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Vazeline: Shameless Hubris Knows No Bounds

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Is there no limit to the shameless unqualified arrogance of Keith 'Bummer' Vaz – the incumbent New / Old Labour Party MP for Red Leicester? The flabby tosser was forced to vacate his chair seat on the House of Conmans Home Affairs Select Committee when his position became untenable following reports in the Daily Shitraker that his favourite charity (The Keith Vaz Benevolent Fund) had been forking out payments to eastern European rent boys to call round his London, Edgware apartment for amyl nitrite / coke snorting sessions - and engage in a spot of sphincter-stretching – (alleged text message from 'Popper Pig' Vaz states: 'grab some Columbian and amyl hard-on snort - n a box of assorted hamsters for a felching extravaganza') - and now he appoints himself – (unopposed by a single one of the unscrupulous 649 fellow MPs) - to Parliament's Justice Committee.

This slippery shekel-grubbing sleazy slug – Vice Lord Vaz - and his equally corrupt cronies – both here and overseas - in national / local government authorities – and private commercial enterprise - have slithered out of a legion of nefarious, criminal conduct and influence peddling scandals these decades past via displays of hard faced Masonic secret handshake brotherhood defiance - and avoiding prosecution with a slap on the wrist at best.

But it is a long-established fact these overpaid, egocentric ponces eventually lose the plot and sight of the basic concept that credibility and some modicum of virtuous moral eminence is the only currency that politicos have to trade in.

As to Mr Vazeline - let's go with the well-documented Filkin / Zaiwalla ignominy for starters, then we have Vaz and his old Vermin in Ermine mate - Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers – allegedly partaking in the passports-for-cash scandal involving the Hinduja Sisters double act - plus the 'Hinduja Mk II rap with Iraqi crook Nadhamin Auchi – then onto the Eggington caper – and over to the Caparo group scandal – and not forgetting the Mireskandari affair – nor his clash with Tory MP Paddy Mercer – who rightfully branded Vaz as 'a crook of the first order'.

And let's not forget, this is the very same Parliamentary expenses-fiddling Leicester politico who, back in 1991, stood up in the House of Conmans to defend and vouch for the moral integrity of Leicester's serial kiddie fiddler / paedo-bumboy Baron Greville Janner - – another ersatz Zionist Jew of convenience without a trace of Semite DNA in his mongrel genes.

When we consider that it was the star-crossed Vaz pushing Owen (Who He?) Smith's candidacy to oust Corbyn as Labour Party leader, this further serves to expose Mr Vazeline as a slimy tosser who prompts one to count their fingers if they've been unavoidably coerced into shaking hands with him.

So since getting caught (entrapped?) with his proverbial 'pants down' – literally – and playing the beast with two backs in the company of a coterie of eastern European pikey / gyppo rent boy faggots – it was predicted to be 'exit stage left' n 'Go Directly to Jail / Do Not Collect £200 quid' – or so a multitude of his political enemies reckoned.
But now old Teflon Vazzer's appointed himself to the Justice Select Committee so he can pull a few strings n shake a selection of skeletons in a host of cupboards and get these silly drugs n sodomite charges kicked under the carpet – and back to business as usual.

As Nasty Party member and fellow Leicestershire MP, Andy Bridgen, opined to one gutter press hack from the Catamites Gazette on hearing the disgraceful Justice Committee announcement: ‘Keith Vaz’ sleaze knows no bounds'.

Lashing out at New / Old Labour for failing to prevent Vaz electing himself to a seat on the justice committee, Bridgen added: 'Obviously the tosser still has the full support of the Labour Party otherwise he wouldn’t be standing unopposed.'
'This all comes down to yet another corruption-mired coverup – same as the stalled MP paedo abuse inquiry – for I wrote to the House Speaker, John 'Shortarse' Bercow, last year, requesting he take all appropriate action to ensure that Vaz was suspended from his position as chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.'

Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Baroness Candida Mingerot announced she might conduct an official investigation into Vaz' misbehaviour sometime before the next general election (in 2020) to determine whether he breached MP rules by supplying Class A narcotics to his sodomite rent boy playmates – and further inquire if he transgressed Clause 666 of the MPs' Code of Conduct, which covers public interest, and whether 'damage was done' to the reputation of the House of Conmans. (Que? Reputation? Wot a fuckin' laugh. The shithole's been in a state of perpetual disrepute since Cromwell croaked).

The Code of Conduct states: 'Members shall base their public and private behaviour on a consideration of the public interest, avoid conflict between personal interest and the public interest by being exposed as drug-popping, rent-boy shagging sodomites in shit-raking national newspapers - and resolve any conflict between the two, at once, and in favour of the public interest – preferably by falling on their own swords – or suffocating inside one of MI5's big black North Face holdalls.'

Baroness Mingerot's investigation will further probe whether Vaz breached conflict of interest rules as chair of the Home Affairs Committee when the committee was carrying out a high profile investigative report into drug use and prostitution – or is simply guilty of his customary acts of gross hypocrisy.

So too are calls being made for Vaz to be stripped of his Privy Council seat, where he acts as an adviser to the Queen since old Royal Family confidante DJ Jimmy Savile kicked the proverbial bucket.

Alas, if only it were just bum sex - infidelity and drugs with his Romanian gyppo sodomite rent boy fraternity – but no – accusations of filthy lucre gained from political graft and corruption are bed partners to the scandal so far – specifically bank accounts chock full of large cash deposits, £35,000 nicker private school fees for his two sprogs - - and owning more properties in the UK – and Goa - than the notorious Rachman Housing Trust.

Though here we have yet a further pathetic example of Broken Britain's 'bumboy bureaucracy' – chock full of perving parasites – the establishment's historic sodomite-necrophiliac-pederast core groups – with Vaz's defiant 'in-yer-face' arrogance now busted with a large capital B - and as it has all gone South in a big way for the pear-shaped Mr Vaz, he will find himself – finally - bankrupt of all semblance of credibility.

The shamed MP's wife of 23 years, Maria, told media hacks she might eventually forgive him for cheating on her with rent boys - although felt like smashing the bidet over his ego-bloated head – and confided to experiencing a range of emotions following her husband's betrayal – especially when daughter Slutsy referred to 'Daddy' as a 'fudging tosspot'.

"Really, it was a complete gob-smacking surprise that Keith had been caught paying rent boys to fuck him up the arse. There again, I know how he feels as an occasional bum shag can be a bit of an orgasmic turn-on."
"But if he'd confided his kinky urges in me years ago I could have googled up the likes of the Dirty Dominatrix website - or logged into my e-bay account - and ordered a nine inch strapon dildo - and given him a good bum bonking myself – which would be rather poetically fitting as Keith's been screwing his constituents in the ass for years."

"In hindsight the idea rather turns me on – and I'm sure that rogering Keith up the back passage in the doggy style position would be a great additional exercise to the Pilates workout - and do wonders for de-flabbing my hips and thighs."
"As to these nasty felching rumours – well, I've been wondering why our guinea pig Gilbert goes into hiding every time Keith's prowling around the back garden."

Thought for the day. Rhetoric n speculation aside, WTF does Vaz hope to salvage out of this latest scandalous imbroglio? Hiring kiss n tell loose-lipped pikey rent boys to shag has manifested into a self-made catastrophe. His career's finished as far as advancement and credibility are concerned. He's been exposed as a cunt – in cunt's clothing.

Never mind meeting his Waterloo or crossing the Rubicon and being up Shit Creek without a paddle – if the likes of Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Kathryn Hudson did their jobs then Vaz the Jazz should be on the wrong side of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge and about to disappear down a political Black Hole of his own creation – unless he's appointed to the Parliamentary 'Decadence Committee'.

Dark humour and satire aside, yet another one bites the dust – like Charles Lynton et al - finally exposed as another PTB / VIP Establishment pervert who prefers acts of 'unnatural sex' (sodomy / necrophilia / pederasty / zoophilia / etc with rent boys / mortuary stiffs and goes wandering on the moors at night, coming back smelling of wet sheep) - to the seductive lure of the addictive pheromone scent of mature, lusting women.

Oh my, what a Lucullan delight and splendid fubar to rejoice upon. How mighty now are those fallen from grace? Egos and careers cast asunder to the vagaries of the four winds.
History shall not remember Vaz kindly – for the memory of the wicked shall rot.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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As of yesterday, 31st October - our graft and corruption-ridden House of Conmans MPs cast 203 votes to 7, approving Vazeline's appointment to the Justice Select Committee.
So much for 'Justice'.