Monday, 5 October 2015

TaxPayers' Alliance: Nasty Party Front

In this morning’s ‘Enhanced Welfare Benefit Cuts’ edition we bring you the latest and greatest from the Nasty Party 'Austerity Rules' conference in the Venice of the North, with up-to-the-nano-second news on the scandalous mass privatisation plans pouring into the editorial desk here at Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill in Antarctica – with dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding nihilists and career revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

The Tory's hog-fucking Slime Minister, Posh Dave Scameron, with his ex-Eton sodomite, coke-snorting pederast packed zillionaire cabinet in tow, deserted Westminster en mass at weekend and headed to manky Manchester for their annual Sociopaths Party conference.
Just our luck, as if we didn't have enough parasitic, privilege-abusing incompetent political deadwood here already with corrupt pro-fracking councillors and a wholly inept (and overpaid) multi-tasking City Mayor cum Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd, who doesn't know his arse from his elbow.

Fortunately the brilliant Indian Summer weather of last week came to an abrupt end in the night and the Monday forecast for the entire week looks to be cold and bleak – windy and pissing down, in fact. A fitting portend for their Nasty Party conflab. Bleak.

And 'bleak' too the outlook for Broken Britain's senior citizens – the over-65 retired pensioner demographic – if the gospel according to Alex Wild, the pig-eyed research director of the Taxpayers' Alliance, has any clout or credibility and is to be believed.

Wild, a former bloo-flush addict, went on the public record with an ├╝ber-arrogant statement that the DWP's Minister for Social Misery, Iain Dunkin Shit, should waste no time making unpopular cuts to pensioner benefits – winter fuel allowance payments / free travel passes / the Christmas bonus - and any other costly OAP perks – qualifying his logic with the fact that "the useless eating old bastards probably won't be around at the next election anyway – and even if they were up for voting, the Alzheimer's / dementia stricken twats wouldn't be able to remember which political party had screwed them over."

"The big plus lies with the drastic budget cuts to the NHS as the doddering, coffin-dodgers won't be getting the care and freebie prescriptions medical treatment they need to survive and pop their clogs that bit sooner and stop being a frustrating hindrance by getting in everyone's way – thus freeing up zillions of pounds to be diverted for the Middle East neo-colonial expansionist project."

"And Ra-Ra!" to that, added the sacked and disgraced former defence secretary, closet case fudger Dr Liam Pox, tossing in his two-penneth with the unqualified opinion that Tory austerity cuts must be for keeps – if the UK is to afford the mega-costs of its ill-fated current imperialist agenda pursuit of bombing the Mid-East regimes back into the Stone Age so the Israelis can achieve their desired Naziesque 'Lebensraum' - the West gets to control all the oil – and Scallyburton can rebuild the dumps at outrageous prices.

Pox echoed Wild's TA rhetoric, that "It is time to fix the roof. The political opposition is more fucked up than a soup sandwich and presents zero threat – plus we have just won a general election and need to slap an unsuspecting public with this next batch of austerity measures which we believe are right – even if every other fucker and their dog think they're wrong."

Poxy Foxy - the type of scumster who inspires people to count their fingers if they've been unfortunately coerced into shaking his hand - was forced out of the cabinet office role of Defence Secretary back in 2011 following revelations of sleazy connections to his self-styled adviser, the Scottish nonce-ponce sodomite and arms-dealing pro-ZioNazi agent Adam Qwerty of Influence-Peddlers SA – and venal links to the graft and corruption-ridden Atlantic Dodge lobbyists club.

Speaking to one gutter press hack from the Ripoffs Gazette following his controversial proposal, Alex Wild restated that the Nasty Party could not wait until a year before the next election to make the necessary cuts to the winter fuel allowance, free bus passes, and other OAP benefits - and such benefit slashing should be made as soon as possible after an election for two reasons:
"The first might sound morbid to the common herd, but 90% of these old twats won't be around to vote against Dave Scameron in the next election – and a further practical point is the surviving pensioners will have totally forgotten who it was that put the benefits boot in. Chances are, given a head start on the 2020 election canvassing spin, with the right propaganda merchants at the helm – like Andy 'Porridge' Coulson, then we could blame the cuts on Corbyn and Labour."

Well, reflecting on Wild's peer-approved speech, the TaxPayers' Alliance are akin to the Tory Party - comprised of a cabal of ZioNazi hookers at the beck and call of Israel and their neo-con infested US of A stooge – and the moneybags political donor – the Khazar-Ashkenazi crypto-Jewish Rothshite 'Kosher Nostra' bankster crime syndicate.

Thus one is left to ponder, did Wild – who comes across as yet another Common Purpose trained (read NLP brainwashed) dildo - open his gob before engaging brain – or has all manner of 'hug a hoodie' / 'we're all in this together' / multi-cultural society propaganda bullshit pretence been tossed to the vagaries of the four winds and the Nasty Party simply don't give a flying fuck anymore? Finally they've cut to the chase and this hypothetical 'slip' from Wild was a blatant indicator of their mission creep policy objective – to totally gut the crisis-stricken welfare benefit system - thus presenting an existential threat to the survival of the common herd?

Austerity measures my ass - and all while the House of Conmans class act fucking hypocrites pocketed a £7,000-odd quid pay raise earlier this year – which provides a stellar example of the contempt Scameron & Co hold the common herd – the er 'taxpayers'. Yep, this is what the Nasty Party government really think of the common herd – worker ants / drones – and the special needs / disabled of our sick society as 'useless eaters'

Doubtless Wild's scorched earth discourse, supported by the worthless Fox's endorsement, has its origins with the Rothshite Square Mile bankster crime syndicate – the Kosher Nostra – and too Mr Bean impersonator, the Tory's train fare dodging / coke snorting Chancellor George 'Spankies' Osborne – along with the DWP Minister for Social Misery, Iain Dunkin Shit.

Considering the stated mission of the 'purported' politically non-aligned Taxpayers Alliance (a Tory front) is to overturn and correct the perception that big government is necessary and irreversible – to promote the benefits (que?) of a low tax economy - to give taxpayers a voice in the corridors of power - and to oppose Brussels EUSSR tax harmonisation (sic) – then with Alex Wild heading the TA's 'research team' and playing the sock puppet at a Tory conference by pushing Nasty Party political strategy – their true vision of Broken Britain's society – (less public services / zero welfare state benefits = mass privatisation sell-off) - obviously the coyote has the keys to the hen house.

Just take a look at the Tavistock Institute-linked 'corporate' structure of the dodgy TaxPayers’ Alliance - with its founder, career right wing lobbyist Matthew 'Comb-Over' Elliot, the LSE-trained chief executive of Business for Britain 'and' founder of Big Brother Watch. Really? Que? WTF? Well, fuck me drunk, the Tory Fifth Column saboteurs are well embedded from day one.

So, wot de fuck is next? Slash our state pensions as senile geriatric OAP's hobbling along on crutches, Zimmer frames and mobility scooters are no problem for the Met's bully boy Plod Squad to deal with if they show up in Westminster to protest.
And that is an established fact – we've had first hand evidence of how they treat radical disabled students protesting tuition fee hikes back in 2010 – up-ended from wheelchairs and dragged by the hair across the road – (ref uber-Bolshie gimp Jody McIntire).
Nice people these plods. Full of compassion for the tax-paying public that fund their salaries and they are mandated to protect.

Thought for the day. As to this Nasty Party / TaxPayers' Alliance agent provocateur Alex Wild, we hope the pig-eyed dog wanker's parents and grand-parents are first in line to suffer his proposed cuts to pensioner benefits - and cross the contemptible, arrogant tosser off their Christmas pressy list before they freeze to death this December due their winter fuel allowance being spent by the Tory scumsters on bombing Syria and arming ISIS terrorists.

Allergy warning: This radical anti-authoritarian epistle was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain slight traces of decaffeinated exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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William Woods said...

Yep! If they were a true tax-payers alliance they would be calling for the scrapping of ALL taxes and for the government to be printing their own money as per the Bradbury Pound/Greenback Dollar totally debt and interest free but no silence from this controlled - just like everything else including all of the political parties - organisation. Then there would be absolutely no need for them to be calling for anyone's money to be cut but of course these things cannot be mentioned by people like them when they have a NWO agenda to keep.

Billy Carlin

Tym Rustige said...

Rusty sez:
The content of the above Tory hit-skit besides, the rumour mill reckons the first
order of battle for this year's annual conference is to cobble together some nasty
payback strategy to nail Baron Gashcroft's pariah hide to the wall for his unauthorised
'Call Me Posh Dave' bio revelations that Scameron gets blow jobs off pigs - with
HM Revenue ^& Customs tasked with stitching up the dodgy money-laundering non-dom
peer for tax evasion and seize every UK-based asset he has - including his pathetic
wanabee collection of Victoria Cross medals.

wiggins said...

Rusty the days of 'keeping it under their skullcap' has long gone. The Kikesters are full on in your face. Hey! FFS - they are the 'masters of the universe' - in their dreams, hubris comes before a mighty fall. Bought and paid for cocksuckers like Wild will be the first ones lead to the guillotines.