Sunday, 23 June 2013

Great Satan Passes False Flag Act

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In what could prove to be the biggest media scandal since last week’s big media scandal – (Edward Snowden / covert Prism eavesdropping scam) - a United States of the Great Satan Pentagon insider, Shylock Snitchberg, has been stricken with a bout of moral conscience, taken flight to Outer Mongolia, turned rogue, and spilled the beans on White House cuckoo Barky Hussein Obama abusing his Presidential prerogative to bypass both the Senate and Congress and sign into law by a sneak Executive Order the ‘False Flag Act’, which is intended to provide US intelligence and military agencies with the legal wherewithal to join with the Israeli Mossad in staging false flag jihadist attacks on a global scale as required to justify their ongoing War on Terror against the nations of Pan-Islam – specifically those targeted for regime change such as Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

More worrying still is the inclusion of one subtle codicil in the act which provides vindication to kill any fucker and their dog considered to be a whistle-blowing threat to the US multi-national corporation profits – a ‘small print’ proviso added on the insistence of AIPAC lobbyists acting on behalf of the Big Oil, Armaments, Bankster, Pharma and Agri GMO military / industry cartels – (and those who never had chance to adopt a Genny Flowers super-Kevlar anti-suicide defence shield include, ironically, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, Charles D. Riechers, Col. Theodore S. Westhusing, Cliff Baxter, Dr David Kelly, Margie Schoedinger, Gary Webb, John O’Neil, James Hatfield, Aaron Schwartz – and most recently Michael Hastings).

Faster than shit through a goose, the State Department’s chief Zionist shill, John Kerry (the only Vietnam vet’ to be awarded the Purple Heart for a snagged toenail) has issued a ‘Read This, Tremble & Obey’ demand to the Mongolian government via the US Embassy in Ulan Bator, to abide by the provisions of the 1926 Yak Trade Agreement and extradite the fugitive Snitchberg back to the good ole US of A for a Bradley Manning type show trial.

“If these Mongol guys don’t agree to arrest Snitchberg and turn him over to the custody of our embassy’s security officers then such non-compliance will be viewed as obstructive and acting against the best interests of the US and could well complicate bilateral relations and raise questions about their commitment to the rule of law – and have a negative impact on the global yak trade.”

Kerry informed gutter press hacks that “The False Flag Act was expedited with the interests of our American Fortune 500 corporations at heart. Really, if we wait for a bunch of Al Qaeda jihadists hiding in Tora Bora caves to get their proverbial crap together and pull off the likes of the 9/11 attack, then we’re gonna be waiting until Hell freezes over.”
“That’s why we have to depend on rogue elements of the CIA and Mossad and the UK’s MI6 and Germany’s GO2 / DVD to expedite these terrorist attacks and keep the Project for a New American Century agenda on schedule.”

Conversely, giving his side of the story to journalists at an undisclosed top secret location in the Mongolian capital (Embassy of Ecuador, 24-5, Khoroolol; Sukherbataar), Shylock Snitchberg revealed “I reached terminal puke-point just looking at how US foreign policy was being directed by a bunch of Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience running the rogue state of Israel – and with their PM Bobo Nuttyahoo ringing up with a stream of insane demands that the Pentagon supply the IDF with more micro-nuke bunker busters and other weapons of mass distraction simply so they can bomb the shit out of Syria and Iran and maintain their Mid-East military hegemony - at the expense of neighbouring Arab nations.”

“It’s this continuing litany of lies from the White House, through the Senate and Congress and all the way down to State level. After two terms of having that psycho-sociopath moron Bush obeying the ZioNazi Neo-Con’s demands, we’ve now got this African-Indonesian Muslim impostor squatting in the Oval Office who can’t even produce a decent forgery of his US birth certificate and does whatever his kikester masters demand.”

Do you believe whistle-blowers should be classed as capital punishment crime offenders or presented with a Boy Scout merit award? Do you have any official diplomatic secrets or scandals you’d like an unsuspecting world to know about? Does a career as a treasonous fugitive grasser appeal to your sense of adventure? Would you like to join the Julian Assange Wicked Leaks Club and be stuck in a foreign embassy on hostile soil for the rest of your days?

Send your comments using the online reply form below and you could win a cell with a view at Uncle Sam’s Guantanamo Bay Holiday Resort.

Thought for the day. Fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the ZioNazi’s New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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McNab said...

Brilliant spoof on the Edward Snowden expose

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, many a true word wrote in jest.

Alpha Anarchist said...

Yep sounds about right for the course. Patriot Act passed. Trashing of Posse Comitatus. Homeland Security Gestapo and TSA Renta-Groper Stasi established.
Then we have WTC #1 in 1993, then the McVeigh / Oklahoma City scam and the FBI Murrah Building; then the hi-fiving Israeli 9/11 attack; Madrid bombings, Bali micro-nuke bombings; 7/7 London Tube bombings; Mumbai gunfest attack; - all the way to Aurora / Batman; Sandy Hook n the Boston Marathon.
So WTF's next? Martial Law's n the big dissident / protester / activist roundup's only two shakes of a dog's tail away.

Anonymous said...

US false flag op's? All the way back to the sinking of the Maine in Havana harbour in 1898 to kick start a war with the Spanish.

Nobber said...

Islamabad 2008. Marriot Hotel. Either aerial-delivered cellulite-cased smart bomb or missile blamed on truck bomb. Left a 20-odd foot deep crater.
Problem - truck / car bombs DO NOT leave craters - no matter how much RDX / Torpex they're loaded with.

Bazzer said...

Just reading the comments and thinking about the Gulf of Tonkin false flag.
If we start listing these down its going to need a long roll of paper.

Anonymous said...

Then we have all the 'false flag' assassinations. JFK, Bobby K, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John Lennon to name a few.

Quilp said...

Yep, that's our good ole US of America. A big fucking lie from one end to the other.
We've even ended up with a false flag President. This Obama freak. He's no African but an Asian Malay race - Indonesian and looks more like Tiger Woods (Thai Mum) than Shaka Zulu.

Stringer said...

Trans-Atlantic trainers bomb didn't even blow his socks off.
Times Square numpty dumpty bomb scare.
Detroit flight / Nigerian skiddies bomber set fire to his pubes.
Seem to recall it was Israel's ICTS airport security who let this lowlife on the plane in Amsterdam without a passport or I/D.
Might be worth remembering the same Israeli ICTS were in charge of the Stateside airports where the supposedly-hijacked planes took off from on 9/11.
High-fiving false flag anyone?

Leveller said...

No only have we been hit with the Patriot Act since 9/11 - which is the total opposite of what the name suggests - but also ther National Defence Authorization Act whose Section 1021 sanctions the military detention of American citizens without charge - along with the ‘Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act' to target anyone considered fringe and questions Washington's motives - they're now branded domestic terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Great piece of work on the cuckoo in the White House.
Heard tell of mulattos trying to pass themselves off as whiteys but this has gotta be a first: an Indonesian trying to pass himself off as an African nigger. Lol's.

Peregrine said...

Okay, the US scumsters might be upset over Snowden's exposes - but what really gives them the shits is what he knows and can reveal if he takes a mind to it.