Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Judge Okays Sex With Underage ‘Sluts’

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Broken Britain's Crown Prosecution Service has gone on the public record and ‘bitch slapped’ a barrister - contracted to act on ‘their’ behalf in the case and ‘not’ that of the defence counsel - for inappropriately describing a 15-year-old sexual abuse victim in court as ‘the epitome of promiscuous behaviour’ and ‘a wanton, predatory slut with the morals of a rutting pig’.

Rupert Bellender QC further referred to the girl – who cannot be named for legal reasons – (Fellattia McSkanger, a 15-year old mother-of-three from the Slaggs Common sink or swim social housing estate in Rumpford, Greater London) - as being ‘sexually experienced’ beyond the norm for a female of her ‘tender years’ due having three children - and by her own admission had undergone several back street abortions – plus a miscarriage last year, induced after she fell down the fire escape steps at the Reefer and Hemp Club with a ‘short time’ client while half drunk and stoned - and engaged in a balancing act ‘knee trembler’.

Mr Bellender went on to submit that “This hussy is no stranger to three hole suck and swallow sex – and according to social service reports is a predatory whore who’s been flogging her golly around Rumpford, Scallydale and Smegmadale-on-Sea since she had hair she could sit on – if not before.”

After considering Bellender’s damning remarks on behalf of the prosecution – and the defence counsel declaring with a wry smile ‘”I rest my case, M’Lud” – the judge displayed what is now being publicly slammed as ‘undue leniency’ by allowing Ron Sodomotti, 41, who has previous convictions for kiddie fiddling and admitted ‘bonking’ the girl at his home in Scroteford Terrace near Scallydale - to walk free with a suspended jail term as it was clear in his mind that the precocious McSkanger had egged the accused on to engage in a variety of sexual acts to satisfy her depraved and licentious nympho' urges.

Judge Nigel Tosser, garbed in his customary cross-dressing outfit of white crepe wig and red gown behind the bench at Scumbrook Crown Court, informed Sodomotti, who pleaded guilty to ‘having it off’ with McSkanger, he had also taken account the fact that she looked considerably older than her actual years – at least 16 – and had the carnal allure of some depraved Biblical Jezebel – with red glossed lips that could suck the veneer off a faux oak door knob.

The court heard in evidence during the trial that the abuse did not come to light until McSkanger confided in her best friend Gobella Snitcher, who then grassed the hapless Ron Sodomotti up to the local Plod Squad.
During a search of Sodomotti’s home police officers also uncovered a stash of images of groups of nancy boys playing the ‘beast with two backs’ – along with videos, of Portuguese origin, depicting child sexual abuse and blood ritual Satanic sacrifices involving the child’s parents – with the victims being buried in shallow graves in neighbourhood driveways.

More than 4,000 outraged members of the common herd have signed an online petition calling for the CPS to investigate the controversial ‘predatory’ terminology used by Mr Bellender QC to describe Ms McSkanger in court – with Domino Grief at the Attorney General's Office commenting that Sodomotti’s suspended sentence had been drawn to its attention as unduly lenient – amid public calls for a harsher penalty to be imposed – such as castration.

The petition, kick started by some misandrous menopausal maniac with an axe to grind named Candida Mingerot, who described herself as being obsessed with a childhood sexual abuse survivor fantasy, informed a press hack from the Paedo’s Gazette that "It's unacceptable the Crown Prosecutor should expose this girl as a promiscuous sexual predator – even if she is a right old slut and the local bike that everyone’s had a ride on.”

Outside the court, Ms McSkanger confided to salivating gutter press hacks that “This is all that cunt Gobella Snitcher’s fault – just cos she wasn’t getting’ any cock an’ has bin jealous of me since we woz at school an’ that nice Tory Party cabinet minister bloke used ter pick me up in his fancy Jag an’ take me down ter the Elm Guest House on Rockoff Lane, opposite Barnes Common, ter meet his House of Conmans mates an’ a load of kinky celebs from the BBC - an’ we’d have a few drinks an’ a joint, then eff’ off ter Doggers Wood fer a spot of hanky panky.”

Hmmm, yet another stellar piece of evidence purposely ignored by the Met Plod Squad’s original Operation Fairwank inquiry.

Thought for the day. Regardless of Mr Bumble’s ‘rightful’ condemnation that ‘The law is an ass’ - under our adversarial justice system, the role of prosecuting counsel is not to secure a conviction at all costs, or to try to secure the maximum sentence – but rather one of unbiased impartiality and is mandated to draw the court's attentions to any mitigating factor or evidence that assists the defendant - both during the course of a trial and also during the process of outlining the prosecution case following a guilty plea.

Obviously henceforth this is to apply to underage sexual predators who claim to have been groomed for a spot of real time ‘comparative anatomy’ involving ‘hide the bratwurst’.

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