's agents knowing right from wrong and comprehending the essence of law and order.
We have the conundrum of the arrestable class and the unarrestable class – for these PTB scumsters labour under the misapprehension that crimes by members of the elite must be swept under the rug due the delusional fact that prosecuting them would destabilise the system - or in Geoffrey Dicken's case,114 files on kiddie fiddling crimes keeping Leon Brittan's Home Office shredder running 24/7.

Dando was pretty much the TV face of the BBC and knew of Savile's perversions only too well - but the Beeb's hierarchy didn't want to listen. Then came a bulky brown paper package onto Jill's desk with a tale of a crime with a scandal wrapped neat and tidy deep inside - the type of scoop with a 'killer gene' potential to make the New Labour government go tits up.

While the 'bundle' contained a full and complete copy of Geoffrey Dickens' 'lost in space' 114 kiddie fiddler files dossier - with photos and Super 8 film reels - plus close up footage of Mr Eddy on board his Morning Sickness yacht, in the act of strangling a couple of freshly butt-fucked 9-year old orphans on loan from Jersey's Haute de la Garenne paedo brothel - it also sported a documented secret MI5 record of a strange case of misrepresentation which occurred in 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court viz the appearance of a certain 29-year old Charles Lynton on an indecency charge, where he was fined £50 for the attempted soliciting of an underage male in a Westminster public lavatory.

And who tops the rumour mill's guesstimate index as the companion of Anthony 'Charles Lynton' Bliar in the Westminster public toilet on that fateful afternoon? Why none other than that shameless meddling prat Peter Scandalson - now elevated by the useless Gordon 'Cyclops' Broon to the noble ranks of Vermin in Ermine - as Lord Scandalson of Fudgers Wells.

So, in April of 1999, after a mere two years in Downing Street, it was decided at cabinet level that such an expose would be detrimental not only to the strategic aftermath plans for Israel's scheduled 2001 9/11 false flag attacks on their US Zionist puppet and the pre-ordained invasion of Afghanistan, but the later geopolitical / neo-colonial Project for a New American Century / New World Order expansion campaign to dominate the Mid-East - kicking off with the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Thus Dando, refusing to get the 'warned off' hint concerning death threats from unwashed Serbian / Albanian warlords that she'd linked to the illegal swan roasting cult - or London drug dealers putting hit contracts on her life - simply had to go - and as 'fair' means weren't producing the desired deterrent effect, then it had to be 'foul'.

As always the Plan B public / media disinformation field campaign was rolled out - and Mr Barry George lined up as 'patsy-perfect' to fit the crazed stalker / murderer bill.
Thus a post-murder propaganda promo' of conspiratorial proportions was launched - that Dando had been hot on the heels of the perpetrators, responsible for the violent and suspicious deaths of her close pals and associates - Veronica 'Ronnie' Guerin, a journalist snuffed in June of 1996 in Dublin by IRA drug dealers - and Matthew Harding, zillionaire vice-chairman of Chelsea FC - killed in a chopper crash in October of the same year as he was about to spill the beans on soccer match fixing and money laundering operations by the feared Singapore based Spitting Mongoose Triad.

But these fantasy factoids were simply fronted in the (semi) official story to cloud public perceptions, muddy the waters and act as some sinister lurking pseudo-conspiracy distraction from the actual truth - that of course led straight back to Westminster and dirty Downing Street.

Hmmm, amazing to the point of mind boggling 'sore-thumb sodding obvious' questionability that the Met's Plod Squad had prime suspect numero uno, Barry George, lined up before rigor mortis had a chance to set in - and wholly ignored the eye-witness testimony of passing motorist Barry Lindsey who described the assassin as: "a greasy Sicilian-looking Mafia wop type of bloke - like wot drives the Mr Corruptioni gelato ice cream vans".

So the evidence is in - albeit rumour-based - the question needs to be asked: would Teflon Tony, being, in his own quoted words, 'an up-front sort of bloke' - have decided Dando came under the Enemy of the State category and ordered Special Operations agents of the 22 SAS / MI5 'Group 13' nasty tricks / assassination squad to ensure her silence and prevent exposure of his past public toilet soliciting / public cottaging 'down in Doggers Wood' days?

Now there is a question posed, is it not. Tony 'Miranda' Bliar and the felching addict Peter Scandalson - both the type of scumsters who could not only fuck up a perfectly good anvil, but inspire one to count your fingers if unfortunate enough to have been coerced into shaking their hand - were responsible for the shut down media coverage of Operation Ore following the exposure and arrest of Bliar's Parliamentary aide Philip Lyon on child porno offences - 'and' buried a NATO / Interpol report that the German DVD group were kidnapping sprogs for the EUSSR's Ninth Circle Paedo Club's 'Shag n Snuff' parties in the Belgian Ardennes Forest.

Next let's consider the fact that Dr David Kelly blew the whistle on Bliar's 45 minute 'under attack' bullshit to justify the illegal 'Get Saddam' invasion of Iraq and ended up on the MI5 security service's Liverpool Care Pathway 'Extreme Prejudice' list - and suffered a terminal case of 'assisted suicide' in the Grassy Knoll Woods before he could give away any more nasty 'home truth' secrets.
Likewise, ex-New Labour Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, intending to put pen to paper and scribe a tome on the very same scandal that initiated his resignation from Bliar's cabinet in disgust - and show up Tony as a lying war-mongerer, had an unprecedented heart attack while on vacation in Nonceland and out for a bit of a walk - which proved one-way fatal.

But while there's nothing new about state sanctioned murder - for the practice is as old as human nature ("Who will rid me of this troublesome TV presenter?") - at this point we're returning an open verdict on the cause and effect factor that led to Ms Dando's despicable murder by scallies unknown - pending further research and fresh revelations that Karma's serendipity has the habit of turning up.

To close, another morsel of duck fat rumour to chew on: Sarah Craplan the cousin of Esther 'Piranha Features' Rancid, is another sinister face implicated in the 'Jim'll Fuck It' scandal.
Craplan and Rancid founded Childline - which in reality acts as a hypocrisy-ridden dummy front / ripoff charity organisation strategically placed to filter out caller complainants who've been the victims of predatory VIP / politico kiddie fiddling sexual abuse - then once identified the security services can pop round, have a few harsh words - stick the blabbermouth in a big black zip-up North Face holdall, then dump them in the bathtub - where they'll have died of suffocation by the time the cleaning lady calls round to do a spot of light dusting and flower arranging later in the week.

May the sound of whistles blowing fill the summer air with vibrant truths.

Do you live in a paedo-infested neighbourhood? Have you a whistle you'd like to blow? A spot of filthy scandal to make public? Truth besides, even if just a nasty rumour or a bit of back fence malicious gossip, get it out there - across the infinite celestial expanse of the social networking media system on a blog or on Twitter - and hopefully it will go viral and fuck up some scumbag politico's career.

Send us your comments using the online reply form below and you too could win a visit from the MI5 G13 / 22 SAS Increment assassination hit squad's Tonton Macoutes and end up zipped in a big black North Face holdall. Wow - what a f*cking rush!

Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles – or Syrian refugees - were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of the GCHQ / Five Eyes Alliance’s Prism / Tempora / Carnivore / Echelon / X-Keyscore / SIG-INT I-Spy super snooper ‘Nosy Bastard’ wire-tap / eavesdropping / data mining system’s network electrons on Hubble Bubble Road in Cheltenham were temporarily inconvenienced.

Thought for the day. Fuck Big Brother – and his sister - and the panopticon surveillance state apparatus that now manifests as a New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Old Codger said...

Oh my, now this cat's finally been let outa the bag it's gonna stir up a shitstorm of damage control spin doctoring.
Mind you, it's Felcher Pete's stupid fault for getting boozed n boasting to his poufter buddies that he green lighted the hit on Jill.

Wilkie said...

The trouble with paedo-fudger filth like Mandelscumm n Bliar is the fact they actually delude themselves into believing that due their exalted political / titled positions they hold the moral high ground and are not only irreproachable but also untouchable. Well the untouchable bit has proved right for the pair of shitbags so far.

Gilly said...

Deluded? Yes. But that's all down to their inflated ego's. And when ego surpasses intellect, then there's always a problem. Just look at 'Scandalson' as Rusty calls the rodent-featured twat - everything this shameless Prince of Meddling Bastards touches turns to shit and he gets caught and disgraced - and fired - or laterally promoted - yet again.

Morgana said...

One of the main problems with this culture of VIP kiddie fiddling and them getting away with it - murder included - is our own sodding fault. We, the semi-comatose common herd are fascinated with rich n shameless celebrities and collections of utter self-centred twats like the Royal family. We are in awe of fame and authority - and bow and kowtow with subservient compliance to an authoritarian tone or uniform - or Crown.

Griffin said...

Mandelson - this one was filmed getting fist-f*cked up the jacksy by a cute Thai ladyboy while partying on champagne and snort dust on board Oleg Mobsaroubles mega-yacht anchored off the Rothshite bankster crime syndicate's Corfu villa back in 2008.
We wonder if Broken Britain's dodgy security services have a Blu-ray DVD copy of that one too?

Tabner said...

Better still, have they got a video of the Paris hospital medical team trying to extract a very distressed hamster from up his back passage following a felching session gone wrong when the little furry rodent went amok.
The RSPCA should be on his case for animal cruelty.

Gambon said...

Vatican 'Sin City' defrocks 52 priests for sexual abuse in UK.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has defrocked 52 priests for sexual abuse since 2001.

Gilbey said...

The Lord Andy Pandy reference is noted and hence it should be added that the flagrant raving effeminate poufter Labour MP Leo Abse was a big mate of George Thomas/ Tonypandy and publicly documented in his writings that he had personally paid off blackmailers targeting the closet case fudger / paedo lord for his criminal kiddie fiddling indiscretions.

Rusty said...

Yeah, Data Manipulation is spot on - censorship on a Gestapon / Stasi scale.
Notice the story about Peaches Geldof getting slapped with a celebrity overdose hit job never made the mainstream news or gutter press.
Been off the H for a while - and as clean as a skanger can be - an all was okay until she started circulating tweets about Ian Watkins' paedo abuse ring - which included a strew of celeb personalities n some very high ranking government scumsters.
Peaches reckoned that the BBC was a fudger's / paedo's paradise n MI5 had their own Blackmail Department office in Broadcasting House - same as they do in Whitehall an the House of Conmans.
Jill Dando, Paula Yates, Michael Hutchence, Rik Mayall, Kristian Digby, Natasha Collins, Mark Speight, Kevin Greening - and now Mike Smith.
Ha, obviously the Beeb's hierarchy have their own in-house Murder Incorporated to rid them of troublesome paedo abuse whistle-blowers.
Is Operation Yewtree still being headed by the Met's Det Supt Dave Gray - or has Blind Pew taken over the role?
When are they gonna start 'investigating' the likes of the PTB's coverup Coroner Paul Knapman and the scumsters involved with Paedo Care - Sarah Craplan and Esther Rancid - plus SlimeWatch's Nick Tosspot - not to overlook the social media / internet hating Baron David Neuburger of Scabbotsbury and his scat-brained harpy missus Angela Holdsworth?
Any truth in the rumour Neuburger is a Felchers Club pal of Peter Scandalsons?