Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bilderberg to Obama: ‘Arm Syrian Rebels!’

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With so much duck fat to chew over on their collective platters at last weekend’s Watford conclave, obviously how to finally topple that key Mid-East Syrian domino was high on the crammed blood and guts agenda for the 140 VIP self-serving Bilderberg scumsters if we take a swift butcher’s hook at the news.
First thing on Monday morning Barky Obama copped one earful off the London-based Rothshite crime syndicate bosses ensconced in their Square Mile eyrie – and another from his ZioNazi overlords in Jerusalem – with the message reading “Watford consensus is ‘Aye’. Get off your black ass and arm the Syrian Takfiri rebel mercs immediately if not sooner. We want them kitted out with the type of weapons that maim and kill every fucker old enough to scream and bleed.”

Oh yes, it’s not even a week since the ‘Masters of the Universe’ assembled for their annual gabfest and already they’re demanding the hapless Barky gives the UN Security Council the finger and conjures up some false flag evidence to justify supplying the foreign mercenary rebel scum posing as the Free Syrian Army with high tech weapons to even the odds against Basher al Assad’s military – along with thousands of US / NATO troops being sneaked into Jordan, along with fighter aircraft to establish a ‘no-fly’ zone - for anything without the Stars n Stripes or Magen David on the fuselage.

Hence Barky’s White House / Pentagon / CIA crews of ZioNazi ass-kissers have resurrected the somewhat threadbare and disproved ‘chemical weapons’ fiction propaganda – and instead of the foreign merc’s using the Israeli-supplied sarin gas against the Syrian civilian population – the story’s been corruptly recrafted and manipulated to read that Assad’s troops turned their Russian-sourced nasties on the FSA’s poor old al Qaeda jihadists.

This is regardless of the sworn testimony from victims that it was the rebels, not the Syrian government who used Israeli-supplied sarin nerve gas against civilians – with Fellattia del Ponte, a credible and qualified member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria informing one gutter press hack from the Warmongers Gazette there was incontrovertible proof that rebels seeking to oust the Syrian strongman and his Shi’ite regime had used the neuro-chemical agent.

So Basher al Assad’s regime is set to go the way of Gaddafi’s Libya and Saddam’s Iraq – dismemberment of yet another sovereign nation and the consequent redrawing of the map. A totally Balkanised fubar with a devastated infrastructure and every fucker and their dog at each other’s throats in a sectarian conflict that only continued 24/7 Western military presence can suppress and keep in check (the same as Afghanistan and Iraq, we don’t think).

But that’s the Bilderberg plan. Syria, then Lebanon and neutralise Hezbollah. Then, to their skewed (read ‘flawed’) way of thinking, the road’s clear for the great pre-emptive attack on the sovereign Islamic Republic of Iran.
Nice one Barky, your Afro-Indonesian daddies would be proud of these congenital skills of deceit and all-round false flag skulduggery. Barky, the Zionist stooge. Sit! Beg! Roll over! Good dog! Now play dead!

So tough shit for Syria - the next item on the kikester’s neo-colonial acquisition wish list. Supply all factions of the Syrian rebel scum with US shoulder-fired anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles – routed through Turkey (great name – as the country’s run by a bunch of them – albeit the corruption-mired PM Tieclip Erdogan has a few domestic protest worries of his own right now) and the power-hungry wannabe despotic monarchical states of Qatar and Saudi Arabia – and Israel.
Then seize its natural resources and strategic geo-political location as a US military base – and install yet another muppet show pantomime of a Zionist compliant government – and leave the whole shebang a Balkanised mess tearing itself apart with sectarian strife thanks to Islam’s great theological schism, which has existed between the ‘Sunni and Cher’ Muslim denominations since the 7th Century AD - akin to idolatry-intolerant Protestants and Roman Catholic Papists.

But does any fucker or their dog in the Western camp actually comprehend what they’re doing here with this faction-ridden Free Syrian Army – a mess of pottage consisting of all manner of foreign mercs, rag-arsed rebels and a set of lunatic fringe idealists who want Assad and the Alawites out so they can found a 21st century Sunni Caliphate in Damascus.
This is going to manifest as one hell of a sectarian shitfight set to spiral out of control into a regional conflict of Biblical proportions.

So the al Qaeda-aligned al Nusrah Front led by that die-hard one-eyed Salafist, Mohammed al Ka-Boom, and the National Psychos Coalition headed by General Achmed bin Nastygit (a former cormorant strangler) - along with Ras al Shitbag and the Shaheed Semtex Vest Brigade will all be armed with high tech nasties.

Sound bit of forward planning, we think not – as tomorrow these weapons are turned on Assad’s military – and next week on a spot of internal ethnic cleansing and evening up old scores. Then at a not too distant, ripe future moment, the barrels will be pointing at Western targets - specifically the Great Satan and its bastard progeny – the outlaw Zionist state of Israel – and a complicit Europe. Obviously a worry to be dealt with at some ‘critical mass’ point down the road.

Hmmm, best beware what they do actually supply these head bangers with – for as the FSA’s Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer informed press hacks on hearing the glad tidings from his Bilderberg inside sources. “We need the Great Satan to supply us with nukes – just the same as they do for the rogue ZioNazi state of Israel. That is what we need to overthrown Basher Assad - plenty of weapons of mass distraction. Then we can have our democracy crusade and join with our Shi’ite brothers in Iran to oust all the Gulf state’s corrupt monarchies: Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE and Oman.”

Okay, so that’s the Bilderberg crazies gameplan – Syria falls and submits to the Zionist jackboot - and becomes the latest reluctant member of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s Crapitalist / Debtocracy central bank club – with Israel coming out of the mess of pottage with her Mid-East military hegemony intact.
Oh yes, and all to appease the manic demands of God’s Chosen People so they can expand their fairy tale Promised Land borders to extend from the Nile to Euphrates – and beyond.
Hmmm, Chosen People. What a set piece of classical arrogance. Doubtless students of modern history will recall Hitler’s concept of his Aryan ‘Chosen People’ super race – exterminating all those considered lesser races in the Third Reich’s Holohoax.

Conversely Russia and China are set to block every effort by the Western ZioNazi powers to gain yet another geo-political military foothold in the Middle East – and all to further the Greater Israel (read ‘Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion’) agenda.

So, what else was on the Bilderberger’s Watford discussion menu? Agenda 21; future Crapitalism bank bailouts by taxpayers; how to implement the Rothshite / Rockefeller Georgia Guidestones mass murder formula and get rid of five billion useless eaters without the stupid fucks realising the 2013 annual winter flu jab was actually bio-weapon laced; the enforced Liverpool Pathway euthanasia programme for the elderly, disabled and special needs members of the common herd – and expand the Common Purpose NLP social conditioning programme to schoolchildren from the age of three – and not forgetting to lower the age of sexual consent to accommodate the perverted tastes of the elitist paedophiles who don’t fancy being collared by the Met’s ‘Operation Snails Pace’ plods when they’re octogenarians, for rogering some elementary schoolkid up the arse in a Richmond public toilet twenty years before.

We know from this week’s media blitz that the Nasty Party PM, Austerity Dave Scameron was presented with the thankless task of convincing Bolshie elements of the common herd that the Monsanto / Synerga brands of genetically-modified crops and foodstuffs and their Roundup Ready pesticides are the best thing since sliced bread – along with Billy Boy Gates ‘Snuff-a-Darkie’ Third World vaccination campaign – and fluoride’s good for your teeth (even if it does make your gums fall out).

Were you at Watford last weekend? Which side of the razor wire barriers? Did you shake hands with any Bilderbergers? Did you count your fingers after?
Did you see any Draco reptilians scoffing hamsters? How about a pick n mix bunch of sprogs on loan from the local Watford children’s care home getting buggered by the paedo likes of Lord Peter Scandalson and the kiddie fiddling inner circle? Did you hear any rumours of the RSPCA investigating claims of ‘felching’ and small furry animal abuse?

Send your comments using the online reply form below and you could win a calfskin-bound copy of the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion, signed by all Bilderberg 2013 attendees – including the Grey alien contingent.

A selection of your comments may be published, displaying your name and location so MI5 / CIA agents know where to find you come the round-up of dissident types – and stuff them into big black North Face holdalls ready for trucking out to the internment camp’s Red Zone.

Thought for the day. British politicians attending the Watford conflab and dog wankers like the cock-groping Ken Clarke claiming there is no conflict of interest with their elected public office duties.
Conflict of interest doesn’t come into the equation – it’s an act of outright treason.
So, fuck the Satanist Freemasons and Big Brother – and his sister - and the New World Order. And while we’re at it, fuck Zionism too – it’s no more than a parasitic virus.

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Flynn said...

Nice kick at the Western Shylock stooge governments having their foreign policy directives run on an aggression footing.
Doubtless this week's G8 bullshit will be focusing on more of the same - how to brig about a regime change in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Cameron, along with that French twat who doesn't know the difference between Japan and China, are all Bilderberg bitches