Friday, 17 March 2017

Sturgeon Baffled by Definition of Independence

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Addressing the Scottish Nonce Party's pantomime conference in Aberdeen – aka Sin City Central - the gospel according to the fascist SNP regime leader - Her Regal Ruthlessness, Nicola 'Wee Nippy' Sturgeon – states that a second independence vote will take place despite Broken Britain's Nasty Party Prime Minister Terry Mayhem's official opinion that 'now is not the time for a repeat of Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond's silly (and failed) jingoist farce' - promoting a split up of the United Kingdom while supporting Scotland's further assimilation in the Brussels control freak EUSSR Federation.

Backing up the scheming Sturgeon's hysterical outburst, the party's triple-chinned, flab-infested deputy leader, Angus 'Beer Pig' Robertson, declared that in his wholly unqualified haggis-gorging opinion, it would be totally unacceptable for Westminster to deny bonny Scotland a second referendum.

The porcine Robertson continued "Let there be no doubt – we will have another referendum and even if the people of this country got it totally wrong the first time around and voted against independence as they didn't trust Alex Salmond to go it alone, we intend to do like Eire and keep holding referendums until the thick twats eventually get it right."

And that is it as far as the nonce-ponce corruption-ridden SNP hierarchy are concerned – not only totally detached from the will of their own voting common herd demographic and scheming to get their pathetic arses detached from Westminster control - but still be part of the EUSSR fascist regime and under Brussels' jackboot – that's the paranoid psychotic view of mad menopausal Sturgeon – she with zero concept of the true definition of 'independence'.

Conversely, the Nasty Party's transvestite PM, 'Testosterone Terry' Mayhem, addressing a field of sheep outside Cardiff to defend the United Kingdom's wool trade - and the mint sauce industry – further stated for the public record she is working for the whole of a united Broken Britain and confided to one gutter press hack from the Caber Tossers Gazette that her government would not approve Sturgeon's SNP demand for a second independence referendum even if she went into self-harm mode and poked her own eyes out with a deep fried Mars bar.

So bollocks to the skirt-clad lot of them. Not wishing to contradict Terry Mayhem, but it is our collective opinion to grant the fucking dump an act of 'no-ties' independence - then rebuild Hadrian's Wall to keep the alcoholic kiddie fiddling Masonic cabal scumbags north of the border and prevented from sneaking across to sexually molest our children.

Then they can actually go one step beyond their current protectionist culture of child sexual abuse cover-ups (Google 'Hollie Greig') and have Holyrood legitimise paedophilia by lowering the age of sexual consent to three years – same as their debauched Masonic Satanist 'Magic Circle' bumboy cult attempted in the wake of the establishment-subverted Operation Planet (initially Operation Uranus – no pun intended).

In March of 1991, and as a direct consequence of Operation Planet, and prosecutions relating to gross acts of arse banditry visited on the rectal sphincters of underage teenage boys by the Masonic Magic Circle elite and Northern Noncehouse Board affiliates, along with Glasgow, Dunblane and Edinburgh-based Violate BD/SM Club membership – (founded and run by one scumster Glassie-based solicitor) – these dens of iniquity catering to the perverted sexual tastes of the legal / political executive sodomites and paedophiles – an internal 'judiciary whitewash' study paper was produced by one particular compliant and unscrupulous Crown Office legal assistant dogsbody that sought to establish a rationale for, and the extent to which, the protections offered by Common Law could be circumvented, and Statute Law ignored.

Thus it is part and parcel of the official paper trail record, these immoral machinations of some shot-up, self-promoting Crown Office stooge - to pervert the law of the land and decriminalise the acts of this cult of Masonic / Satanist Speculative Society judges and high profile members of the Faculty of Advocates & Solicitors - and affiliated arse bandit mafia - shagging underage rent boys.

At the close of April 1991 a pow-wow was held between a cabal of ranking Freemasons, including Lord Fraser (the Lord Advocate), Lord Roger (the Solicitor General), Duncan Lowe (the Crown Agent), Alfred Vannet (the Deputy Crown Agent) and a clique of depraved pederasts unknown, to discuss this venal Crown Office report and protect their Masonic secret handshake brethren implicated in the sexual abuse and Satanic cult blood sacrifice of vulnerable children.

As a result of that meeting to pervert the moral ethos of - and course of – justice, directions were issued by the Crown Office to the Procurators Fiscal (Directive 2025) in which the Crown Office effectively sanctioned particular criminal acts, contrary to Law – of underage teenage boys being bum-fucked by older men – specifically members of the Tartan Tadger Kilt Lifters Club. That directive provided the means by which such activities were to be legitimised by The Crown.

Thought for the day. How's this for a kick-around idea? Hold a referendum to get shut of the wee nippy Sturgeon beast and her SNP fascist gang.

Hmmm, we note a conspicuous absence of personally-financed High Court legal actions being launched by wicked Witchipoo whingepot / serial divorcee and immigrant Guyana-born socio-political busybody interfering nuisance - Gina Singh Miller – to force the government's hand to bestow a House of Conmans act of 'Insta-Independence' on the nonce-protecting Caledonian north so the Sturgeon beast can proclaim itself Queen.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour 'and' decaffeinated public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Anonymous said...

pissed my self laughing

Tym R said...

The Sturgeon beast - utilising her customary bad grammar - informed the SNP conference that - "the will of the Scottish Parliament must and will prevail over the (second independence referendum) issue."
Yep, the will of the Scottish Parliament - that's what the turkey said - and with nary a mention of 'the will' of the Scottish people.