Saturday, 19 October 2013

How to Slam-Dunk GCHQ’s I-Spy System

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This year’s Whistle-Blowers International Club’s annual ‘Snitch & Grasser Award’ goes to Russian citizen Edwardoff Snowdensky for his valiant and selfless moral conscience outing of the Great Satan’s NSA / CIA (and the UK GCHQ’s) I-Spy panopticon surveillance programmes for monitoring the movements and conversations of every single citizen on the planet.

Runners-up were Brad ‘Chelsea’ Manning and WickedLeaks boss Julian Blancmange, the latter still holed up in London’s Ecuador Embassy along with Alison Taylor, who blew the whistle on the dirty deeds coverup of kiddie fiddling at a string of North Wales care homes by regional Plod Squads and corrupt local authority officials, including paedo’ magistrates and judges.

So to mark this auspicious occasion the Anarchists Gazette are giving away a stellar ‘Let’s Jam the System’ ‘stripe n paste’ e-mail package to send to your pals and get the GCHQ / NSA morons and CIA / MI5 insecurity services falling over their own feet.

“Okay, here’s one for the GCHQ / Five Eyes Alliance’s Prism / Tempora / Carnivore / Echelon / X-Keyscore / SIG-INT I-Spy software programme operators - and the snitch n grass super snoops ‘Nosy Bastard’ wire-tap / eavesdropping systems on Hubble Bubble Road in Cheltenham – and the Great Satan's National Snooping Agency - sort this fucking lot out.”

>>> The following is a disclaimer and a protest at the collection, retention and sharing of the British public's personal mail by the UK’s morally bankrupt state with the Great Satan and other pro-ZioNazi entities.

Basher Assad, Arab Spring, Salafist Free Syrian Army, German DVD / GO2 cadre; MI6 & The Increment; Abu Sakkar; LulzSec - Benghazi; Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery; STUXNET; Abu Dujana Brigade: "Let not compassion move you" - Qur'an 24:2; Ghaddafi; Al-Ikhwān; Al-Qaida; Pelindaba nukes; Abu Sayaff, Mindanao – Basilan; Qutbism; NATO bombing of civilain targets in Tripoli; al Nusra; Leon Brittan – paedo pig; Anonymous hacker’s base i/d; Julian Assange; Abbottabad criminals; bin Laden false flag hit squad; SEAL Team 6 Chinook shot down; ferro-silicon based incendary explosive; Project Blue Beam; Cheltenham GCHQ; Carnivore; Silkworm; Echelon / P415; @weldbudhabi; Echelon Menwith Hill; Ecuador embassy, Knightsbridge; andrea Davison; Gaza Gangsters; Sheikh Raed Salah; Hassan al-Banna; Lola Kamarov - Uzbekistan; Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya; Al Takfir Wal Hijra; Sayyid Qutb; General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper drone; Arab Spring; Saudi King assassination plot; Washington Ikhwan; Al-Menbar Islamic Society; Ali Sadreddine Bayanouni; UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI DSO); Hizb ut-Tahrir; Jemaah Islamiyah; MNLF / MILF; Michael Meiring – CIA asset - Davao - false flag bombings 2002; DIME explosives; WikiLeaks, Iraqi, Abdaly, Green Zone, 7/7/05; FLAME VIRUS; CO19 murderers, madrassa; Free Syrian Army weapons; ZioNazi, Brazilian electricians, Andrea Davison; Ecuadorian Embassy; Afghanistan, UK, America, guns, jets, Taliban, bombs; Inspire magazine pipe bomb schematics; Kenyan cuckoo Malcolm X son - Shabazz; Fukushima HAARP-generated tsunami; B-69 model nukes, dial-a-yield, Whitehall, EID -Tavistock Institute, ex-Spetznaz; Bahrain Fifth Fleet targeted; Bilderbergers 2011; GCHQ-SIGINT; MQ-1 Predator drones, plutonium, Holohoax denial, machine-gun, terrorists, MP's, XE, false flag attacks, Canary Wharf extra-judicial killings on 7/7, plutonium; Vela Incident / Operation Phoenix; Nick Clegg; Angela Davidson’s flash drives; aardvark, Club of Rome, bomb, assassinate, Anonymous hacking crew; The Book of Jihad, president, brown, Lee Harvey Osama, Obama, Sarcozy, SIGINT; Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) ; Guy Fawkes, Kandahar, opium crop; 9/11 molecular dissociation beam weapons; Resolution 1765, Hitler’s daughter, Merkel; HAARP, Kissinger, Rockefeller stooge, TSA bombings Atlanta, PLO, Hezbollah, Kenyan immigrant impostors, Hamas, West Bank arms cache, Gaza gangsters, Inter-Services Intelligence – General Mahmoud Ahmad – 9/11 involvement, heroin mule, Abe Foxman, government, target, Auschwitz, Rupert Murdock funeral joke, 25 Glocks, HDRM explosives; Aussie bloke submarines - nukes, location, rocket, DHS attacks, grenade, al-Qaeda, H1N1, Pakistan, Hasbara, India, pigs, Virginia Corporation, maritime law, troughs, Abi Zakaryya Al Dimashqi Al Dumyati, France, Mullah Omar, Hyperion-Protective, Germany, B’nai Brith, Hawaiian forged birth certificate, AIPAC, Italy, nuclear, Korea, Agenda 21, Sanger DNA/ Genome eugenics plot, Big Sister Napolitano dyke bitch, Swiss accounts, Black Nobility, Mumbai attacks, Stars and Stripes, man-made tsunami Asia, Boxing day genocide, HAARP, two 20 megaton nukes, seabed, Jewish Chronicle, Bali - Sari nightclub micro-nuke bombing by Mossad; B83 / B61 dial a yield nukes; Tony Bliar, Vatican Bank, David Kelly assisted suicide, Gordon Cyclops Broon, polonium poisoning, swine flu vaccine, ADL, Big Brother state, Peshawar militia, Lockerbee bombing frame-up, GCHQ, Cheonan torpedo, Guantanamo Bay, the City, Baron Rothschild, Mohammed bin Patsy, Abu Ghraib, IED’s, Real IRA; Haaretz rumour; hasbara; Cabbage Patch Dave Cameron, Kim Jung Ed Miliband, Red Ed, Vince Cable and the Blabberwocky's.

Disclaimer: I refuse to be intimidated by my own Government. It is time to make this kind of data collection unworkable – or at least ‘hard work’.
It is time to stop meekly accepting everything that the government throws at us with this ‘Nothing to Hide then Nothing to Fear’ bullshit rider. It is time to stop listening to lily livered politicians who say this is OKAY, because it really is NOT OKAY. It is time to stop listening to the apologist organisations or committees who will accept this type of data collection with a rider of wanting a little more protection for the data <<<<

Imagine the implications for freedom if humanity used its numerical potential to say NO to the system and ceased to cooperate with its own enslavement. Never forget, our numbers are Legion and we are many. Ouch – did someone mention Anarchy and Revolution ?

Now Government, make me stop – legally – and preferably not by slashing my wrists in an assisted suicide up in the David Kelly Memorial Woods - or being stuffed in one of MI5's big black North Face holdalls and dumped on some damp grassy knoll.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that George Orwell's '1984' was written as a novel - and a warning - not a fucking instruction manual for mass control of the populace with a Womb to Tomb panopticon surveillance state.

While we may not be able to cure ‘stupid’ we can at least vote it out of office come the next ‘Democratic’ (sic) election. Hmmm, anyone consider the fact that the last bloke who came up with a good idea to restructure Parliament was that Yorkshireman of letters, Guy Fawkes.

To close, fuck the Freemasons and Big Brother – and his sister – and the ZioNazi New World Order.

Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles – or Syrian refugees - were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of the GCHQ / Five Eyes Alliance’s Prism / Tempora / Carnivore / Echelon / X-Keyscore / SIG-INT I-Spy super snooper ‘Nosy Bastard’ wire-tap / eavesdropping system’s network electrons on Hubble Bubble Road in Cheltenham were temporarily inconvenienced.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and/or squirrel shit.

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Anonymous said...

No shit, that's a doozer. Gonna jam up a section of government cyberspace with this baby. Cheers.

Quinn said...

Nice one. Bollocks to these Patriotism Acts / Big Society mantras spouted by Obama and Cameron – all a vehicle to usher in Homeland Security and / or Community Enforcement Officers – the all-new Fascist state suppression apparatus by any other name – Gestapo / KGB / Stasi, call it what you will.
How does that so-fitting quote from Johnson go? Patriotism – the last refuge of political scoundrels.

Gilly said...

Great bit of subversion kit to piss off the PTB. Ha, sift through all this shit, motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

yeah, lets data bomb the system