Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nasty Party Pound the War Drums

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So, on the Egyptian front, the Mohamed Morsi Muslim Brotherhood regime problem’s been dealt a savage blow and a Western friendly (read ‘compliant’) military junta installed – with elections already fixed, bought and paid for to ensure the septuagenarian Zionist stooge Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei is the next democratically-elected Pharaoh.

Now it’s time to turn the Western warmonger’s attentions back to Syria, with heaps of hypocrisy, black propaganda and mass media porky pies blanketing the global news broadcasting systems – and regardless of what evidence UN inspection teams might or might not discover (sniper fire / changes of underpants permitting) regarding the use of weapons of mass distraction, the Assad regime has been fingered as the guilty party by a unanimous vote on the part of the good ole US of A – a political mistake wholly endorsed and supported by the leading Zionist political stooges in France and Broken Britain.

Meanwhile, his proverbial finger definitely nowhere near the throbbing pulse of the situation on the ground - due being in Geneva and ‘not’ Damascus - the UN’s special envoy to Syria (Ed: should this read ‘Switzerland’?), the 79-year old Algerian Mr Fix-It, Lakhdar Brahimi, speaking to gutter press hacks in the lobby of his 5-star hotel, speculated that some kind of chemical could have been used and this might have killed lots and lots of people.

Hmmm, Brahimi missed the point that this latest Operation Gladio style false flag incident which purportedly snuffed 355 hapless fuckers who got caught downwind of the rebel mercenary’s nerve gas attack - and gave a further 3,600 other non-combatant civilian types sore eyes and a runny nose - has Israel’s agents provocateur fingerprints all over it.

Juxtaposed with Iraq and Libya, it was only a matter of time before the kikester Zionists conjured up the required mass hysteria excuse to attack the Assad regime’s military machine regardless of a UN Security Council veto fronted by Russia and China – in this instance with a false flag nerve gas strike – and by hence applying the precepts of the Evans Commission version of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) formula – which, flaunting international law and the moral code, illegally authorises the likes of NATO to act (no-fly zones / arming rebel groups, etc) whenever the UN Security Council fails to respond promptly - or Bolshie members reject the Great Satan-led self-serving blood n guts proposals.

On our home doorstep, Airstrip One, not happy with okaying the unnecessary murder of a few thousand badgers, Dave ‘Two Holidays’ Scameron and the Nasty Party – composed of lickspittle Rothshite Kosher Nostra crime syndicate apparatchiks of the ilk of closet case sodomite FS Willy ‘Fudger’ Vague and DS Philip ‘Dandruff’ Hammond - (the type of blokes who could fuck up a perfectly good anvil) - seem dead set on applying a measure of military grade stupidity in bulldozing this latest Con-Dem coalition’s train wreck foreign policy move through the House of Conmans to legalise the snuffing of a legion of Syrian civilians – the non-combatant / collateral damage variety – and all in the name of ‘humanitarian intervention’.

Scameron informed one gutter press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that the ‘alleged’ use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government was morally indefensible - (Que? WTF? But Reaper drone missile attacks on Muslim civilian targets are?) - and he personally could not stand idly by in the face of the use of prohibited weapons of mass distraction – such as white phosphorus, depleted uranium and sarin gas – as used by British and US troops in Operation Al-Fajr - the 2004 destruction of Fallujah.

Conversely, so as not to be branded with the same war criminal tag as his predecessor Tony Bliar, Posh Dave claims any military action will have to be proportionate and legal – and would need at least one dodgy weapons of mass distraction dossier whose veracity be sworn on the body of a dead heron – plus a note signed by three magistrates and a bishop - before he sanctioned the Royal Navy’s HMS Tiredout nuclear submarine to loose a stream of Shitehawk cruise missiles upon President Assad’s not-so-safe house and Fuhrer bunker.

To achieve this end the remainder of the 649 pissed-off and whingeing MPs get to renew their political season tickets to take a free ‘abuse of privilege’ ride on the House of Conmans ‘Gravy Train’ with a spot of expenses-laden overtime - having been recalled off their jolly summer hol’s by the whips to debate across the House of Conmans floor the pro’s and con’s of bombing Syria back into the Stone Age – a move destined to result in a chaotic Balkanised mess of pottage - as per Iraq and Libya – and any fucking where else these Western busybodies stick their neo-Imperialist beaks.

Conspicuously straining at his leash is Rothshite lapdog and pro-Zionist Friends of Israel Club stooge, Foreign Secretary Willy ‘Fudger’ Vague – the Tory’s answer to Jam Jar Binks – an incompetent Yorkshire clot that forever fails to engage brain before opening mouth – intent on sending a very crude message that his kikester masters will not tolerate the proliferation of weapons of mass distraction in the region - which might threaten Israel’s current nuclear arsenal backed military hegemony.

The point that Vague and his cronies miss is the stark fact that when the shit hits the fan this is going to manifest as a proxy war of field testing the latest and greatest in hi-tech killing technology between Russia and the good ole US of A – and let’s not forget the Middle Kingdom either – China – when she flexes her muscles and declares “Enough!” to Western neo-colonial expansionism.

Whatever, it’s no more than another fucking feeble excuse to up the price of crude – and fuel at the pumps.
The absolute domination of Eurasia is on the cards – and the natural resources – and corruption of its populations to compulsive materialist debt slaves - exploited by laissez-faire corporate bankster Crapitalism - hence the vehicle to maintain social control and a political stranglehold on society.

However, if the world is ever put to rights, there is a Sword of Damocles factor hanging over their scrawny necks – specifically concerning ‘Crimes of Aggression’ – as per those committed against Iraq, then Libya, and now intended for Syria – a legal formula adopted by the Nuremberg Tribunal to convict Nazi war criminals – and hopefully the war-mongering scumsters of Tony Bliar and Willy Vague’s despicable ilk.

Do you live in the suburban Damascus area? Have you and your family recently been gassed by President Basher Assad or any of the numerous testosterone-fuelled rebel groups jostling to be top dog?
How would you feel if a bunch of Western-funded Jolly Jihad Muslim terrorists tossed a nerve gas grenade through your kitchen window and snuffed the cat?

Send your comments using the online reply form below and you could get your sorry ass added to the Great Satan’s Top Ten target list for a surprise UAV MQ-9 Reaper drone AGM-114 Shitstreak missile strike.

A selection of your comments may be published, displaying your name and address to let the CIA / MI6 know your exact location and facilitate ease of GPS or laser point targeting.

Thought for the day. So WTF happens if the UN team discover Basher Assad’s lot weren’t responsible for the chemical weapons / gas attack and it was some element of the fractious rebel merc’ forces – the Israeli-backed al Nusra or the Arab League’s pet al Qaeda psychos. What’s the gameplan then, might we inquire – send in U2’s Bonehead and Blob Geldork in to sort this shit out and give the rebels a stern talking to – or a slap on the wrist and stop supplying them with nasty weapons?

It’s all a load of old bollocks really, as regardless of who gassed who, what or where, the Great Satan’s warmongering agenda is running behind schedule thanks to Russia and China’s intransigence, vetoing UN Security Council resolutions to take out the Assad regime as per Libya’s Gaddafi – so this conjured false flag chemical weapons incident provides the tried and tested ‘humanitarian intervention’ excuse for overt Western military action – and Syria is the next domino to fall victim to Globalization.

Syria is destined to become yet another blood and guts-strewn ritual tribute to the Masonic Ordo Templi Orientis ‘Death Cult’ Brotherhood’s diabolical deity, Jahbulon – or Abaddon, Baal, Balaam, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Mammon, Shaitan or Old Nick - or whatever moniker their vile horned god goes by in this world of corrupt men.

To close with a word of utter contempt, fuck the Satanic, child sacrificing Freemason pondscum, along with their diabolical ‘mano comuto’ handsigns - and the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Anonymous said...

The Tory likes of Hague and Cameron don't seem to give two fucks about humanitarian intervention when it comes to human rights abuses and war crimes committed by Bahrain's despot regime or the Israeli IDF against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

farouk said...

Right on. Same as the fake Kenyan-Indonesian cuckoo in the Shite House, this Barky Obama impostor character. Cameron & Co don't give a fuck if Assad or the terrorist rebels used chem weapons. They're just upping the ante to create an excuse to do an Iraq or a Libya repeat on Syria before they do Lebanon and Iran.
Concocted evidence besides, they need to look towards the consequences of their intended military strike consequences.

Fletch said...

It doesn’t matter that the manky Mossad and Saudi military techs advising the al Nusra rebel merc’s were responsible for last week’s sarin gas incident, the Western mass media’s black propaganda machine is geared up to declare ‘Assad’s Gotta Go’ - and a host of mission creep dog wankers and generalised tosspots on both sides of the Atlantic – Obama and Chuckie Bagel in the US, with Cameron and Hague in the UK - are jointly declaring the Assad regime guilty without one shred of proof – apart from the bullshit rumour being touted by Israel that following the false flag gas attack the Syrian Defence Minister General Fahd al-Freij had banged up a panic-fired post on his Facebook page expressing outrage over news that the Syrian Army’s 21st Nasty Weapons Brigade had launched the attack on Salafist rebel supporters for a bit of a laugh.

Anon said...

The Western Zionist stooges are blathering on about launching a Volcano of Revenge against Assad’s military to teach them a lesson.
So what will this amount to – bombing the shit out of their chemical weapons arsenals and gassing every fucker, non-combatants and rebels alike, for miles around?
Has anyone thought the consequences of this threatened trigger-happy gung-ho NATO military action response through to the actual body bags ‘help 4 heroes’ stage?

feral beryl said...

Normal crap from the Biased Broadcasting Corp: The UK government has published legal advice saying strikes against Syria would be justified even without UN backing.
Just the same as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.
Legally justified by bending the law but morally reprehensible and they know it.
The lot are tarred with the same brush as that money grubbing twat Tony Bliar.

Anonymous said...

A little bird whispers that any military strike okayed by Parliament still has to have Royal Assent.
So at the end of the day it's Queen Lizzie Mk 2 who gets to give the go-ahead for the mass murder of common herd Syrian Muslims.

Ras ibn Himar said...

Fixed bayonets aforefront equates as a reckless and cavalier approach to foreign policy.
Since their warmongering sneak cruise missile attack plan has been defeated by democratic vote in Parliament Cameron & Co's Tory party have their anorexia state credibility diminished even further, which is good.
As to this negatively affecting the UK's special relationship with the US, that is a joke. We are only a lapdog stooge there to provide some element of joint consensus and judicial legitimacy to justify their bully boy acts of foreign aggression to forward the New World Order architect's agenda.

Gilly said...

Per last night's defeat of the Tory's war plans in Parliament one is reminded of the 50 years on speech of Martin Luther King where he stated
"... one should be judged by the content of their character".
Now that sums up David Cameron and his gang of Zionist lackeys.

Dingbat said...

The burning question of the day is: wot's this 'limited, narrow act' that Barky Obama's threatening ter slam Syria with?
A surgical micro-nuke strike in the middle of Damascus to make sure they get Assad and miraculously miss hurting any civilian non-combatant types?
It all amounts to bullshit as they've no proof the Syrian military are the guilty party - and plenty of evidence the Arab League / Western backed rebels are responsible for a false flag propaganda incident so the US / UK and their NATO psycho war machine can finally go to work at turning Syria into another chaos-ridden landfill site.

Alpha Anarchist said...

Fuck what Congress have to say, Obama's under orders to bomb the shit out of Assad's military bases n airfields then supply their favourite pet rebel gangs with shoulder-fired missiles to down the regime's choppers.
A one-off limited strike it might well be, but we bet they manage to kill every poor fucker old enough to bleed and scream.

Kinsey said...

Good stuff all round, the Parliamentary kick back, even if the nayer MPs were playing a future political trump card.

Now this Kenyan-Indonesian hybrid cuckoo currently squatting in the White House, Mista Barky, is doing a 'Dave' and – the UN / international law be fucked - going to Congress for approval to kill, maim and mutilate lots of Syrian Arabs who have done sweet fuck all to harm the good ole US of A and are only exercising their democratic right to self-determination by having a bit of a civil war amongst themselves.

So forget about People's Power and the weight of mass public opinion - what worries me is the fact that the knee jerk reaction from the PTB is to decide the common herd need yet another sharp, stern reminder regarding the 24/7/365 terrorist threats posed by these radical Islamic militants living in our midst - who hate our democratic freedoms for some obscure reason or the other.

Hence what’s the betting we're gonna be in line for a few more 7/7 style false flag terrorist attacks on our home doorsteps: sub-nuclear black pepper n peroxide bombs or toxic ricin in our fluoridated water supplies – to generate a wave of anti-Islamic xenophobia and get us banging our war drums, demanding the government blast the fuck out of anyone who reads the Jolly Jihad Gazette.

Thus Muslim communities - and too Brazilian electricians - beware - the shit might be hitting the fan anytime soon at a tube train station near you - so don’t sign up for any make-believe Visor Consultants terror drills.

Gumball said...

Great idea. Bomb the shit out of Assad's military bases, then the Western-funded al Qaeda and al Nusra rebel terrorists (the ones who really hate our democratic freedoms) take over, seize the WMD arsenals and turn them on Israel and the Zionist stooge US and UK.

Laurel said...

where the fuck do these dildos in Washington get the moral authority to bomb Syria when they're loosing indiscriminate barrages of missiles on Afghanistan and Pakiland's tribal areas from their sneak Reaper drones that seem to kill scores of non-combatant civilians - unless schoolkids are now tagged as al Qaeda n Taliban mujahideen fighters.

Anonymous said...

Now the Great Satan is to turn from covert war to overt war against Syria.
The numero uno terrorist threat to global stability and peace are the ZioNazi banksters and their rogue outlaw (nuclear-armed) pet state of Israel - that holds international law, democracy and human rights in utter contempt - and their stooge attack dog, the US of A - all driven by the shekel-worshipping shitty shylock's military industrial cabal and the 24/7 profit stream their nasty conflicts generate.

Nobber said...

Syria's just the latest 'acquisition' target on the Yank's Zionist hit list before Lebanon and Hezbollah - plus will deny the Ruskies their Med' port at Tartus.
Then the road's open for a pre-emptive strike on Iran. And then, the delusional White House and Pentagon have their sights set on regime change in Pakistan and seize control of their nuke arsenal.

Anon said...

The sarin gas attack was staged by the hands of the Jabat al Nusra’s Salafist scumbags – with the chemical nasties supplied via the Saudi Arabian spy chief, Prince Bandaid bin Sultan al-Saud – aka Willy Wasta.
As to the Tory Party bottom feeders pushing this ‘war of error’ front, apart from the Yorkshire closet case FS Willy Hague, the rest are a bunch of elitist inbred Masonic dog wankers, equipped with an Eton sodomite gold star stuck on their respective CVs to boost their moron grade double digit figure IQ ratings and justify the abuse of privilege inherent with their social caste as they wave their season tickets and board the taxpayer-funded civil service Gravy Train – and follow the orders handed down from their Zionist paymasters.

Tariq said...

This belligerent, high in oath and at a mad-dog, mud-splattered galloping rush war cry being uttered by Western neo-Imperialist powers to expand the scope of the Syrian civil war into a full-on Mid-East regional conflict – in some other fucker’s back yard – is riddled with war crimes grade hypocrisy.
At home in the UK, the Tory war party apparatchiks sermonise a hypocritical cult of political correctness on the domestic front and festoon the entire landscape with these ubiquitous CCTV cameras to create their Big Brother I-Spy panopticon society to monitor – and correct - any and all forms of public dissent over government abuses and mismanagement before it can reach pandemic proportions and kick start a bloody revolution that will see the bloody overthrow and ousting of these parties of self-interest whose socio-political agenda is not in accordance with the common good of the people they were ‘voted’ (sic) into office to represent.

Amnesty Angus said...

Since the UK’s Nasty Party got bitch slapped in Parliament last week for attempting to drag Britain into another foreign war, the Yanks have now seduced the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (another Zionist Sayan) with thirty pieces of silver to spout the punitive military action warmongering cry, claiming without any fucking evidence whatsoever, apart from back-biting black propaganda hearsay, that the chemical attack near Damascus two weeks ago wasn’t a false flag job pulled off by foreign terrorist merc’s, and could not have been ordered and carried out by anyone but Basher Assad’s Syrian military.
So the French – or Gorfs – (a Gorf being a backward Frog) are condemning the use of chemical weapons after years of contaminating / poisoning the entire South Pacific region with radioactive elements from their repeated nuclear tests. What gross hypocrisy, but a character flaw they’re internationally renown for.

Mme. Fauteur de Troubles said...

Still in need of a haircut, Bernard-Henri Levy – the Israelshite’s sayan stooge – the France-based all-round pro-Shylock propaganda spouter and apologist (actually another fucking immigrant as born an Algerian kikester) is at it again, shilling for his Ashkenazi Jews of convenience ZioNazi masters in Jerusalem who now lord it over the once-sovereign state of Palestine and have renamed it Israe-Hell. Levy, like all obedient stooges, is towing the war party line and demanding an all-out cruise missile bombardment on Assad’s military machine with nary a single thought to the collateral suffering such will doubtless inflict.
Fucking self-opinionated philosophers – we need them like haemorrhoids.