Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mudrock's Sun Promotes Selective Geronticide

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Suffering yet another of her 'blonde moment' post-menopausal psychotic episodes, the Botox-deficient media personality Katie 'Bonkers' Hopkins has again failed to engage brain before opening her gob, applying lashings of unqualified arrogance – or just blatant stupidity – in her off the cuff remarks that Broken Britain is 'infested' with far too many old people - and in her totalitarian psychopath's opinion states that Posh Dave Scameron's Nasty Party government should, quote: 'field a fleet of euthanasia trucks – just like ice-cream vans – with a nice little tune playing - (Chopin's Funeral March?) that would call round your house to eradicate the problem'.

Oh yes, this is the self-same shit-for-brains gobster who was so recently forced to apologize for the inflammatory language content in her News Corp / The Sun's ' 'Grim Reaper' column which referred to economic migrants and war zone refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean then swarming towards Calais as 'a horde of cockroaches' and 'feral scumbags' – 'that needed mines, gunships, and torpedoes to tackle the problem rather than rescue boats'.
“Show me video footage of bloated corpses floating in water and body bags stuffed with pikeys and gyppo immigrants. The do-gooder humanitarians can play violins and field piccies of skinny black fuckers looking miserable and I still don’t give a flying fuck."

Slopkins controversial remarks led to condemnation by UN high commissioner for human rights, Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer, who, directing his complaint at News Corp owner Raving Rupert Mudrock, compared the column to a piece of pro-genocide propaganda – and now she adds insult to injury with her latest moronic statement that it's ridiculous the UK's ailing pets can be put to sleep and euthanised – but not old people.

Hence, can we expect Hopkins to set a good example for the rest of Broken Britain's community by leading the way – and calling up the Mr Whippy / Dr Death euthanasia van to make a stop at her parent's house – and drop in on Granny and Granddad too, if they're still playing the coffin dodger game?

Obviously if the oldies are gonna get it in the neck due being a burden on society, then the laws of progression suggest that the next in line – Nazi style - are the disabled and special needs kiddies – followed by any fucker and their dog with a free medical prescriptions ticket.
How about gobshite bimbo pundits who attempt to justify their pathetic hateful existence with streams of deranged, delusional ramblings? Surely a mongrel DNA genetic mistake of Hopkins calibre, stricken with epileptic seizures as she is, must qualify for a spot of Dignitas / Harold Shipman style 'involuntary euthanasia'.

Of course the oldies are only the first step if 'Piranha Fangs' Hopkins were to get her lunatic fringe way of things – then comes the tip-toe 'Times Up' euthanasia call – a veritable Biblical three score n ten countdown / cut-off agenda enforced.

So thank fuck Slopkins doesn't hold political office or some ranking civil service bureaucrap post, for if forced euthanasia is high on her Common Purpose style corrective social engineering priorities list then this is the type of 'cunt' that would abuse her position and burn the midnight oils conjuring up legal loopholes for her crony top dog PTB / VIP (Very Important Paedophiles) politico and legal beagle Masonic Satanists to skirt the laws of the land and bugger underage rent boys with impunity.

Thought for the day. Hopkins' lunatic ramblings besides, now we have a renewed attempt to legalise 'assisted dying' via ‘suicide courts’ being promoted by Labour MP Robert Marris, whereby the suicide / euthanasia Yea or Nay factor for the terminally ill will be under the auspices of a stand alone judge – to decide how sick some poor hapless fucker really is.

Now that's one for the cabinet's Behavioural Insights Team / Nudge Unit to get it's psycho thinking cap on to expedite.
Hmmm, don't give the likes of Chancellor George 'Spankies' Osborne and DWP Minister for Social Misery, Iain Dunkin Shit any ideas for adopting such a scam – er 'scheme' – that will save heaps of pension payout cash.

For the record Hopkins has, without the facility of forethought being applied to the equation, also pontificated on the pathetic state of UK education, claiming children were unnecessarily pampered and advocated harsher segregation of abilities.
“They split you into A and B streams, which was great because you knew you were with the bright ones and all the thick kids were in the B group,” she opined of her own 'B group' school days.

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