Thursday, 2 February 2017

Caledonian Nonce Abuse Inquiry: a Charade?

In today’s ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ expose edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip reported by our frontline nonce-hunting media correspondent, Catamite Jack, manning the live news cellphone hotline from a utilities closet inside Edinburgh's Holyrood Parliament building for Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with 'ring of the anvil' dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding non-conformists, proto-nihilists and career radical pro-justice revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

As the banner headline states – will bonny Nonceland's historic paedophile sexual abuse inquiry morph into a pantomime and, by sinister bureaucratic design, is doomed to be coerced and fail – from day one?

More than 100 institutions, including several top private schools, churches, child care homes, pet shops, boy scout troupes, petting farms and hospital mortuaries are to be investigated by the Scottish sexual abuse inquiry, it is now confirmed – with, typically, nary a mention of the Aberdeenshire's corrupt Plod Squad or bent Crown Office panjandrums – past and present – nor crooked Glaswegian money-laundering / media-gagging / paedo-protecting solicitors - being on the target list for scrutiny of their respective cover-up crimes and whitewash misdemeanours related to historic kiddie fiddling complaints.

The probe's latest chairperson, Judge Lady Shit – yet another institutional dogsbody - informed one gutter press hack from the Necrophiliacs Gazette she intends to investigate an excess of 101 locations where kiddie fiddling, animal buggery, corpse bonking and felching abuses are alleged to have taken place.

Senior Judge, Lady Anne Shit has been appointed the new chairwoman of the Scottish government's child abuse inquiry, taking over the probe's lead role from legal landwhale, Susie 'The Pug' O'Brien QC, following her self-preservation act of resignation after she was advised by one member of the Scottish Rite Freemason's Speculative Society to 'keep things simple – or else' – and returned to her former pugilist career as a bare knuckle fist fighter.

This selective inquisition – already branded as yet another total sham scam cover-up and whitewash by critics and paedo sex abuse victims alike - is tasked with examining historical allegations of child abuse in Scotland – another slapstick farce expected to challenge John Chilcot's world record of a seven year foot-dragging Iraq War Whitewash inquiry (that blamed none of the guilty parties) - and will look at the extent of abuse of children in care - to identify systemic failures.

Que? WTF? systemic failures? How about the fact that the entire government and legal systems are corrupt to the core and infested with Masonic paedo-sodomite perverts hell bent on maintaining an 'omerta of silence' and their untouchable child molesting status quo – and Flatbrokes, Broken Britain's ubiquitous High Street bookies – offering 1,000 to 1 odds that on a par with the Met's previous Operation Westminster Kiddie Fiddler – the Scottish Nonce Ponce inquiry will prove yet another establishment coverup and some hapless dog wanker who exposed himself to a field of sheep – or some establishment worthy who had since died of a 48 hour terminal cancer virus - cops the rap for their elitist Masonic brethren social betters

So the burning question of the day is – will the Lady Shit-chaired official Scottish 'Nonce Ponce Inquiry' be finally investigating the now-17-year old scandal centred on a Down's Syndrome girl, the-then six-year old Hollie Greig that involves the sexual abuse and serial rape of special needs and disabled children at their homes and the Beechwood Special School by an elitist, untouchable Satanist / infanticide paedo ring based in Aberdeen (Scotland's Sin City Central) – a scandal that has been avoided like the plague by Grampian Police since complaints were filed by Hollie's mother back in 2000.

Or the more recent ignominious paedo scandal on Viscount Peterscam's A-listed Aberdeenshire Cringemoregate Estate where the tenant Docherty family were residents – until some local elitist Masonic pederast attempted to 'buy' access to their autistic son for purposes of sexual abuse deviation – and since the morally incensed Mr & Mrs Docherty reported the matter to a wholly disinterested local Plod Squad the family have been hounded by a pick n mix assortment of shadowy crooked establishment agents and corrupt social service trolls - and forced to flee nonce-infested Scotland for the Irish Republic – where the official Masonic Pederast Fraternity harassment continues unabated.

Of course, viz the Hollie Greig child sexual abuse scandal, we expect it to be ignored - and covered up - with extreme prejudice as it has been since 2000 by the Grampian Plod Squad, Crown Office Lord Advocates, First, Second & Third Ministers – specifically Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond and his wee nippy replacement Nicola McSturgeon.

Justice for Hollie Greig campaigner Robert Green – a Welshman living in England and arrested in his English home twice by the Aberdeen Plod Squad – then twice jailed in their Victorian era excuses for prisons by Nonceland's graft & corruption-ridden Masonic-paedo / sodomite-infested legal system - to discredit and silence him – discussed Hollie's case at length during a personal, private interview with Lady Shit in Edinburgh a couple of years ago – which resulted in the scandal continuing to be an ignored 'cold case' with zero evidence to support the complaint - even though Hollie named 22 of her abusers and medical examinations / reports revealed she had been repeatedly abused sexually and further infected with an STD while still pre-pubescent.

Perhaps, in a perfect world, the Lady Shit-led inquiry will repeal the pompous Lord Sluggie Cullen's arrogant 100 year gag order on his corrupt Dunblane Massacre inquiry findings and the Truth finally be made public regarding the 1996 homicidal actions of the Perthshire Freemason's chief paedo pimp, Thomas Watt Hamilton's two gun school kids murder spree?

Hmmm, don't hold yer breath – as long as Scotland's Masonic Speculative Society pond life control freak sexual perverts comprise the upper echelon of the political / judicial aristocracy.

Will Lady Shit be reviewing the corrupt cover-up case of the Scottish Legal Aid Board's Head of Legal Services, Douglas 'Bummer' Haggarty (aka The Beast of St Enoch's), arrested (by his Masonic Plod Squad brothers) but never prosecuted after being caught stuck up the rear end of an underage rent boy in Glassie's British Home Stores public toilets one Saturday afternoon back in 2009?
Yep, like the old maxim states: It's not what you know – but who you know.

Doubtless another criminal sex case dismissed as 'not in the public interest' or 'insufficient evidence to convict' by the top dog Crown Office Lord Advocate /s.
The only reason they get appointed (no – not elected – hence the career / promotion corruption gravy train) – is the fact they are Establishment mouthpiece political pets who roll over, bark as required, then say nowt and play dead when the occasion demands.

Judge Lady Shit further informed media hacks that the schools being specifically investigated in her national child abuse inquiry are Fettes College, Gordonstoun, the former Ben Dover Academy, Loretto School and Merchiston Castle School.

The inquiry will also investigate faith-based organisations run by religious orders, including the Benedictines, Sisters of Nazareth and the Christian Brothers at their St Sodom's School for Latter Day Catamites – in addition to three establishments run by the Church of Nonceand.

Some of the school named are amongst the costliest fee-paying educational establishments in Scotland. The fees for Fettes and Gordonstoun are a gob-smacking £31,000 quid a year for a sex abuse education in sodomy and suck n swallow fellatio - while Loretto and Merchiston Castle charge £30,000 nicker for a similar sexual curriculum.

Hmmm, little wonder the celeb' likes of Tony Bliar (Fettes) and Prince Dobby (Gordonstoun) walk funny – obviously the result of one too many schooldays buggerings.

Thought for the day. Ugly – and doubtless unverified - rumours do abound – and, as the old maxim goes, where there's smoke, there's fire – (or in this case some criminal class paedo abuse sex scandal inferno) - that Lady Shit herself is an active Dominatrix member of Edinburgh's 'Violate BD/SM Club'.

Carbon Credits Cap & Trade Offset Exchange (aka Global Warming / Climate Change Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration:
While a hefty score of conscience-stifled rabid royals, noncing nobles, politico ponces, perjuriously corrupt Oxford Uni' Principals, bent money-laundering lawyers and corruption-ridden porky plods might have become collateral 'fear and alarm' casualties and thrown into paranoid psychosis states of scandalous exposure anxiety attacks, no innocent non-combatant women and kids - and especially so Palestinian, Yemeni or Syrian refugee children – or trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees, small furry 'felcher friendly' sized mammals – ferrets and stoats, voles, moles, white mice, bum rats, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, miniature coypus, dwarf beavers, etc – were harmed in posting this insurrectionist Truthsayer epistle.

Conversely, a large number of the NSA – GCHQ / Five Eyes Alliance’s Prism / Tempora / Carnivore / Echelon / X-Keyscore / SIG-INT I-Spy super snooper ‘Nosy Bastard’ wire-tap / IMSI catchers / eavesdropping / Eco-Giraffe data mining / TOR sniffing / JTRIG / Umbra Ultra-encrypted system’s nasty network electrons on Hubble Bubble Road in EMF smog-bound Cheltenham were shocked into high anxiety states and temporarily inconvenienced.

So bollocks with a large capital B to political correctness - from here on in this is our legacy - to rip away the Veil of Venus blinkers and awaken people's vigilance against the corrupt establishment's totalitarian COINTELPRO 5 D's (Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, Destroy n Deny) encroachment - using their eyes and ears - and brains - to say 'what if?' and make that 'consequences be damned' / 'harm's way' / 'who gives a flying fuck' quantum leap to start thinking for 'themselves' and become agents of their own destiny.

No longer accepting and believing the propaganda and lies our corrupt gutter press and biased goggle box telly spew out in a disingenuous politically correct format – or the ruling regime's sinister de facto belief that trans-national kiddie fiddling is a global 'common core' cultural value that should be accepted by a morally-misguided public - and the age of consent lowered to three years – to accommodate their perverted Satanic sexual fetishes.

To conclude, fuck the Devil's demonic SatanĂ¡s and the crypto-Judahist sayanim scum – along with the Vatican-regime's flabby, maladjusted Masonic / Opus Dei / Jesuit Ninth Circle / Sovereign Order of the Shites of Malta secret handshake psycho-sodomite-felching-pederast-necrophiliac / parabiosis-addicted ruling elitist paedocide fraternity – plus their Crapitalist shifty Shylock bankster brethren and their shelf life expired fractional reserve fraudulent and usury-rigged system's zillion % APR mark-ups, toxic credit default swaps, sub-prime whatsit loans and 'bespoke tranche opportunities' (sneakily re-branded CDS).

And let's not forget to cast equal curses upon the tents of Big Brother and his Common Purpose Colombine sister – nor overlooking the 'by Divine Right' parasitic anachronisms referred to as the 'Royal Family' - nor the profit-motivated / money-grubbing Moloch / Mammon worshipping Agenda 21 architects of the Rothshite ZioNazi New World Order Globalisers - the Round Table dog wankers, and their Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission pondscum pals from the Carlyle Group and Kissasser Associates and military-industrial armaments cabal who comprise the elitist ranks of the annual Dildoberger cabal pow-wow – and spin the trans-dimensional reptilian conjured yarn that the tried and tested key to conflict resolution is via more bloody conflict.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour 'and' decaffeinated public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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hollie greig justice said...

2 for 2 brilliant

hollie greig justice said...

2 for 2 brilliant

paedo-hunter said...

On the subject of child sexual abuse whistle-blowers being persecuted and jailed, now here's a conundrum for the conspiracy theorists and legal beagles to chew on.
An Englishman, living in his English home, posts a weblog article exposing the questionable links between an Oxford college principal and their personal 14-year period consecutive professional legal involvements in the cover-up / non-investigation of the long term sexual abuse and serial rape of a special needs Downs Syndrome afflicted pubescent girl – and is duly arrested by Scottish police and his home tossed / computer gear seized on a search warrant issued by an English Manchester court-based magistrate (a total of three search and arrests over the two years it took the Edinburgh Crown Office to conjure evidence and a case against him) – then eventually put on trial in a Scottish court for cyber-harassment of the egocentric titled scumbag exposed – a jury trial denied / then found guilty via a route of concocted evidence and perjurious police / witness testimonies - and imprisoned in a Scottish jail to silence his 'pro-justice campaign for the rape victim.
All to preserve and safeguard the vile and corrupt 'untouchable' status quo of an elitist establishment Satanic Freemason / Speculative Society nonce-ponce kiddie fiddling / rent boy-sodomising ring comprised of genetic misfits and sexual deviants that infest the corridors and halls of socio-judicial-political power in Broken Britain.
And while child sex abuse victim Mel Shaw was targeted by the corrupt Nottinghamshire establishment, the above official criminal actions apply directly to both Hollie Greig / Aberdeen paedo abuse expose Justice for Hollie Grieg campaigners, Robert Green and Rusty Rustige – and a slew more of this sceptred isle's true patriots.