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Parliament Rules: Darkies Take De Stairs

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In the wake of a shocking disclosure by a perma-sun-tanned Labour MP during a live interview on the BBC 5 Radio Live Shitraker's Hour programme - that she was subjected to belittling and derogatory racist comments while going about her official duties and government business inside the House of Conmans by a clique of Tory Nasty Party scumbags – the disclosure has raised a hue and cry for remedial action and retributive justice from back bench opposition MPs out to stir up a bit of a political ruckus.

This has now forced the limp-wristed hand of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to launch an inquiry into the incidents – plus London's notorious ambulance-chasing Crater-Ffuck lawyers have jumped on the publicity bandwagon - propositioning the offended MP with a 'no win- no fee' deal to sue the named and shamed Tory perpetrators for every penny they have - or haven't - got.

Ms Twatcha Crackerbarrel, Labour's 'blacker than coal' MP for Greater London's Landfill Hamlets sink or swim constituency, told BBC interviewer Andrew 'Bat-Ears' Marr that she first became a victim of racism in Westminster when being mistaken for one of the cleaning staff by a Conservative member of Parliament – now identified as the Rt Hon Rupert de Moncey-Biggott, the notoriously obnoxious Tory MP, representing the Home Counties 'Bums Rush' constituency.

Ms Crackerbarrel told the BBC 5's Shitraker's Hour she was in a members-only elevator when de Moncey-Biggott leaned over with a sneer and informed her "This lift isn't for Yardie cleaners – you need to be using the stairs."

The 46-year-old Crackerbarrel, daughter of Jamaican immigrants, who became Labour's first Rastafarian MP in 2005 and was re-elected last year - added that this was simply yet another one of the legion of 'nigga hate' incidents of racism and sectarian enmity she had encountered while attending Parliament in her official capacity.

In a letter of complaint addressed to Westminster's Xenophobia Society in 2008 the Rubenesque Ms Crackerbarrel claimed to have been confronted by one Nasty Party Cabinet Minister – Sir Dinsdale Heathscrote-Armslength - who commented "Hey, Dolly Dreadlocks – this is a member's only area" - questioning what she was doing out on the terrace of the Strangler's Bar, quaffing back a pint of Shite Lightning cider and smoking a quiet bifta.

On replying that she was the New Labour MP for London's Landfill Hamlets constituency he replied: "For fuck's sake, the brain dead common herd will vote for any old tripe nowadays."

This recent BBC Radio interview whinge outpouring from Ms Crackerbarrel - Labour's most ardent and dedicated Jeremy Corbyn supporter – are simply the latest in a long list of outspoken comments – which also included her targeting 'Yid-run Hollywood' for the lack of diversity in the nominations for the Oscars – opining that "Wot we am needin' is diversity. Diversity of thought an' diversity of choice - cos dey is some brilliant darkie actors out dere wot ain't never gonna get any awards cos the honky Jew scum rules Tinsel Town an' de Oscar awards an' dey say niggas can't act worth a shit."

"Same as dem Scandinavian scumbags wot runs de Nobel Prizes – givin' out awards and de Peace Prizes ta some honky kike – like dat Henry Kissinger - an' de Indonesian Muslim faggot wot does de latte nigga impersonation – de Obama President guy. An' dese bird shit fish bellies hog all de gongs an' big cheques – an' my hero Mista Brigadier-General Badluck Jonathan, President for all Eternity of the Republic of Wogga-Wogga Land, misses out on de Peace Prize cos dey say he's wanted for human rights abuses an' war crimes an' just another Third World African dictator. So may de Curse of de dreaded Tupilak be on dere secret handshake brethren heads."

Last month Crackerbarrel copped flack from the Labour hierarchy when she opined to press hacks that during Prime Minister's Questions, Posh Dave Scameron's pedantic, patronising manner gave the impression he was wholly contemptible of the common herd voting demographic and would like to shit all over them.

This outburst was followed days later by a claim that black Tory MP Kwasi Warthog had been selected by the Nasty Party bosses to his safe Surrey seat as an Uncle Tom and for window dressing – then further declared for the Hansard record that Mr Warthog disdained the company of fellow 'niggas' - to hang out with his honky Freemason paedo clique pals.

In her defence and perhaps to excuse her menopausal maniac madness, former London Mayor, Red Ken Livingroom, opined to gutter press media hacks that: "For Ms Crackerbarrel to be confronted in such a manner was ridiculous as, apart from being afflicted with verbal diarrhoea and a marked disability of failing to engage brain before opening mouth – a fact attributed to her suffering from the dreaded Bell Curve Deficiency Syndrome - she was elected years ago and gets up and speaks in the chamber – even if she rarely makes any fucking sense."

Have you got a permanent sun tan? Has a Nasty Party MP ever told you to get your black ass outa the elevator and use the stairs? Do the Plod Squad's uniformed moron-thugs pull you over for spot pat-down searches? Do dogs bark at you as you walk past some posh twat's house? Do birds and bats have a tendency to nest in your dreadlocks?

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Thought for the day. Yep, ya couldn't make this shit up. Isn't it nice to see that racial equality is a done n dusted socio-political issue in our multi-cultural society.

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