Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Royal Sprog Certified a ‘True Blue’

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While this week continues to provide a stream of bona fide distractions from the pathetic state of our once-sceptred isle - the flatline economy, a job-seeking wilderness and the levels of graft and corruption burgeoning in both the political and commercial arenas - Britain’s addled-brained red top tabloids have today shifted their gutter press gears from declaring to a baited-breath public that “Yes, it’s a Prince!” to ‘”What’s-his-Name Certified a True Blue!”

This follows a now-mandatory DNA test to make sure the wicked Windsor clan didn’t have another royal cuckoo slip through the net due Cinderella Mk II screwing some Muslim costermonger’s son or another ginger-mingin household cavalry scoundrel like Jimbo Hewitt – or a fresh-faced Welsh shepherd lad on the cerrigs and mawrs - or twix the dunes of Cymyran - around Anglesey’s RAF Valley while Wills has been off playing helicopter pilots.

So Prince What’s-his-Name has been officially certified as a true blue-gene royal with the mongrel bloodline of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Schleswig-Holstein-Sunscreen-Dücksburg inbred monarchial Babylonian Brotherhood of the Snake pulsing through his reptilian veins.

Mummy Kate and the newly-hatched Prince What’s-his-Name left the private Lizard Wing of St Iguana’s Hospital in west London on Tuesday evening to the applause and felicitations of the zillions of drooling common herd sheeple loitering outside – and were greeted by a veritable legion of creepy arse-kissing political wannabe sycophants pulling at their forelocks as they knelt in a queue to pay homage and present tributes (Premium bonds, Lynx aftershave and a lifetime Sky Sports subscription) to their future ‘three generations hence’ monarch, King Whatsit - the first of his name.

Next on the gutter press’s burning questions of the day is doubtless “Will royal brood mare Katie Middleclass be breast-feeding little Prince Whatsit - or is he to be bottle-reared or farmed out to some big boobed minimum wage Polack wet nurse?

The comely Kate - since entering the public arena and under the scrutinising adoration of the celebrity-obsessed common herd as the amour of Prince Wills – has assumed the ‘People’s Princess’ mantle of her predecessor Diana - and hence the masturbation fantasy of millions of testosterone-fuelled horny males - and lesbian rug-munchers – around the globe – especially so after her perky tits and neatly coiffured merkin appeared on Page 3 of France’s ‘Le Wanker’ gutter press onanist magazine last year.

But while Katie might be the apple of the public’s eye, for the royal reptile tribe she’ll be expected to do the customary duty of producing ‘an heir and a spare’ – same as the late, murdered Princess Diana – a back-up lizard – and preferably not another ranga.

The bat-eared Grandpa Prince Dobby of Wales, accompanied by his botox-deficient consort, the Duchess of Cornhole, visited Kensington Palace to inspect the new arrival last night – prompting speculation from press hacks that at a mere 64 years old, Chazzer looks like a total burned-out case (same as His Royal Rudeness, Prince Stavros of Edinburgh) – which they put down to all those exotic and high-priced organic Duchy Originals taking their toll – unless it’s due inhaling the plumes of passive carbon monoxide from the chain-smoking Gorgonzilla’s Capstan Navy Cut full strength ciggies.

Doubtless Prince Chazzer – himself a private Jew (the title of Fidei Defensor be fucked) – and who attends the inauguration ceremonies of more synagogues than Israeli PM Bobo Nuttyahoo – will be summoning his pal, London’s Chief Moel, the rabid Rabbi Shylock Snipcock, to a covert assignation and do the ‘Covenant’ business on Prince Whatsit’s little willy so he qualifies for his place in the House of David bloodline.

Not usually one to put a deliberate damper on a joyful occasion, Fellattia McSkanger of the international Sprog-Watch charity had this to say to a press hack from the Sycophants Gazette.

“In my humble opinion the entire shebang’s bin blown outa all fuckin’ proportion. Fer fuck’s sake, how many effin’ kids woz born in the Third World yesterday as well – an’ no crowds ter greet their entry inter this cruel world – an no effin’ hospital beds available either – just like our National Ill-Health Service if yer can’t afford ter go private.”

“An’ wot’s more ter the fuckin’ point is how many Third World kids died of malnutrition, or the screamin’ shits yesterday cos they’ve got no decent potable water supply – or fell a fatal victim ter Bill an’ Melinda Gates toxic vaccine programme – or ended up eatin’ crops saturated wiv Monsanto’s carcinogenic Roundup glyphosate pesticides – or their equally-noxious genetically-modified Frankenfood corn or soya beans - or the golden rice crap that’ll fuck yer up faster than a Plutonium enema?”

“How many kids woz sold inter slavery yesterday? How many Palestinian sprogs got snatched by the IDF an’ woz sent home buggered an’ wiv a kidney missin’? How many disabled an’ special needs kiddies got sexually abused an’ fell victim ter a serial rape session at the hands of the Masonic secret handshake club’s pederast ring up in Scotland’s Aberdeen Nonce Central yesterday?”
“It’s all fuckin’ relative an’ the Zionist pondscum media need ter be concentratin’ on this an’ not the birth of another royal parasite wot’s gonna suck the life’s blood outa the public purse.”

“Well, let’s hope Katie’s up ter lookin’ after Prince What’s-his-fuckin’-name an’ doesn’t confide ter some royal palace whistle-blowin’ snitcher that she’s depressed cos Willy’s always off shaggin’ around in his helicopter - or the crooked social services Gestapo will be round like Jack Flash on ampthets an’ snatch little Prince Charmin’ an’ she’ll be up before one of the secret Family Courts an’ slapped wiv a gaggin’ cum custody order while her regal rug rat gets fostered out ter some dodgy dysfunctional paedo’ wot makes a career outa collecting £500 quid a month fer lookin’ after other people’s sprogs.”

Thought for the day. Not one to do things by halves when it came to providing ‘an heir and a spare’, Royal Dwarf Queen Victoria spat out a round robin of nine ugly specimens of progeny – all of which were mentally-retarded, self-indulgent frogs who dreamed of becoming toads – with the future King Teddy’s offspring Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence, being the de facto cause responsible for the Shitechapel’s Jack de Rippa murders as he couldn’t keep his cock in his pants.

Nice family eh? Pont de l’Alma tunnel incident – etcetera et al? We think not!

To close – how about a sign of the times 21st Century name for this latest addition to the Wicked Windsor line? A Chav moniker perhaps - Prince Connor or Jenson?

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Anonymous said...

George? WTF? George III was a right old head-banger and lost the American colonies - and the last twat George Mk XI was a stuttering nonce.
Mind you, his Dad's name William is bad enough. William III was the Dutch scumbag who sold our mint n currency to the shylocks and okayed the founding of the kikester-controlled Bank of England.

Scally said...

George Alexander Louis? Is the Loius bit some pathetic tribute to Lord Louis Mountbatten, the notorious kiddie fiddler and Prince Philip's uncle and mentor who was blown away by MI5 and the hit blamed on the hapless IRA.
Alexander is supposed to be Katie's choice - but not certain if relates to Alexander the Great of Macedonia or Alexander Beetle.

Anonymous said...

George Alexander Louis eh.
Anyone aware that the American variety of serial killers always seem to have three names?

wiggins said...

You got the Jew bit spot on. Carole Middleton a.k.a. Goldsmith and of course the Royals are Stool sculpture deity worshippers......

nonce-buster said...

gud 2 c de paedo-fodder corrupt social services n secret family courts injustice system got a worthy mention

Ally said...

Her Royal ‘Highness’ – (que? - she isn’t that fucking tall) Katie Middleclass’s maternal ‘Goldsmith’ connection links her squarely with the Kosher Nostra and the Ashkenazi Kikester Klub – and hence a fair guess that she worships at the altar of Mammon, the Elite’s God of Greed - and the driving force behind compulsive consumer materialism.

Yep, Prince Whatsit was born under a super full moon last Monday 22nd and to fete the hatching of this latest Prince of the Lizard line a sadistic bunch of venal worshippers of Lucifer - the patron saint of paedo rapists and satanic child sacrifice - chose to ignore the credo of the RSPCA and the rules of polite society, and gathered in coven where they ritually mutilated and snuffed a foal amidst open ground on Dartmoor to celebrate the event.

Nice people – not – as they left the corpse in the middle of their unholy pentagram of doom and didn’t even bother to bury the hapless gutted animal under some fuckers driveway - as they do in Portugal.

So if Prince Willy ‘is’ the Anti-Christ as the conspiracy nuts claim, where does Prince Whatsit (George Alexander Louis) - freshly hatched by Princess Kate, the all-new royal brood mare - stand in the ranks of the lizard lineage? The number one son of the Anti-Christ and a ‘spare heir’ Mark 2 reptile?

Conversely, within the Biblical Apocrypha the gospel according to the scared Book of the MaccaBeeGees, the Anti-Christ will rule not for ’Forty-Two Months’ but rather 12 years – which certain Bolshie iconoclasts have interpreted as being the late Adolf Hitler and his Thousand Year Reich – which didn’t quite go the predicted distance – 1933 to 1945.

Hence to conclude this speculation, while we are still bollocks deep in the Tribulation since 2007, the Rhapsody has obviously been and gone – and whoever missed it, well tough shit.