Saturday, 11 March 2017

'Lest We Forget' Hypocrisy Strikes Again

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Oh yes, the banner headline says it all - yet a further instance of 'Lest We Forget' total hypocrisy. The 1914-1918 'War to End all Wars'. And guess what we've done ever since? Forgot.
World War Two - 1939-1945 / Korean War / Malaya / Kenya / Vietnam / Afghanistan / Irag / Syria, etcetera, et al, the list goes on and on – (to say nothing of the War of Jenkins' Ear - 1739 to 1748) - every fucking where our neo-colonial imperialist greed can interfere in fact - and since 1945 - all illegal land / natural resource grab foreign wars of aggression justified under the black propaganda, lie-infested banner of humanitarian intervention.

So, to the object of today's derision – a memorial dedicated to Broken Britain's military personnel who served in the joint US / UK illegal Afghan and Iraq invasions and ensuing one-sided blitzkriegs to gain and secure gas pipeline routes and natural resources (The Big Two O's – Oil n Opium) has been unveiled by Queen Betty – Matriarch of the scrounging, shiftless Saxe-Coburg-Gotha clan - in central London yesterday.

The sculpture, by Paul Day, situated in the Victoria Embankment Gardens, also marks the contribution made by maimed and dead civilian 'volunteers' in the conflicts.
(Definition of a 'volunteer' – some dumb fuck who totally misunderstood the question put to them).

The gospel according to this morning's Daily Shitraker, more than 800 UK military personnel and misguided volunteer civilians died in these imprudent multi-national corporate-directed wars.
47 members of the 21st Queen's Own Cannon Fodder Regiment died in Iraq during the first illegal, black propaganda driven Coalition of the Willing invasion of 1990-91.
179 troopers from the 17th Body Bag Brigade were snuffed following the second illegal invasion of Iraq and ensuing military conflict from 2003-09 – with a further 43 civilian Territorial Army reservist from the 23rd Special Air Soft Regiment killed in New Labour's 'dodgy dossier' sanctioned second Iraq war – plus 456 members of the 14th Armoured Segway Corps died in Afghanistan between 2001/ 2014 defending the money spinning opium crops against nasty arson-minded Taliban purists.

Before the unveiling Queen Betty and other idle arsed members of the Royal Family attended a 'drumhead' service - a religious ceremony held to promote a 'war is good' atmosphere and manifest displays of our misguided patriotic spirit with moronic common herd attendees rushing off to the local Army Recruitment centre to join up.

Following the unveiling of the new monument QE2 received a bespoke crafted mortar shrapnel paperweight from the family of Sergeant Ron McScrote, who was awarded the Military Cross for having his legs blown off by an Iraqi IED roadside bomb during a fire-fight in Basra.
However, McScrote's three-year-old son Alfie was visibly reluctant to meet the monarch and present her with the battlefield memento that blasted Dad's legs off – his squirming and whispering overheard on a media microphone "I ain't shakin' hands wiv that old paedo-Satanist bitch – she might wanna eat me liver."

The £1 zillion quid monument was funded through a public donations campaign fielded by the Warmongers Gazette and the unveiling ceremony attended by the ginger mingin Royal Cuckoo, Prince Harry Hewitt – (who served (sic) in the Army on the occasions he wasn't too pissed or hung over to get out of bed after Nazi uniform themes parties) – and his older brother Prince Bald Willy and spouse Katie Middleclass.

Other guests included current service personnel, veterans, former prime ministers, civil servants and charity workers – and Tony 'Miranda' Bliar, whose presence at the ceremony attracted a shitload of negative criticism across the social media domain.

In 2016 the UK's long-running Iraq War inquiry, conducted by establishment stooge Lord Chilcot of Whitewash postured an argument that New Labour's PM Tony Bliar might just have slightly overstated (sic – a euphemism for 'lied through his teeth') the non-existent 'weapons of mass distraction threat posed by the incumbent Iraq leader Saddam Hussein, and dispatched hordes of ill-prepared British troops into battle and had wholly inadequate plans ready to deal with the ensuing Sunni versus Shite power vacuum aftermath.

Jack 'Pitbull' Growler, a former 14th Armoured Segway Corps commander who did two tours of Afghanistan, opined to journalists that the memorial would be a focal point where people could reflect on the evil that went on in Third World shitholes targeted by Western banksters and the Edomite Mafia's Deep State shadow government to keep the supply of oil flowing and armament corporation profits rolling in.

Pressed by media hacks to reminisce on the high and lows of the Afghan and Iraq campaigns, Growler said he would never forget the moronic likes of Chuck Warthog, a redneck US Marine attached to his unit who was snuffed by a female burka-clad suicide bomber he was chatting up for a quick leg-over, a star-crossed encounter that resulted in a literal blood n guts mess splattering the rest of the team - plus the frustration and anger over the fact the troop had no washing machine or clean change of uniform.

But negative memories besides, the sun shone on Horse Guards Parade for the drumhead service – as a band from the 17th Body Bag Brigade played a selection of tunes from their best-selling 'Music to Die For' album - while Cressida Dickhead's Met Plod Squad choir sang 'Knees Up Mother Brown' – after which Prince Harry – who sports an Afghan War veteran medal for the couple of weeks he spent in Kabul bunker surrounded by his MI6 and 22 SAS bodyguards - read one of the lessons – 'Let's Learn From Our Silly Mistakes'.

The Nasty Party's Tory Slime Monster, 'Testosterone Terry' Mayhem took a break from her 'Brexit Furies' to attend the ceremony, making a blatant political point of seating her bony ass at a respectful distance from her Downing Street predecessors, John Major, Tony Bliar, Gordon 'Cyclops' Brown and Posh Dave Scameron - all in office throughout the 25 years of Broken Britain's involvement in the series of 'foreign shores' aggressive military conflicts.

Following the memorial's dedication Queen Betty and her ex-Nazi sympathiser Greek hubby, Duke Stavros of Edinburgh, crossed Shitehall in a handy lurking Uber cab to unveil the memorial itself - in the Victoria Embankment Gardens, situated between the Ministry of Defence (formerly Ministry of War) and the River Thames - a huge manhole-sized bronze disc mounted between two fucking big lumps of Portland rock which towered above the diminutive and stooped figure of the wizened 90-odd year old monarch.

The memorial is the work of sculptor Paul Day – who also created the Battle of Britain monument – a replica of St Pauls with a German Stuka Ju-87 bomber sticking out of the dome - which stands nearby on the Embankment - as well as the Queen Mother's 'Witchipoo' memorial statue on the Mall - and the Meeting Place, a sculpture of an embracing couple engaged in a quick bonk on the St Pancras station forecourt.

The stone monolith is finely carved on three sides but purposely and with a 'moral message aforethought' left jagged and rough hewn on the fourth to remind the common herd demographic of the rocky logic and lie-encumbered political rhetoric that led to these nasty military conflicts.
Mr Day explained to one gutter press hack from the red top Warmongers Gazette tabloid that his intention was to remind the brain dead public of the non-outcomes of the Afghan and Iraq military campaigns – which are ongoing, having never been resolved - and the global moral disgust felt regarding the greed-driven lust that initiated them.

So, what the fuck is next? A monument to celebrate 'Great' Britain's contribution to, and domination of, the African slave trade – and beating the submissive crap out of the indigenous natives of the Empire's Day Third World colonial conquests then stealing their natural resources as blunt instrument missionaries converted them from their happy go lucky pagan beliefs with Christian dogma and superstitions and a fear of everlasting damnation and Hell if they didn't do what Big White Bwana told them.

Or perhaps a most fitting Yawn an Nakbah (the 'real' Holocaust / the Palestinian Shoah – their Day of the Catastrophe) memorial dedicated to the venal wrongs that ensued the scripting of the illicit Balfour Declaration of 1917 - which has inflicted 60-odd years of pure hell on the Arab Muslim Semite population of Palestine – a country now marginalised - robbed of peace and bereft of aspirations through Balfour and the British government approving the rogue terrorist forces of militant Zionism to usurp and steal Palestinian lands then rename the whole shebang as Jewtopia (Israel) with the current clinically insane Bobo Nuttyahoo as the Zion King leader of the Edomite Kosher Nostra's nuclear-armed rogue state.

Thought for the day. Why the fuck does this obnoxious memorial's image of a squaddie's face bear a striking resemblance to that most craven cross-dressing war criminal Tony 'Miranda' Bliar – co-signee with the moronic George Dubya Bush to kick starting the post 9/11 illegal invasions?

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