Saturday, 1 February 2014


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We've posted a petition to the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE COMMITTEE to jointly award the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize to Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden and need everyone’s help to kick start the campaign and generate interest, support and signatures.

Just take a mere 30 seconds to sign it right now – and here's the link:

… and this is why it's important:

Here we have a triumvirate of whistle-blowing men of moral conscience who have put themselves at personal risk in the face of repression, fully cognisant of the legal bludgeoning of government employees and others who believe in transparency - plus knowing the criminal elements of governments and regimes and multi-national military-industrial corporations with their own security services that they have exposed of criminal wrong-doings – then perhaps into harm’s way – like Dr David Kelly ending up ‘suicided’ – and most definitely some life-changing circumstances – ostracism, exile and imprisonment a common consequence in all three instances now manifest – for that foulest of most treasonable crimes – telling the truth.

These three guys have brought down a score of previously untouchable rich and shameless corporate elements and politicos - and made global governments and ‘for-profit at any cost’ multinationals stand back and re-appraise their criminal actions.
This is an inspiration to other potential whistle-blowers who are in ‘the know’ and have vital documented revelations that are in the greater public interest to be released and circulated - hence why we need international human rights legislation passing to protect these people when they leak scandalous information of corporate and government wrong-doings that encompass the entire criminal lexicon – from arson to false flags to ZioNazi human rights abuses.

Really, if the war criminal likes of Henry Kissinger and Barky Obama can cop a Peace Prize – and Al Bore for his faulty science / manipulated weather data / global warming scaremongering lies, then even Satan is in with a chance.

So if you agree with their exposures and good works then get off your arses and sign the petition by clicking here


Rusty n Ally and the Prisoners of Conscience crew

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