Friday, 18 October 2013

Scotland: Perversion of Justice Knows No Bounds

Prisoners of Conscience International: Our name is Legion, for We are Many.

Attention Scottish Legal Aid Board: Based on the Universal Precepts of Fair Play, We demand Legal Aid and Justice for anti-child sex abuse crusader Robert Green.

Englishman Robert - jailed last year by Scottish injustice for daring to publicly expose the identities of the elitist Aberdeen-based Satanist kiddie fiddling ring responsible for the venal sexual abuse and serial rape of special needs and disabled children – specifically those named by the Down’s Syndrome-affected paedo' victim Hollie Greig - is appearing before the Court of Session in Edinburgh today to challenge a defamation suit filed against him by ex-Lord Advocate and Masonic stooge gate-keeper Elish McPhilomy Angiolini.

Robert has been, with malice aforethought, purposely and vindictively denied legal aid to thus place him at a marked de facto judicial disadvantage for exposing Angiolini’s putative involvement in abusing her official position for over a decade to suppress police investigations into the Hollie Greig paedophile rape complaint and the ensuing scandal coverup.

Attention Crown Office: Justice for the wrongfully-accused Tim Rustige who is to face trial in Aberdeen on the 4th and 5th November on charges that he dared question Elish Angiolini’s professional competence and moral probity to be elected to the post of Principal of St Hugh’s College, Oxford, due her controversial notoriety for allegedly abusing her position of trust to repeatedly pervert the course of Justice throughout her chequered legal career.

Attention Police Scotland / Crown Office: Justice for the sexually abused and traumatised Hollie Greig – plus Justice and Closure for her stalwart mother Anne Greig by prosecuting the members of the Aberdeen-based pederast ring responsible for the serial rape of her daughter Hollie and provide them with their day of retribution in a open and corruption-free court of law.

The Eyes of the World are fixed on this series of Miscarriages of Justice that have been expedited under the corrupt directorship of Scotland’s politico-judicial Masonic elitists and their venal secret handshake brotherhood cohorts and henchmen in Westminster and North Shropshire’s local authorities - who continue to harass Anne and Hollie and deny them their day of retribution in a open and corruption-free court of law.

Here’s where to email your objections and vent outrage: – Justice Minister – Scotland’s Crown Office Judiciary - Scotland’s First Minister – Anne & Hollie’s constituency - Owen Paterson Tory MP for North Shropshire


Angus said...

Robert has still been denied legal aid and a fresh judge on his case is considering Angiolini's petition to inflict a 'perpetual interdict' on him to prevent him criticising her or exposing her past professional incompetence and involvement in corrupt practices - such as repeatedly perverting the course of justice to protect her Magic Circle Masonic scumbag colleagues.