Thursday, 2 March 2017

WTF: Sex Education for Toddlers?

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Tory PM Terry Mayhem's Nasty Party government has announced a curriculum of 'sex and relationships' education is to be made compulsory in all schools across our once-sceptred isle – with bottle blonde moment Education Minister, Justine Greenthing, informing amused gutter press hacks that nursery and kinder class children from the age of four will be taught about safe sex and healthy carnal relationships.

The Desperate Dan-chinned Ms Greenstring further emphasised that "The old style sex education teaching model fails to address risks to children that have become publicly apparent since the criminal exposure of the predatory likes of Jimmy Savile and a host of House of Conmans MPs and Upper House of Frauds vulgarian Vermin in Ermine members attending Masonic kiddy fiddling parties at Barnes' Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square in their fancy red 'Stoat Coats' – and grooming underage sprogs online."

Until now, sex education has only been a mandatory teaching subject in council-run schools - as academies and free schools don't fall under local authority control, hence are not compelled to follow the national curriculum and have thus left the sex and relationships education syllabus open to after-class pupil peer discussions and hands-on comparative anatomy study behind the schoolyard bike sheds.

Minister Greending's announcement was welcomed by Russell Knobber, general secretary of school leaders' union, TWAT, who opined to a reporter from the Nonce Ponce Gazette that age-appropriate SRE would prepare young people for the challenges they faced from online groomers or public playground loitering paedophiles and pikey child sex traffickers handing out candies.

Likewise, the Right Reverend Rupert Goosepimple, the Church of England's lead bishop on education, confided he supported SRE.
"In an age where innocent choir and altar boys continue to be compromised into becoming the suck and swallow sodomite vestry sex slaves of Roman Catholic priests then I'm 100% behind children being made aware of the dangers of attending religious services at St Sodom's Church for Latter Day Catamites."

Conversely, the Safe at School campaign's coordinator, Antonia Frottage, described the announcement as "a tragedy, as parents will be absolutely powerless to protect their children from presentations of perverse sexual activity – such as BD/SM scenarios or gang banging - which might well serve to enthuse, arouse and impassion – and then they go off and put into sexperimental practice once their kindergarten class has finished for the day."

"Really, I ask you, if CCTV panopticon surveillance isn't intrusion enough from the Tory's totalitarian government, now we have this control freak tosser, Justine Greenstring, a hair-brained choice of also-ran incompetents to be charged with Broken Britain's education system and commandeering our children's sex educations."

"This entire SRE agenda for four-year-plds has the stench of some renewed Harriet Harmful / Twatricia Spewitt- NCCL promoting Paedophile Information Exchange scam to get kiddie fiddling legalised - as the Establishment pervs and sexual deviants did back in 1967 with the shirt-lifting sodomite-friendly Sexual Offences Act. Perhaps Ms Greensting might be more aptly titled the Minister for Promoting Paedophile Rights."

Thus one ponders what is the nitty gritty truth viz teaching an SRE curriculum to four-year-olds when they can hardly read and have limited vocabularies?

Many view the most questionable act of making sex education for toddlers a compulsory subject one that amounts to the government enacting a Paedophile Enabling Bill - so little Johnny and Jemima understand the binding legal implications of 'consent' and don't go running to Mummy or Broken Britain's understaffed and useless Plod Squad with complaints that they've got a sore ass since their nonce scumbag neighbour invited them to come round and see his one-eyed trouser snake.

It is interesting to note that published examples of the proposed SRE syllabus display a graphic blackboard image of 'woman + man = baby' - whereas the homosexual deviant option of 'man + man = sore arse' is purposely dodged / avoided regardless of the fact that the gay rights / equal opportunities / political correctness lobby influence will mandate that same sex relationships 'and' gender bending issues are taught – all to force acceptance of transvestism and homosexuality (and too paedophilia?) as a societal norm.

Hmmm, considering the current 'gender dysphoria' propaganda game plan and presented with 'conditioning' (read 'brainwashing') choices of what gender they prefer to be, it's little wonder kids go into ADHD syndrome 'total confusion' mode and end up on medication / self harm / suicide watch by the age of five.

With the above paragraph in mind it is devilishly tempting to speculate that Justine Greenping's proposed SRE teaching curriculum is perhaps crafted to intrigue and appeal to little girlies to follow her morally-questionable personal sexual orientation choice - of a preference to bonk other women instead of blokes – and doubtless zero mention will be made in the afore-mentioned SRE syllabus of the Bible's moral guidance that condemns sexual deviancy – specifically Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.

The mind boggles at what this mess of pottage of a Nasty Party Tory government will conjure up next.

One might speculate - do they make condoms small enough for 4 year old boys? Not so much to prevent them impregnating the little girl next door when they gang rape her following the afternoon SRE class – but to negate the chances of copping a nasty dose of the clap – or worse (Herpes / AIDS) – when bonking her behind the Wendy House – or Johnny giving his school pal one up the bum when sexploring the taboo cult of sodomy.

Then we come to the transgender question and little Johnny asking "Mummy! Mummy! Can I wear my sister's clothes to go to school today?" – when preparing to sit his (her) Key Stage 1 SATs exam in Gender Bender Theory.

Interviewed by the Paedo Bashers Review, Ms Fellattia McSkanger, a 15-year old single mother of three from Greater Manchester's Stench Hill sink or swim council estate and a pupil at the St Chavette's Asbo Central Academy who has recently graduated her NVQ level 2 in Welfare Benefit Fraud - had this to say regarding the SRE syllabus.
"Fat lot of effin' good introducin' this scheme now – like closin' the stable door after Shergar's bolted as far as I'm concerned. Could have done wiv it back when I woz 11 an' started on the rags an' all the lads woz queuin' up ter give me one cos I had hair I could sit on."

Thought for the day. Liberals will be the fucking death of us.
Kids have been self-taught the 'ins and outs' (sic – no pun intended) of sex since time immemorial – and the fact we're here today stands as proof of such – and we didn't face a negative procreation extinction level event.
So, if yer got a willy, yer a boy - n if yer got a pussy, yer a girl – that's the way God - or Mother Nature - does things – n if yer got both yer hermaphrodite – n if yer got neither, then yer in a whole shitload of trouble.

An interesting research aside for those frequenting Paki take-aways. 'Khawaja Sara' is a Pak' term referring to third gender - people identifying themselves as transvestites, transsexuals and transgender.

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