Saturday, 10 October 2015

Paedo C of E Bishop Cops Divine Judgement

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Senior judges, a gaggle of shirt-lifting Tory MPs and members of the royal family were among the index of corrupt establishment VIPs (Very Important Paedos) who submitted references of good character to the CPS in an blatant intervention attempted to prevent disgraced Bishop Peter Baldy being prosecuted for systemic sexual abuses, the Old Bailey court heard in evidence as the fudging pederast cleric was finally jailed for his scandalous crimes.

Baldy, the former bishop at the St Sodom’s Church for Latter Day Catamites, was jailed for 32 months after admitting sexually abusing a score – and more – underage males between 1977 and 1992 and must serve half the term before being released on license - with his name entered into the Sex Offenders Register for all Eternity.

Passing sentence Justice Dilbert Wankie told the court he had taken account of the harm Bishop Baldy had caused to his victims and the negative effects such might have had on their anal sphincters and overall colonic health - and specifically scrutinised testimony of his unscrupulous fellow Masonic secret handshake brethren from the Dolphin Square Sprog Stranglers Club who endeavoured to coerce the Crown Prosecution Service into dropping the charges against him and thus pervert the course of justice to get the kiddie fiddling bumboy scumbag off the proverbial hook.

When Baldy was first accused by victims of his perverse attentions back in1992, a cabal of prominent public figures – his Masonic brothers – reputedly including the-then MPs Janner, Brittan and Cyril ‘Fatty’ Smith – pressured both the police and CPS with a ‘not in the public interest’ argument, hence Baldy got off virtually ‘Scott free’ (sic – no pun intended) with a slap on the wrist caution from a Plod Squad Mason pal, the Met’s Chief Inspector Ron McScally, and thus escaped prosecution.

Prosecutor Blobbie Cheetlist QC told the court that CPS files proved they had received a stream of irate phone calls - and letters on Masonic stationary - from members of the Queen’s ‘rabid royals’ family, Whitehall mandarins and dodgy cabinet ministers to drop the charges against the Bishop – or else the shit would hit the fan.

Ms Cheetlist compared Baldy’s conflicting public and private personas at length during the hearing. “He was highly regarded as a godly man but one who had a perverse and predatory sexual attraction for young males. He abused his position of bishop over 15 years to identify, groom and exploit gender-confused sensitive and vulnerable underage choir and altar boys who aspired to be priests - or nuns - and came within his orbit – temporal sins for which he has expressed no remorse.”
“For him, the Christian religion was a cloak behind which he hid in order to satisfy his sexual perversions for botty sex. The abuse included attempts by the then-bishop to whip young men with his fishnet tights and perform baptisms that used the vicarage jacuzzi as a font and required both participants to be naked.”

Conversely, Fellattia von Skanger QC, defending, claimed Baldy’s crimes revealed very much his dark side and were the antithesis of a public eye baby-kissing man of God – but were akin to those of a serial killer – and could be excused due his formative years being blighted by bad parenting and Baldy coming from a broken home – concluding with the ludicrous, mitigating observation that “at least Bishop Baldy isn’t guilty of acts of necro-zoophilia and sticking his cock down a pig’s throat - like our incumbent Tory Prime Minister.”

Following the trial’s scandalous revelations involving interference with the police investigation and prosecution of the bumboy bishop, Clarence House was quick off the mark issuing a media release to salivating gutter press hacks, stating for the public record “HRH Prince Dobby wishes to clarify that being a crypto-Jew, Chazzer has no religious affinity to the Church of England’s child molesting clerics - or kiddie fiddlers or botty bangers of any type whatever their sectarian affiliations or priestly rank – and thus personally made no intervention in the judicial process on behalf of Bishop Peter Baldy back in 1992. However the Prince can’t speak for his father, Prince Stavros of Edinburgh."

Masonic Lodge brother Ian Dunkin Shit attempted to euphemise Bishop Baldy’s groin-groping paedo actions as simply a bit of innocent male bonding cum botty-spanking fun and games – as the train fare dodging Tory Chancellor Georgie Osborne engaged in with his darkie dominatrix, Madam Natalie Rowe – and had the brass necked audacity to reflect that Ken ‘Groper’ Clarke was never collared or prosecuted for reportedly crotch cuddling an underage Ben Fellows.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Careless - now Lord Careless of the Doldrums expressed "abhorrence and deep regret at Peter Baldy's behaviour which occurred during my watch" - and while it remained a "key priority to support many of those who had been bummed by Baldy – hopefully God's divine wrath would descend on the scores of misguided establishment hierarchy souls – randy royal reptiles included - who gave him references of good character back in 1992 – an act which served to forestall his due prosecution and allowed him to continue sexually abusing vulnerable young persons."

Thought for the day. Historic sexual abuse charges and string-pulling Very Important Paedophile pals besides, if Bishop Baldy had been noncing and poncing around Glasgow – (or especially so Scotland’s kiddie fiddling capital of Aberdeen) - and caught butt fucking an underage rent boy in a public place – such as the St Enoch’s Complex BHS toilets on a Saturday afternoon - he’d have walked as the Masonic Speculative Society infested Crown Office hierarchy would have scorned the charges as ‘not in the public interest to prosecute’ – as they did with SLAB’s Technical Head, Dirty Doug Haggarty.

To wit, if that had been the case and the sodomised victims filed paedo charges against Bishop Baldy in Nonceland, then doubtless they would have been arrested, copped for a stitch up trial, with every fucker and their dog on the procurator fiscal’s prosecution witness list perjuring themselves to Hell and back – and the complainants either sectioned as bonkers fantasists or slapped with a prison sentence.

And that is a fact Jack – n if any fucker doubts the veracity of such, just Google Hollie Greig for an establishment conspiratorial scandal of Biblical proportions.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Bete Noir said...

Subject matter: Scotland's Named Person charter – the Children and Young People Nonce Enabling [Scotland] Act 2014.
Perhaps a more apt header would be Named Paedo / Named Predator / Named Nonce? For all fit the bill.

Named Pederast Dayna Dickson-Boath has obsessive child sex fetish – but so typical of Scotland's judicial dealings with paedos she escaped a jail sentence and copped a community service order.
WTF? Is it only anti-child sex abuse campaigners who get jailed up in Nonceland for whistle-blowing?

Objections and complaints should be filed with:
Aileen Campbell MSP for Clydsedale, and Minister for Children and Young People – who according to the SNP website is either still on maternity leave 'or' back at work and last weekend attending a jam n scam festival at Crossford.,

This other not fit for purpose androgynous troll - Fiona MacLeod, Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP - a former 'librarian' – is shown on the Scottish Nonce Party's website as the Acting Minister for Children and Young People.

The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP
Tel: 0131 348 5867

This pair of above-named individuals both have children – so who the fuck is the appointed Named Paedo / Guardian appointed to oversee the care of their children from womb to adulthood? Hopefully not Miss Elgin Nonce 2015 - Dayna Dickson-Boath.

Every single Scottish MSP – from any party – is equally responsible for this profoundly damaging and potentially abuse-inciting Act. SNP MSPs characteristically vote as they are told; but opposition MSPs – and it would be good to hear the individual defences for this – agreed not to oppose the bill on account of their discomfort with this measure – on condition that the matter would come back to parliament before the Named Person measure was implemented.

In reality, several councils, with permission and encouragement, commenced some covert implementation of the Named Person provision almost immediately; and this February [2015], apparently, MSP’s allowed the measure to go ahead.

Instead of protecting vulnerable children, this statutory measure inflicts potential risk of sexual exploitation on the majority of children who are not at risk at all – of any kind; as well as adding another peril to those already known to be at risk.

Paedophiles are desperate, subversive, inventive, resourceful, merciless and highly successful at getting themselves into positions of unsupervised and authoritative access to those they wish to abuse. Infiltrations of the Named Person responsibility are certain – and the pattern of such predation is that the perpetrators are almost never discovered until they have abused. That is the responsibility which every MSP must now accept.

While the Scottish Government says airily that of course parents can object if they have problems with specific Named Persons for their children, the Acting Minister for Children and Young People, Fiona MacLeod MSP – in a fairly recent and markedly incompetent and stubborn radio session with Kaye Adams – which included public phone-ins – was utterly unable to substantiate how in fact a concerned parent could get the imposed Named Person for their child changed.

Anyone with any common sense would see this insanely dangerous and inadequately interrogated measure binned in short order.

sarah harrison said...

This Named Person scam is, as expected with any innovation the incompetent SNP attempt, a total fiasco, as per Fish #1 Alex Salmond's bid for independence. Now Fish #2, the Sturgeon, has pushed this ill-thought Nonce Enabling Charter into a state of reality and look what gets netted - a paedo-troll with access to an excess of 200 kiddies.
The Satanists and pederasts are to be found where the action is - girl guide / boy scout troops (Thomas Watt Hamilton - Masonic paedo pimp - of the Dunblane massacre scam comes immediately to mind); teachers / school workers; pervy priests and Kirk clerics.
And per the Hollie Greig sexual molestation / serial rape of special needs bairns, her named rapists and abuse facilitators included a cabal of untouchable establishment abusers: asitting Sheriff, a school teacher, social workers, police officers, doctors, nurses, even her own father and brother - and a host of other venal deviant relatives - both male and female.
Then we have the Satanist Club / Masonic Speculative Society brotherhood child sexual abuse cover-up merchants and apologists ranging from corrupt media-gagging / money-laundering (since disgraced) solicitors; the even more questionably corrupt Grampian-Aberdeen police / Crown Office procurator fiscals, solicitor generals, lord advocates, justice ministers and all the way up to the first minister's office - with rumours of half the scum involved being members of Scotland's BD/ SM Violate Club branches and / or the Black Mass ritual child blood sacrifice congregation.