Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Social Networks Monitored for Political Dissent

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Socio-political activists – including conspiracy theorists (critical thinkers) – voicing opposition towards the Con-Dem Coalition’s resurrected Thatcherite deflationary policies, local authority budget scalping, welfare benefit cuts – and the fatally-flawed concept of Austerity Dave Scameron’s womb to tomb Big Society - are being fore-warned to watch their proverbial ‘P’s & Q’s’ as the monitoring of social media networks by government censors at GCHQ is set to become a fast tracked standard in the control of revolutionary dissent amongst the common herd - to pre-empt Bolshie anarchist types from kick-starting repeats of the 1789 French or 1917 Russian bloodbath insurrections and hoofing the useless tossers currently posing as ‘our government’ out of office.

The human rights and wrongs abuse charity Ox-Rat has published a report leaked by technician Ed Snowden, an ex-CIA conscience-driven whistle-blowing mole - until recently embedded deep inside the Great Satan’s NSA - that political activists must watch what they say not only on the phone and in e-mails, but on the Facebook and Twitter forums, as our cradle to grave dystopian Big Brother regime posing as a benign, fairy tale Nanny State / Godmother entity has, in copycat fashion to the good ole US of A, tasked the GCHQ spy centre to monitor such networks with Prism and Carnivore I-Spy data mining software programmes - and the Echelon SIGINT snitch n grass super snoopers ‘Nosy Bastard’ wire-tap / eavesdropping system - as the latest control freak advancement in pre-crime law enforcement.

Hence any fucker or their dog that our burgeoning Stasi State apparatus deems to be compromised by the aberrant psychological condition referred to as Oppositional Defiance Disorder – asking awkward questions, thinking for oneself and thus questioning or totally disbelieving what the government and mainstream corporate-fascist controlled media tell us - will have their personal details logged on the National Extremism Database and be branded as freaks and non-conformist rebels, dissidents, radicals, reactionaries, anarchists, nihilists and revolutionaries simply due their inherent uniqueness – the fact they refuse to go
‘Baaa’ and follow the rest of the common herd.

The Establishment frowns on individuality – the ‘fringe’ elements of society - who have the audacity to think laterally and outside the box – they’re a threat to the order of things and labelled as professional agitators or anarchists or domestic terrorists for questioning the motives of officialdom – and will be targeted for internment in some top security mental institution at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for a range of ambiguously-obscured ‘national security related’ political offenses.

Topping the MI5 / Plod Squad hit list will be members of the techno-savvy "Crypto-Party" – the UK contingent of a global movement of canny hackers out to arm online activists and protesters with the skills to maintain their anonymity and inflict cyber-mayhem and chaos on their governments.

To wit, under the draft articles of this planned Kafkaesque legislation, all socio-political activists - those who dare surf alternative news websites or download pirated materials – will be, in the finest Stalinist tradition, branded as a danger to the grapheme-thin hologram Crapitalist ‘Debtocracy’ system and society at large - and medically diagnosed with some aberrant ‘Ezra Pound’ type mental condition that requires sectioning to the loony bin and treatment with veritable cocktail of full strength psychotic drugs.

Chlamydia Mingerot, director of the Ox-Rat snitch and grassers group, informed one press hack from the Totalitarians Gazette that “First we have the Orwellian tip-toe approach of the introduction of stop and search orders under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice Order Act of 1994 that allow searches without reasonable suspicion. Then the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 aka RIPA was sneaked in – followed by the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act of 2011 – and now we have the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.”

“This was a joke in itself which does no such thing – and we’re further blighted with this infernal National Extremism Database extension to the GCHQ’s Triple Six Great Beast super-computer system which creates a file every time some hapless sod makes a phone call and dares transgress these asinine political correctness protocols and says ‘Boo!’ to a goose.”

“To add insult to injury and really rub our noses in the brown smelly fectal matter yet again, these imbeciles in government have now commissioned this absurd Community Safety Accreditation Scheme to enable local council authorities to licence a veritable army of moronic neighbourhood snoops and compliance enforcers seconded from the Renta-Thug security agencies – and to cap the insanity officialdom want to cover their own crooked, abusive arses with this grossly despotic Closed Material Proceedings statute under the Justice and Security Bill – otherwise known as ‘secret courts’ - all in the name of ‘national security’.”

“The telly-addicted, brain-dead public masses simply cannot foresee the dangers of what Posh Dave Scameron and this joke of a coalition government is attempting to legislate here – which will eventually manifest as the same draconian nightmare that the Khmer Rouge and their Pol Pot Instant Noodles Genocide Party brought to bear in Cambodia – snuff anyone who disagrees with them.”

“The Powers That Be are terrified that their privileged status quo position will be up-ended by conspiracy theorists utilising an inherent sense of curiosity to think critically – outside the box, so to speak – and see through the contradictions, lies, and inconsistencies in the official narratives.”

“Really, this conspiracy theorist label is just a negative, mocking term applied to disparage any line of in-depth questioning - now bandied around by government spin doctors like ‘Anti-Semite’ ‘Nigger-Hater’, Faggot-Basher’’ and ‘Holohoax Denier’ – to denigrate critics and anyone else who sees through – and seeks an alternative answer to - the blatant catalogue of official misinformation and lies.”

“But the real danger isn’t targeting self-aware critical thinkers – the ones questioning the House of Conmans MPs abusing their expense claims – or that pompous twat Tim 'Denials' Yeo, the MP for Greedford, getting set up and caught in a £7,000 quid per day consultancy / lobbying sting – or the anti-EUSSR membership / pro-referendum activists and so-called Euro-sceptic anarchists - and those protesting the neo-colonial wars of aggression and false flag terrorist attacks of 9/11 and 7/7 aimed to demonise the Muslim factions of our so-called multi-cultural society.”

“Oh no, this is aimed at anyone who dares says ‘bollocks to political correctness’ and exposes the sinister satanic rituals and kiddie fiddling abuses of this Monarchist-backed Freemason criminal fraternity that comprises the 1%, has a stranglehold on the nation’s wealth and controls the muppet government. Just wait for it – the fascist soft shoe shuffle – when anything and everything will constitute a thought crime and get some hapless fucker targeted for arrest.”

Inadvertently confirming Ms Mingerot’s worst fears and predictions, the lead officer on digital media and engagement for the Association of Chief Plods, Deputy CC Gordon McScatt, confirmed that Broken Britain’s burgeoning pre-crime Gestapo division have been tasked with monitoring social media for potential issues – such as Bolshie activists questioning why the taxpayer is being forced to bail out the Rothshite crime syndicate’s banksters yet again following their latest casino addicted snafu on the dodgy financial derivatives market – or why disabled persons welfare benefits are being slashed so the money can go to arming a proxy army assemblage of Muslim crazies attempting to overthrow the Syrian government on behalf of the pro-Zionist Great Satan and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s rogue state of Israel.

“Take no notice of what that lying little scumbag of a Foreign Secretary Willy Vague has been saying on the telly – that these snooping claims of Mr Snowden’s are baseless.”
“Yer fringe section of society, these anarchist types wot’s got the brass-necked cheek ter disagree wiv wot PM Scameron an’ Parliament are settin’ as national political policy, start gobbing off on Twitter an’ Facebook an’ what-have-yer – so it’s a predictable consequence that they’re gonna get their names filed on the National Extremism Database – an’ will be the first ones for the internment camps an’ the ‘red zone’ gas chambers when the shit eventually hits the fan.”

Thought for the day. Fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references along with lashings of nano-particle cynicism and genetically-modified bush telegraph innuendo.

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wiggins said...

Just read Littlejohn in the Mail - Iknow, I know - saying Hague was an honest and decent politician....pass the feckin sick bag.

Nobber said...

Half the minor (sic) false flag shit that governments pull is conducted to simply gauge the public’s reaction - and hence formulate future scenarios for what they can and cannot get away with.