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Pecksniffian Prat Preaches Hypocrisy Sermon

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Speaking at a gala event in London, Prince Bald Willy Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – aka the Duck of Cambridge – aka Wing Commander William Windsor – (no shit, this guy's got more fucking aliases than a 36-year old Muslim 'child refugee' from Calais' Jungle Camp turning up at the Dover immigration desk with a forged birth certificate) - informed a pick n mix audience of elitist tosspots and dog wankers that Broken Britain's rapidly increasing population is putting enormous pressure on the survival of animal species – principally the grouse, pheasant and fox communities.

As royal patron of the Pondscum Trust, Willy Wanka addressed the Masonic Pederast Society dinner assembly at the City Square Mile's Catamite Hall last Thursday night with a call to develop an urgently required strategy to prevent further human habitation encroachment on these specific animal species environments.

"In my lifetime, we have seen global wildlife numbers decline by over half in Third World dumps such as Africa and Asia – where the useless eater populations are predicted to more than double by 2050 – a staggering increase of three and a half million people per month who are decimating the elephant herds - and tigers – and hippos and rhinos - to feed their burgeoning numbers of hungry mouth families. Same as what happened to the Dodo – suffered an extinction level event - just because they were so fat they couldn't fly, and tasted nice and good to eat."

Bald Willy's calls echo those of his Greek Nazi sympathiser grand-dad, His Royal Rudeness, Prince Stavros, the Duck of Edinburgh, who in 2011 suggested a policy of enforced family limitation (chemical castration / ligation) to tackle overpopulation - which he billed as the biggest challenge to conservation of the planet's Royal Hunting Grounds – and publicly declared his personal wish to be reincarnated as a deadly virus and wipe out whoever his pompous mindset considered 'inferior races'.

To wit, we are thereby prompted to pose the question: is Bald Willy's brazen hubris diatribe just plain n simple shit-for-brains low intelligence based - or more of a blatant example of selective memory ignorance - reinforced by unqualified arrogance and a side order of hypocrisy - when we have him and his 'royal brood mare' missus, Gypsy Kate (Bun in the Oven) Middleclass, breeding kids as fast as any Third World family with no telly to watch n distract from another night of sans contraception 'family planting' sex?

Plus the duplicity of even daring to mention the world's dwindling wild animal stocks or how an overpopulated planet threatens animal species - when Grand-dad Stavros and his own ginger mingin royal cuckoo brother, Prince Harry de Hewitt, go off on homicidal Kill-a-Thon safaris in Third World Africa, butchering any fucking thing in sight.

These self-righteous Royals and their snob-nobility panjandrum pals – all possessed with an exaggerated sense of entitlement – are enough to make a pig spew.

And let's not be blind-sided by Willy's righteous bullshit by overlooking the proclivity of the Royal reptile clan – led or attended by Queen Granny - for slaughtering flocks of driven grouse and pheasant at their Balmoral and Sandringham estates – and hunting down Basil Brush's defenceless mates with packs of hounds, then tearing them to pieces for - 'ha-ha' - fun. Pastimes the titled and privilege-abusing aristocrapsy refer to as 'sport'.

Okay, did some dumb twat assigned to the Royal Moron Watch permit Willy to write this little speech himself – wherein he once again failed to engage brain before opening gob?
This pedantic fuckwit is so far dislocated from the cold, harsh reality of the world – with head so far up his own arse – like the rest of his royal parasite ilk – it's a fucking wonder he can breathe.

If it's down to an act of global scale mass population cull 'euthanasia' to protect the planet and wildlife species, then let's start with the useless-eating royal retards and their slack-jawed inbred mutant progeny – career scroungers, sponging zillions of quid per annum off the taxpayers' purse as their Sovereign Grant entitlement - while elderly pensioners and the disabled – who've collectively never been invited to a 'Glorious Sixth' Sandringham Royal Shoot - ponder on 'what's next' this winter – feed the electric meter to keep warm - or go hungry all week – or commit suicide?

Now for the hypocrisy paradox. During a March 2016 ITV interview to promote measures to halt the illegal slaughter of wild animals, Bald Willy came out in defence of trophy hunting - describing the practice as 'a justifiable means of conserving species that are under serious threat'.

Willy's skewed rationality advocating this unpalatable and deeply disturbing cruel and blood-thirsty pastime – which caters solely to wealthy sadists with the big bucks to pay for a licence to murder African big game animals - is one of wildlife management that promotes conservation of the species.

Thought for the day. Ignore Bald Willy's plagiarised and recycled fear-mongering / faux science euthanasia spiel that 'there's too many humans for the Earth to support'.

The Earth / Terra / Mother Nature / Gaia is a living, breathing organism of immense longevity who has seen all manner of species evolve and become extinct over the stretch of her billions of years life to date – and she'll do the same and pull the plug on humanity when the time's right – and there's be no Them n Us discrimination aspect to it - we'll all be gone – rabid royals and New World Order Neo-Con elitist scum included – no matter how remote or deep they locate their 'stocked for a century' apocalypse bunkers.

And now, the rabid Royal Family parasite gang's 'in yer face' photo-shoot hypocrisy links:

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