Sunday, 9 June 2013

Broken Britain – a Paedo’s Paradise

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Yep, it’s another first for the government’s gross hypocrisy list, with the Nasty Party’s Slime Minister Posh Dave Scameron ‘demanding’ (no less) for ‘more action’ from Internet corporations to purge the entire world-wide web of Satanic worship-related images displaying ritual child sex abuse – which addled-brained pederasts and other like-minded dog wanker perv’s and bum boys – those roundly condemned for their venal sins in Leviticus - apparently find a stellar sexual turn-on.

Conversely, where ‘Janus’ Scameron is concerned, when it comes down to the difference between spouting some political brownie points ‘soundbite’ crap – as opposed to actually implementing a government crackdown on any fucking thing – specifically to censure and denounce Israel’s ZioNazi style abuse of the West Bank and Gaza Strip’s Palestinian populations and endorse the BDS campaign – or bitch slap MPs and titled upper house scumbags palming thirty pieces of silver and engaging in acts of political lobbying on behalf of private corporations – or tasking the UK’s Freemason-ridden Plod Squads to stop shagging the cat and actually arrest a few of the ‘still-breathing’ ranking politicos who have been fingered by their victims (and Operation Ore’s 7,000-plus suppressed shit list) – and not just cabinet ministers who’ve shrugged off their mortal coil – along with a medley of octogenarian entertainment celeb’s in their dotage – (sacrificial goats to the media feeding frenzy bonfire for ritual immolation) - then Posh Dave isn’t up to the job. Eton leadership medal and Common Purpose neuro-linguistic programming besides - he ain’t fit for purpose.

This is where elitist establishment members of the predatory paedo / fudging Masonic Brotherhood simply pull one of their secret sleight-of-hand shakes – and Mr Plod's kiddie fiddling inquiries go straight into the ‘coverups’ tray (normally located between the office trash can and shredder) – and the hapless victim or moralist do-gooder exposing this abuse is targeted for ‘special’ police attentions instead.

Here we shall draw a parallel with Ben Fellows’ revelations to Operation Spewtree that ex-Justice Sec’ Ken Clarke once had a grope at his cock while an underage teen – and has currently gone missing after he and his spouse received a litany of sinister death threats from dark forces.
So, we ponder, will Ben be the next to turn up suicided, leaning against a tree like Dr David Kelly, in the Grassy Knoll Woods - or the bathtub, stuffed inside one of MI5’s big black North Face holdalls – with the zipper padlocked from the inside?

Of course, no fucker or their dog’s going to hear this via the medium of the global criminally-complicit mass media system - on the BBC’s (Biased Broadcasting & Coverups) telly or radio programmes – and bollocks to the Zionist stooge / crime syndicate-owned national dailies also – those red top gutter press tabloids alike the Daily Shitraker.
Grab a copy of the Dandy or Beano – they have just as much accurate news coverage – and never fail to report that Posh Dave left the kids in the local pub’s beer garden - yet again.

Everywhere we venture within the landscape of our sick society’s boundaries we encounter this politically correct ‘zero tolerance’ theme – usually appertaining to acts of frustrated, knee jerk reaction violence by the pissed off public sticking one on members of our Common Purpose brainwashed bureaucrats – or booting some disabled, black, gay Jewish Polack – or swan-roasting economic pikey migrant who’s just copped the last vacancy at the Jobcentre and did a UK-born and bred Anglo-Saxon EDL member out of gainful employment.

But where, might we venture to inquire, is the zero tolerance factor applied to kiddie fiddling when members of the establishment’s First and Second Estates are involved and fingered? Then it comes down to cover-ups – as was demonstrated by New Labour’s war criminal PM Tony Bliar when he clamped down on the media coverage of Operation Ore’s damning revelations following the arrest of his House of Conmans aide Philip Lyons for possessing several zillion child sex abuse images on his Parliamentary pc.

Really, who the fuck elects these arrogant bastard scallies that would deem to craft laws for us to abide and live by, and to govern us - and then in total violation of the legal code enforced on the common herd, simply abuse the same rules and regulations at will and with impunity. Political untouchables indeed – but that’s the way the game’s been writ – so as not to upset the status quo of the privileged – as they labour under the flawed belief that the system could no longer run without them.

The Executive, Legislature and Judiciary – along with the hordes of civil service jobsworths - they all should be shoved in North Face holdalls with a wild animal apiece and cast into raging torrents.

Obviously zero tolerance is not the order of the day in our womb to tomb nanny state society – as there exists perpetual tolerance when dealing with erring, criminal acts by elitist / ranking members of the establishment / politicos – with MPs and ministers dodging hefty – and fitting – sentences for embezzlement and fraud for fiddling their expenses - and bribery and corruption for lobbying on behalf of private interests in the House of Conmans – and the likes of Kenny Clarke and a host of others – Leon 'Shredder' Brittan, for starters - wholly immune from the Plod Squad’s Spewtree / Fernbridge / Pallial investigations into a litany of kiddie fiddling scandals.

Talk about predictable, Education Secretary ‘Pob’ Gove last week rubber stamped the flawed decision sanctioning a Yorkshire-based religious instruction teacher at St Sodom’s School for Latter Day Catamites to reassume his official classroom duties after being discovered with 188 kiddie porn images on his pc. Hmmm, a teacher – and of religion to boot – what kind of ‘moral and spiritual mentor’ is that might we ask?

Then in a week marred by squirly justice, we have the IQ-deficient Judge Graham Cottle (aka the Paedo’s Friend) dishing out a suspended sentence to Cornwall paint dauber Graham Ovenden (who proclaims himself to be twenty times smarter than the bovine common herd) for indecency offences and sexually abusing (three-holing) several young girls – a penalty the Plod Squad are reported to be ‘gob-smacked’ over.

Meanwhile, actors (sic) from the longest-running brain dead soap in the known Universe, Coronation Street, are doing their bit to keep the front pages of the gutter press tabloids alive with lurid tales of historic rapes – with William Cockroach the latest target on Operation Spewtree’s ‘Celebrity Paedo’ hit list to enter the novel ‘Alzheimer’s Syndrome’ defence.

Apparently Cockroach, who portrays Ken Barlow, an ex-teacher at the fictitious Weatherfield’s Asbo Central High School, was cornered by press hacks as he left the Coronation Street set on Friday, located adjacent to Salford’s Landfill Gardens sink or swim social housing estate - and was forced to admit that the entire Corrie neighbourhood was inhabited by raving pederasts.

“The Rovers Return was chock full of fudgers, dykes and paedos – that’s where I got started with kiddie sex back in the 60’s from drinking with our resident alcoholic plumber Len Faircop and that other layabout dog wanker, Sweltering Stan Wogden.”
“They were all involved with kinky sex – part of the arty-farty acting culture. Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell were both raving dykes – and Elsie Tanner was a bisexual bitch who used to shaft both her male and female sex playmates with a ten inch strapon dildo.”
“As for this crew of slappers who claim I shagged the arse off them – especially the latest one, Chantelle McSkanger, she was another shit-for-brains celeb’-dazzled 16-year old mother of three willing to play suck n swallow for my autograph. No complaints then as she was licking her lips – and there wouldn’t be today apart from this compensation culture witch hunt being promoted by ambulance-chasing lawyers.”

Hmmm, satire and black humour aside, here too the echoes reverberate silently off Scotland’s Granite City walls (soon to be renamed Nonce Central) to obscure the Grampian Plod Squad’s utter lack of due diligence in investigating a now-notorious paedophile ring based in Aberdeen who prey on special needs / disabled children for that extra erotic kink factor - and is allegedly comprised of establishment figures: the Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker – along with a litany of police officers, social care workers, doctors, nurses, teachers, and members of the corruption-ridden judiciary – sheriffs included.

To highlight this travesty, Police Scotland’s all-new boss, Chief Constable Stephen House, is delinquent in his duty by failing to reply to anti-child abuse campaigner Robert Green’s inquiries regarding the lack of investigation of the Hollie Greig sexual abuse / serial rape scandal – or even what would serve as the minimum level of police inquiry or constitute the basic protocols for a child rape investigation.

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Yet this same Plod Squad and Crown Office have the corrupt temerity to pursue, hound, harass, arrest and prosecute – and imprison - those valiant, crusading souls of moral conscience who would expose these vile crimes and demand justice for victims alike Hollie – such as Robert Green and our Skewed News Views founder, Rusty Snr.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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wiggins said...

Who elects them......Satan.

Butcher's Dog said...

Dunno really - Satan - or the ZioNazi Rothshite crime syndicate. Is there any difference?

Nonce Buster said...

How about we start burning the kiddie fiddling scum at the stake? Now that should get the message across.