Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Circus Without a Tent

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To take even a sideways glance at our once-sceptred isle’s ‘sanitised’ bullshit propaganda mechanism media - or the alternative ‘real true story’ variety – over this past few days such can only serve to form a consolidated opinion that the entire governmental / ruling caste system – the shape-shifting parasitic Royal reptiles, the stooge Privy Council, the House of Conmans (Nasty Party Tories, the Librarian-Dummercrats, and Newer-than-New Labour) – along with that adjoining doss house, the Lords; the Shitehall civil service, and nationwide UK local authorities – the whole shebang – is a circus without a tent – and alas, we’ve seen better organised riots.

This carnival coalition government amounts to no more than a snake oil peddling dog n pony show - and as to the austerity measures and wage freeze policies currently being force fed down the gullets of the common herd like a bunch of Bolshie Guantanamo Bay jolly jihadist Muslim inmates on hunger strike – the MPs are set to cop for a 3% pay raise – whereas a January 2013 poll informed the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority watchdog that they arrogantly estimate they’re actually worth a 32% wage hike – upping the ante to £86,250 per annum – plus expenses – and should keep their exorbitant final-salary pensions.

So public sector salaries are henceforth flash frozen like a Siberian mammoth’s bollocks while MPs get a pay raise. Oh well, as Confucius say: “If you only pretend to pay them then they’ll only pretend to work”.

Ron McScrote, director of the Twat-Watch government abuse monitor charity had this to say to one gutter press hack from the red top Ripoffs Gazette: “The effin’ lot’s a bunch of Bilderberg stooges, doin’ wot the Rothshite bankster crime syndicate tell ‘em.”
“It’s not only the septic populations of the House of Conmans an’ the Lords, but the entire secret handshaking brotherhood of fudgers and ravin’ kiddie fiddlers wot infests Westminster an' Shitehall – collectively a potpourri of dipshits, tossers (variation of ‘tosspots’) an’ dog wankers.”

“Last month we had the not-fit-for purpose ex-Tory leader – now rebranded as the Works & Pensions Minister - Ian Duncan Smut, wot reckons he can survive an’ live the life of Riley on £53 quid a week. So why the fuck is he drawing a cabinet minister’s salary of £134,565 per annum – plus House of Conmans expenses an’ directorship honorariums (read ‘bribes and kickbacks’). Isn’t ‘austerity’ like charity an’ supposed ter start at home?”

“Some chance of that with old Baldy – his effin’ bread’s had the crusts trimmed off an’ buttered on both sides – an’ wiv jam on it. Married ter Betsy Fremantle, who’s Dad’s Johnnie ‘Tapped’ Fremantle, the 5th Baron Coleslaw of the Swan Roasters an’ lives in a country house wot belongs ter his father-in-law at Fuckinghamshire.”

“Really, yer got this other Chancellor fuckwit ‘Jeff’ Osborne wot’s doin’ nowt ter extricate the country from its flatline economy state by robbin’ the welfare benefits kitty just ter pay off these EUSSR scumbags in Brussels an’ the usurious interest on a bunch of IMF loans – an’ yer watch 'In Parliament Today' on the goggle box an’ yer see Eric ‘Ten Chins’ Prickles – the Lord High Panjandrum of Gluttony - sat there lookin’ like he’s a single step away from a massive fatal coronary or a stroke – or both – an’ they’re tellin’ the public we’re all in it together an’ lean times are ahead.”

“Yesterday we had that gobshite Lord David Fraud, the Tory’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Work an’ Pensions – an’ more significantly, the great-grandson of the dildo-obsessed Austrian psycho-quack Sigmund Fraud – bestowed wiv life peerage by Posh Dave Scameron in 2009 just fer joining the Nasty Party an’ became Baron Fraud of the Soup Kitchens – on the telly an’ pontificatin’ a right old pile of crap about how the fact that food banks are poppin’ up at a geometric rate has got sod all ter do wiv the government axin’ welfare benefits or unemployment or poverty – - or the introduction of this Universal Credits system wot’s screwed every fucker an’ their dog up – now derisively branded wiv the moniker of the ‘Two Jumps at the Cupboard Door Act’ – an’ the cursed ‘Bedroom Tax’ wot's bin renamed the ‘Suicide Desperation Levy’.”

“So is the government ter blame? Oh no, not in Lord Fuckwit Fraud’s unqualified opinion, cos it’s all down ter dysfunctional families wot can’t get off their arses an’ find a job – cos a bunch of Polacks an’ Pikey Gyppos have grabbed them all.”

“Have a butchers at the front page of the Daily Shitraker an’ here we’re presented wiv a stellar example of this incestuous network of socio-political, commercial an’ financial links corruptin’ the required regulatory actions of the government when we got the piranha-fanged Jo Swinson, the Scots Lib-Dum MP who’s the Minister fer Usury.”
“Swinson proves herself yet another parties of self-interest lackey an’ a Westminster weasel – cos she’s told the likes of Wonga-Bonga, Ripoffs-R-Us an’ the Insta-Cash scumbag payday loan shark outfits that they’re very naughty chargin’ exploitive interest rates an’ rollin’ a loan over ten zillion times – but has no intention of stampin’ down on them cos they’re owned by the Rothshite bankster mafia.”

“But this is the bog standard Con-Dem Coalition government we - the common herd helots – are lumbered wiv until 2015.”
“No shit, the merits of education besides, an earthworm must be devastated ter read that its genus is considered to be the arse-end of Nature’s food chain – an’ I’m startin’ ter think we’re down there wiv them.”

“Then we have the news – nothing surprising here – that Prince Big-Ears Chazzer of Wales claims tax-free status for his Highgrove-on-the-Hog ‘Dobby’s Duchy Ripoff Organic Originals’. So why the fuck does the Royal Plant Whisperer an’ his chain-smoking troll of a consort, Gorgonzilla, the Duchess of Cornhole, qualify fer tax-exempt status when the rest of the common herd have ter fork out their life’s blood on a platter to his grasping Mother’s HMRC collectors, I ask yer?”

“Ter add insult ter injury we find out, thanks ter some whistle-blowin’ Yank wot’s sprouted a moral conscience, that the UK’s Plod Squad’s National Domestic Extremism Unit is usin’ the GCHQ’s Echelon and Prism Spy-a-Thon systems ter keep tabs on any self-aware, critical thinkin’ fucker and their dog wot has the audacity ter dare question – or worse still criticise on Twitter or a weblog – government motives or MP’s an’ local authority jobsworth’s bloated salaries an’ expenses.”

“The next gob-smacking revelation in this Them an’ Us paradox comes from Sgt Barry Snitch, a former undercover police officer, wot claims in yesterday’s papers that he was ordered ter infiltrate the Justice for Stephen Lawrence campaign back in 1993 an’ hunt for disinformation ter use against the black an' minority ethnic groups wot were critical of police inaction an’ corruption.”
“Mind you, the purpose of the Plod Squad was never ter be the protectors of the public – just the elitist 1% an’ their property.”

“So where the fuck has the Con-Dem Coalition PM Posh Dave Scameron bin while all this shite’s goin’ down? A Prime Minister wot’s the Tory’s answer ter Jam Jar Binks – an incompetent clot that forever fails ter engage brain before openin’ his gob – or putting one foot in front of the other – or leavin’ the kids in the pub beer garden.”

“Our man Scameron hasn’t quite yet cottoned on ter the fact that bad luck follows him around like the Grim Reaper, so he’s bin doin’ the rounds of the war zones an’ waltzing wiv dictators – providin’ legitimacy ter a bunch of Third World dynastic despots runnin’ autocratic regimes an’ playin’ at civilisation - where torture an’ extra-judicial killings are considered ter be crimes wot’s on a par wiv a Community Service Order sentence.”
“First off in Afghanistan, givin’ a pep talk ter President Hamid Kami-Karzi an’ his ruling Graft & Corruption Party – or rather an economy of the truth (read ‘big porky pies’) that UK / NATO troops are goin’ ter pull out of the backward Third World shithole next year. Never, not as long as the world’s heroin supply comes from the mega-hectares of bloomin’ GM opium crops growin’ there, an’ all nurtured with Monsanto’s Roundup Ready addict-friendly fertiliser.”

“Oh yeah, Scameron might well be discussing trade opportunities wiv this nutty Nazarbayev bloke as well, the dodgy despot wot’s runnin’ Kazakhstan – an’ floggin’ his secret police mobs of ‘proudly British made’ crowd control riot gear an’ interrogation / torture equipment - an’ givin’ him a bit of a hypocrisy-laden pontificatin’ lecture on human rights and wrongs.”

“The Human Rights Watch has fingered Kazakhstan as one of the most repressive political regimes in the world – an’ on a par with the old Soviet Union, apartheid South Africa an’ Hitler’s nasty Nazi pro-genocide regime – and in today’s terms only surpassed by the Zionist state of Israel (formerly Palestine) an’ their despicable treatment of the indigenous an’ dispossessed Arab Muslim populations that this Promised Land previously belonged ter prior ter the 1948 Yawm an-Nakba (Palestinian Day of Catastrophe / diaspora) theft of their country by a mob of Jews of convenience wavin’ some obscure missive signed by Arthur Balfour – wot’s claimed ter be a forgery, just like the notorious Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion.”

“Wot a crock of hypocritical crap – these tossers take health an’ safety – an’ risk assessments - ter a paranoid level at home then supply the logistics for a bunch of mad-cap Islamic dog wankers ter wage civil war across the Middle East – an’ we’re lumbered wiv the likes of Scameron preachin’ about human rights an’ wrongs an’ democracy yet utters nary one word of criticism or censure against the rogue ZioNazi state of Israel an’ their inhuman treatment of the captive Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank an’ Gaza Strip – wiv the latter besieged behind a 30-odd foot high Great Apartheid Wall in the biggest concentration camp in the known Universe.”

“Ter cap that fubar he missed out on a stop-over in Bahrain ter have a word in the porcine ear of King Fizzy Al Kaseltzer bin al Khalifa on the subject – an’ the concepts of evolving a constitutional democracy - cos the Great Satan’s Fifth Fleet is based in the Myanmar port, all ready ter launch their sneak attack on the sovereign Islamic Republic of Iran an’ destroy their half-built Death Star.”

“Let’s not forget that Scameron an’ his little closet case poofter mate Willy Vague are pushin’ ter arm Syria’s multifaceted an’ sectarian faction-ridden rebel forces – the Salafists and Takfiri - along with the ubiquitous Sunni and Cher Muslim jihadists - who, at the end of the day, all expect to come out of the affray as the top dog beardies.”
“None of these groups, sectarian divisions besides, are goin’ ter settle for anything less than an Islamic state based on the barbaric precepts of Sharia law – so these shit-stirring fat fuck dynasties in Saudi Arabia an’ Jordan an’ Qatar an’ the UAE should beware their fate when the weapons they’re supplyin’ ter be used against Basher Assad’s Shi’ite Syrian regime are eventually turned against them – an’ the wicked Western powers – an’ the hated rogue ZioNazi state of Israel.”
“But that’s Sod’s Law an’ history’s record proves that, time after time, man’s actions result in disastrous an’ irreversible effects – just like Iraq an’ Libya.”

Alas, with this fatally-flawed Con-Dem Coalition, we’re heading for a shitstorm fuckup of a far greater magnitude than previously accomplished under war criminal Tony Bliar’s New Labour government mismanagement.
The gap between the 1% Haves and the 99% Have Nots (Us) is widening at such a geometric rate that it now manifests as one of ‘continental divide’ canyon proportions – and might well be the required trigger to unleash the ire and fury of the common herd as socio-political discontent reaches a critical mass state and erupts in a chain reaction of mega-nuclear genocidal proportions – directed at the elitist ‘silver spoon’ arrogant kikester core of our sick global society.

But the common herd are seduced with delusions of a caring government and welfare state - this Cradle to the Grave / Womb to Tomb paradox foisted on them by a succession of governments when the diametric opposite is actually true.
Mass media induced cognitive dissonance on a monumental social scale – and the common herd must dismiss this Hegelian snare of a political / sectarian left and right and recognise it is in fact a matter of Them and Us.

And this, folks, is just a mere sampling of the scandalous conspiratorial acts certain rogue elements of our government and civil service are up to – without a mention of 7/7 and wicked Woolwich ‘Red Hand’ false flag terrorist attacks to scarify the common herd into accepting further infringements on their personal liberty in exchange for a 24/7 panopticon surveillance society.
Hmmm, this might just be the final push that starts the stubborn wheels of the tumbrels rolling towards Tower Hill.

* Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles - were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of electrons were temporarily inconvenienced.

Thought for the day. Humankind, due this socio-political Crapitlist control system dynamic forced down our throats at every level of our existence, are the only species on the planet that Mother Nature does not provide for free of charge.

So, fuck the Freemasonic Order and Big Brother – and his sister – and the Zionist kikesters New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Anarchy Annie said...

We need ter do wot they have in Egypt - turf the sodding government out on its arse and have our own Republican party run things.
And hopefully this instance of a bloke in Brixton shooting the bailiffs who came banging on the door, ready to evict him, sends a message that lack of firearms regardless, this is a sentiment that's shared by legions of the public demographic.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're all as bad, whoever's in office. Bliar n Labour or Cabbage Patch Dave Cameron and Clegg and this fubar of a coalition.
Put an end to the UK's subservient membership of the EUSSR first and give Brussels the big finger, then fuck the US of A and their proxy wars off and get back to looking after Number One - what Rusty calls 'our sceptered isle' - Britain.

Quinn said...

These scumbags are unaccountable and the checks and balances mechanism has been corrupted to such an extent that the executive, legislature and judiciary have become one massive Masonic cesspit.
Just take a look at Nonceland and the mess the SNP have made of this since Salmond and Co got into Holyrood for a perfect example of this criminal anomaly.
But the Kurumaku - the venal, greedy and perverted Puppet Masters behind the black curtains - this unseen Satanic hierarchy - are sore thumb fucking obvious really.
Just take a look at the 'off at a tangent' changes in policy adopted by various Western governments following the Bilderberg coven's recent little pow-wow - when fresh orders and schedules were issued to the elected politicos to get the Spew World Order agenda moving.

Nobby said...

Good sarcastic hit piece on Lord David Freud - the man's a right egoistic c*nt of the first water who never fails to open gob before engaging brain.

Anonymous said...

Like the 'Jeff' Osborne dig. Stupid Obama calling him that - what a prick. Doesn't the Yank's Indo-African cuckoo have a PPA minder - or is it the same bloke who fixed him up with the dodgy forged Hawaiian birth certificate?

Gilly said...

Stupid EST Foundation quango responds to crippled economy dilemma by telling public they can solve money worries if they put less water in the kettle which will save each family £68 million quid a year – and also cut one minute off a shower – then go that radical step further and install eco-showerheads which have no holes so don’t let any water through – which will doubtless suit the great unwashed common herd.