Monday, 20 February 2017

Bliar / Lords Vow to Jam Brexit Trigger Action

In today’s ‘Treason Without Borders’ counter-culture edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from ex-New Labour boilermaker, Lord Ron McScrote, ensconced on the uber-comfy red leather back benches of the House of Frauds and manning the mobile smart phone hotline to report on up-to-the-minute acts of anti-democratic treachery by his fellow low life peers for Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – where 'ring of the anvil' dispatches will be hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire - to tempt the palates of all budding non-conformists, proto-nihilists and career radical pro-justice revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

Monday 20th February 2017, marks D-Day – or rather S-Day – with a large capital S - for Sabotage on a grand, treasonous scale – as Broken Britain's Parliamentary Upper House of Frauds geriatric dog wankers are set to stir in their £300 quid per diem seats and 'debate' (sic) the EUSSR Notification of Withdrawal Bill (aka Brexit's Article 50) – with a slew of egocentric and pompous titled 'Europhile Remoaners' – wholly unelected by popular vote - set on advocating all manner of moronic pick n mix amendments to the bill to ensure interminable delays and hopefully block it and force a second referendum or general election - all at the behest of the Brussels hierarchy – and / or to suit their self-serving greed / ego-motivated agendas – with the public voters' majority Leave vote kicked around like democratic trash to pull off their contrived narcissistic social engineering objective.

Meantime, around the avenues and alleyways of our once-sceptred isle, New Labour's cross-dressing ex-Slime Minister and notorious war criminal - Tony 'I have a right to speak' Bliar - calls on the type of brain dead morons who read (and believe) the gutter press red top tabloids - to 'rise up' against Brexit - and in a display of wishful engineered chaos - demand a second referendum.

Yet to those with a couple of common sense brain cells still in working order, batshit Bliar's Remaniac publicity speech is more scent than substance – for this vainglorious sociopath's obsessive money-grubbing presents precisely what we have become accustomed to from the lying twat – and in total accord with his paucity of compassion for the welfare of the working classes – to achieve his wish list post – President of the EUSSR - once class-act alkie drunkard Jean-Claude Wanker quits the job due frustrations that the graft and corruption-ridden Brussels pantomime is set on a course of self-destruction – with the blighted euro currency the first to self-consume – then the entire 20-odd nation community will pull a hard 'exit stage left' exodus - state by disillusioned, bankrupt state.

While the House of Frauds is infested with Brussels EUSSR-oath-taker traitors, 'Miranda' Bliar has his very own 'Tony Crony' cohort ready to echo the 'second referendum' scam and generally stir the shit and sow discord – none other than New Labour's thrice-fired Mr Fixit – that notorious arse bandit and gerbil felcher, Lord Molly Mandleson. Mind you, if there's dirty deeds to be done dirt cheap, then this egomaniacal sodomite scrote is bound to have a covert hand in it.

Scandalson, interviewed on the BBC's Andrew 'Bat-Ears' Marr 'Can You Believe This Crap' programme, urged peers not to 'throw in the towel' just to offset the chance of the Upper Doss House being abolished when they debate legislation to block Terry May's Nasty Party Brexit plan - but rather amend the Notification of Withdrawal Bill to protect the pension pot rights of ex-EUSSR ministers – such as himself.

What else might Broken Britain's taxpaying voters expect from the perfidious likes of Anthony Charles Lynton Bliar and Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers? Satan's little helpers – and both emissaries of treacherous roguery and shenanigans of the highest order of seditious felony.

Really, WTF is more repulsive in Bliar's soiled character - the pompous tosser's unqualified arrogance - his brazen hubris - or philargyrist motivations? How about We, the People, rise up, get the tumbrels rolling and drag Bliar up before a Nuremberg Mk 2 war crimes tribunal for the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Can any fucker or their dog believe owt this dingbat Bliar has to say with his toxic political legacy of lies n more lies to cover up the first lot of lies – such as shutting down the Plod Squad's Operation Ore kiddie fiddling investigation after his House of Conmans aid – Philip Lyons – was arrested for bumming underage sheep – then spicing up dodgy intelligence (sic) dossiers to justify an illegal invasion of Iraq – then okaying the assisted suicide of Dr David Kelly, the weapons of mass distraction whistle-blower – let alone his EUSSR complicity as embracing the Treaty of Lisbon and refusing the British public the promised referendum on acceptance of the piece of fascist trash.

This dog wanker appeared before Marylebone Magistrates Court in 1973 on a charge of soliciting for mano-et-mano bum sex around London's public toilets and gave a false name - Charles Lynton. Obviously the right stuff for New Labour Party leader n Slime Minister.
As the old maxim goes: know a person by their associates – co-war crim' Georgie Dubya Bush, sodomite pal Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers, dodgy dossier doctor Alastair 'Alco-Pop' Campbell, cyclops paedo-scum nonce Gordon Broon, Charlie 'The Stooge' Falconer, Ashkenazi Edomite Kosher Nostra & pro-Jabotinskyist war crim – Israeli ZioNazi-Likit Party leader, Bobo Nuttyahoo - and the list of disreputables goes on and on.

Anthony Charles Lynton Bliar, from whatever aspect of the moral compass he's viewed, is a self-indulgent, egocentric creature of diminishing returns – a political sideliner representing corporate elitist cartels – specifically in this case, the Brussels Malbolge.

Teflon Tony's the type of tosser that dogs bark at as he walks down the street – and who prompts one to count their fingers if they've been unfortunate enough to being coerced into shaking hands with him.
Bliar's a closet case paedo scrote – a jukebox politico - shove a few bob in and he'll sing any song you like – for the stooge antics of this clown push the breaking strain limits of tolerant patience.

For all his traitorous deeds and evil chicanery, Bliar's temporal existence will prove irrelevant to the world – and history will not treat him – nor Bush and the Neo-Con ZioNazi cabal – nor today's Brexit Remaniacs - kindly.
What a finer – and safer – world it would be if this opportunistic, cross-dressing graft and corruption-ridden Ninth Circle paedo-sodomite Satanist – Phony Tony - had been strangled at birth – along with the entire Bliar clan - to ensure the eradication their venal Satanic gene line – and rabid dogs trained to cock a leg against Phony Tony's tombstone and piss on his grave.

But Bliar and Scandalson are nowhere near alone in their traitorous mission, for alike the Lower House of Conmans, the Upper House of Frauds too is infested with Vermin in Ermine hypocrites and Judas apostates, who have sworn a blood oath of allegiance with the Brussels EUSSR hierarchy – plus the perpetual self-delusional egoistic contingent out to make a personal rebellious political posturing point – such as ex-Liberty top dog, Baroness Scabby Acrobati (Labour) and Lord Dicky Dipshit (Lib Dums) – jointly hell bent on initiating a game of Brexit ping pong – with the Article 50 Bill being kicked back and forth between the lower and upper chambers of Parliament with an ever-changing stream of moronic amendments and delay interminably Broken Britain's decampment from the EUSSR's 4th Reich totalitarian federation.

The pariah scum sore loser EUSSR Remoaners – all Brussels' jukebox politico glove puppets – whose principals are more scent than substance – will sing any tune Brussels require if they slip a few coins in – as exampled by the expenses-fiddling Lib Dum frontbench EUSSR Remainiac stooge, the ginger-mingin Baroness Lynne 'Skeletor' Featherbrain – yet another feminist zombie – and looking as though she's let her Botox treatments lapse - spoke to one gutter press hack from the Hypocrites Review – stating for the public record that unelected peers had a duty to block Brexit - in Brussels' best interests.

Yet another non-entity second-rate political has-been crawls out from under a rock and joins the Remoaners camp. None other than Labour's Peter (Gerald the Mole) Hain, ex-MP for Kenya - aka Lord Hain of the Underworld – a socio-political scumbag extraordinaire who aligned himself with the Biblical abomination shirt lifter cabal when he became the Honorary Vice-President of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality.

An inveterate liar and beta-male closet case fairy, Hain might be best remembered in the House of Conmans as 'Hain the Pain' for failure to declare some 20 donations worth a total of over £100,000 during his 2007 campaign to win the deputy leadership of the Labour Party – a post that went to the paedophilia promoting Harriet Harmful.
The egocentric and boringly ultra-arrogant Hain quit the Labour Party following public exposure in the Daily Shitraker of his African potash snorting addiction.

The gospel according to Lord Johnny Harmsway Rothermuck's Dacre-run Daily Arsewipe gutter press tabloid relates that the Nasty Party's post-menopausal Claire 'Notwork Rail' Perry (Tory MP for Old Scrotum) has been overheard chatting with Ken 'Groper' Clarke (MP for Bum's Rush) in Westminster's Paedophile Arms pub saloon bar publicly voicing a 'not quite' politically correct personal opinion that hard line Brexiteers are like scumbag Jolly Jihadi Muslim terrorists and should be shot on sight – or have their heads cut off by ISIS baddy types.

Why the fluck is there any bone of contention in the lower House of Conmans - or amongst the upper House of Frauds unelected peers - regarding a Hard Brexit and triggering Article 50 – when We, the People, have made the decision?
Obviously there is no statute of limitations on gross stupidity – with their post-referendum streams of moronic sophistry and tautological rhetoric to undermine the democratic majority will of Britain's taxpaying voters.

Labour's Upper House of Frauds führer, career hypocrite and Remoaner Club leading light, Baroness Shabby Acrobati, has stated for the public record that she personally will sabotage Brexit with a slew of time-consuming asinine amendments – and kick start the threatened match of Chinese ping-pong with the lower House of Conmans viz such amendments to the EUSSR Withdrawal Bill - but by due Karmic return this menopausal ego-stricken immigrant-stock skanger will end up signing the electoral death warrant of the Labour Party itself.
Really, what qualifies this split-arsed IQ-deficient tosser to amend any fucking thing?

We, the boring, set-in-our-ways Anglo-Saxon peoples of our once-sceptred isle might well be viewed as a stereotyped Village Green Preservation Society ilk – but with regards to Parliament's 'unelected' House of Frauds and shot-up sub-continent economic migrant progeny with a racist chip on either shoulder - plus a socio-political point to make – such as she of the struck match haircut – rebel Labourite Lords führer - Baroness Shaggy Acrobati – attempting to 'have their say' and 'jam' the Brexit Article 50 trigger mechanism to keep us subservient to the Brussles' EUSSR 4th Reich totalitarian federation - these useless wankers can go the way of the dinosaur - extinction - as unable to evolve - or via an instantaneous Big Bang KT-Boundary Event – or a Common Herd vote to abolish the Vermin in Ermine doss house.

Parliament – ie 650 MP's - decided on an EUSSR In or Our (Remain / Leave) referendum and dispatched an explanatory leaflet to every household across Broken Britain which stated - without ambiguity - that 'we'll abide by your vote and implement whatever you, The People, decide' – and after they cop a majority Leave vote the wily Westminster oracle failed to predict they are now whingeing like a bunch of 'Remoaniacs' – and spewing out black propaganda faster than Machiavelli on crystal meth - over a result they personally did not want - and attempting to overturn and trash what constitutes the illusion of democracy.

Thus why did they cast an overwhelming vote for a referendum - then now intend to misuse the toxic veto power of the upper chamber to derail the Brexit majority vote?

If these Vermin in Ermine tossers – with the likes of former civil liberties whinger, Skaggy Chapatti, at their helm - even dare to expedite what they contemplate viz a Breixt block – such will be viewed as a constitutional outrage against the democratic will of the People.

So abolish the House of Frauds dosspit and turn it into a homeless shelter. These egocentric pondlife shits are long past their shelf life and need ditching – signing in each day for a £300 quid tax free cash-in-hand per diem and subsidised dining and grog – then after a quick nap on the back benches, off to Madame Spankie's discipline salon for a spot of BD/SM entertainment – or some kiddie fiddling paedo brothel – down in Chelsea's Max Mosley Memorial Gardens for an afternoon of Viagra-fuelled perverted sodomite sex.

Then, of course we have those of Molly Scandalson's ilk – the EUSSR self-preservation society bottom feeders – such as crossbench peer Lord Percy Pannick-Button QC, an eminent specialist in protecting mega-bucks pension rights - for more than a score of Upper House of Frauds peers - motivated solely by a self-interest greedster agenda - and expected to force changes to the Brexit Bill this week - are still earning tax-free mega-bucks salaries and pensions from Brussels.

Tony Bliar's thrice-fired ex-Prince of Darkness fixer, Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers, former Labour leader Lord Neil Pillock, , and Lord Chris 'Comb-over' Patten, who served in Mad Maggie Twatcher's paedo-infested cabinet, all still receive mega-bucks pensions from the Brussels EUSSR – along with a slew of other former MEPs and European commissioners receiving payouts from a Brussels pension pot estimated to be worth what bankster types refer to as 'lots and lots of money'.

Lord Molly Mandlelson of the Felchers
European Commissioner from November 2004 to October 2008
Estimated value of EU pension: £34,659 a year

Lord Neil Kinnock of the Ginger Mingin Stooges
European Commissioner from 1995 to 2004, Vice-President of the European Commission from 1999 to 2004
Estimated value of EU pension: £87,794 a year

Lord Chris Patten of the Comb-Overs
European Commissioner from January 2000 - November 2004
Estimated value of EU pension: £39,845 a year

Then we have the scum who swore a treasonous oath of loyalty to Brussels hierarchy: Baroness 'Chinless Cathy' Ashton and Labour pair Lord 'Stan the Man' Clinton-Davis and Lord Ivor 'Taffy' Richard, with EUSSR pension payments of £90,000 a year and Lord Tugmeoff raking in a £41,000 pension for his days as a Brussels 'Yes Man'.

Thought for the day. Withdrawal Bill? WTF? Que? Sounds like something the Vatican might conjure up to belay petitions for the Pope to okay the use of condoms and birth pills.

The Brexit trigger decision was never intended to be in the purview of House of Conmans MP's - (nor skanger scum like the meddling menopausal madcap Guyana Banana Republic's Gina Miller or war crim' scumster Tony Bliar or zillionaire Virgin - Richard Branston-Pickle - or the British Law Courts - nor that notorious doss pit – the House of Frauds – or Tory Europhile Remoaner Ken 'Groper' Clarke – or wee Jimmy Krankie's Scottish Nonce Party whingepots) - 'before' the referendum ballot - only after the 'Leave' fact majority vote was counted.

We, The People, were entrusted to make that decision in a democratic vote - and We voted LEAVE. What part of that can't these Remoaners get their collective pointy heads around?
Out means OUT! - and we want no part of the EUSSR or their single market, skewed laws and loopy legal system - nor their open borders immigration non-controls allowing hordes of Jolly Jihad terror-mongering rapists and their scrounging swan-roasting / carp-poaching kith n kin into our once-sceptred isle.

What bit don't the Remoaner camp not understand? Hmmm, a pity the Tory Nasty Party's transvestite PM, 'Testosterone Terry' Mayhem, doesn't slap Brussels unelected EUSSR hierarchy – and the UK Remoaner camp - with the same 'No Options' or else ultimatum viz a Hard Brexit as she did with Broken Britain's GPs – demanding they run a 24/7 service or lose funding – which promptly elicited a broad spectrum 'go fuck yerself' response.

Why the shock n awe gob-smacked perplexity displayed by the Old Guard Establishment at the success of the Brexit populism political strategy to expedite a Biblical scale 'patriotism' sea change in the attitudes of the common herd – for the 99% are sick to the back teeth of the EUSSR Brussels kleptocracy and being lorded over by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats and their Corporate elitist Masters who pig out around the 50 seat European Round Table trough
This fresh wave of common herd populism might just equate as Pandora's Box for the Deep State Neo-Con PTB scum globally – with sweet fuck all left inside – including Hope - once it's opened and the Shades loosed.

But seriously, bollocks to the Remoaner camp – we've got bigger worries than leaving the EUSSR – such as a Trident nuclear weapons 'defence' (que? sic) system that doesn't work.
So bollocks to Bliar and the House of Frauds Vermin in Ermine scumsters conspiring to water down or block Brexit.

To my mind the real nail-biter news issues of the day are: scientists attempting to resurrect the woolly mammoth believe they are just two years away from creating a hybrid embryo - now that's a real cool concept - and the fact that the asset-stripping corporate bid to buy out Marmite - life blood snackie spread of Broken Britain's working class - has gone tits up.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Tym R said...

...and let's not overlook the damning fact that the tossers opposing Brexit are in a class of their own when it comes to scumbags - these are the people who believe Gideon Osborne was a superb Chancellor and introducing bedroom tax and slashing disabled welfare benefits the first steps forward for implementing social spending austerity measures

Tym R said...

Lord Baconburger - the type of Lib-Dum clot who posts bail for fleeing Lib-Dum fraudsters - is of a self-delusional mind to block the Notice of Withdrawal Bill after receiving e-mails from a couple of concerned Lib-Dum Party members (Tim Farron & Nick Clegg) - as We, the People, who cast a majority 17+ million vote to Leave the EUSSR community - didn't know what the fuck we were doing - and he personally, having a few bob - knows better. What brazen arrogance these tossers are possessed by.

Tym R said...

Tony Bliar 1983 General Election canvassing manifesto as prospective Labour MP for Sedgefield: ‘We’ll negotiate a withdrawal from the EEC (aka EU) which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs.’
Then in grand political hypocrisy fashion, in 2005, Bliar contradicted his own lying ass with: ‘I am a passionate Pro-European. I always have been.’