Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mid-East Wars 'Not Enough'- NorKor Next

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Continuing to hype the grossly over-rated pantomime donkey threat to global peace posed by North Korea's spoiled brat leader Kim Jong-un (the man with the world's worst haircut – next to Donald Chump's dead cat coiffure) – and despite NorKor's two ICBM tests being judged 'fall short' failures – the US National Security Adviser, Herbert Raymond 'Incoming' McMaster - insisted that the good ole US of A global bully is fully prepared to launch pre-emptive military strikes against Kookie Kim's Commie Marxist regime – and put a stop to the annoying taunts and counter-threats aimed at the Great Satan.

The purposely exaggerated NorKor nuke n missile menace is knee-deep bullshit propaganda – additionally embellished with two coats of dark black Malice in Wonderland fairy tale versions of Kim’s Scrapheap Challenge ICBM program.

Yet the hairless McMaster appears undeterred about waging a war that might well incite hands-on intervention by the Middle Kingdom Sino's – and stated for the public record (plus future war crime indictments) he wasn’t going to confirm or deny CIA intelligence (sic) reports that the NorKor's actually had missiles which might just be able reach the US – with the wind behind them.

Then, typical of the Military-Industrial-Bankster Neo-Con cabal's ruthless, sociopath caste, applied a mean measure of his Sunday best vindictive arrogance, adding 'I mean really, considering the Agenda 21 schedule has had to be postponed until 2030 due a shit storm of unforeseen snafus n fubars - we need to get the mass global population cull kick started and take out a few million peasants – so how much does it matter if they have weapons of mass distraction or not?'
'Hey, who really gives a flying fuck. It's not real people we're talking about here - just a bunch of Third World useless eater Commie slopes n gooks.'

Conversely, while speaking with one gutter press hack from the Psychopath's Gazette, McMaster admitted that such a campaign of pre-emptive military aggression would cost 'an arm and a leg' – quite literally.

There again, price tags of a financial nature - or the human life headcount - didn't seem to deter McMaster's threats one iota - that the US Deep State shadow government is preparing to attack North Korea pre-emptively to destroy an ICBM nuclear weapons delivery program that to all intents and purposes does not do what it says on the box – and such an attack would constitute a legitimate use of force – dependent on the legal justifications Shite House officials manage to cobble together to gain UN approval (or not) – a bit like Dubya Bush n Tony Bliar's fictionalised 'weapons of mass distraction' dodgy dossier concocted to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq back in 2003.

To anyone gifted with a couple of brain cells still achieving some modicum of telemetry - 'and' a sense of moral empathy - they might be given to consider that the toxic McMasters' 'have they' or 'haven't they' question matters a lot – considering estimates indicate that a war with North Korea could snuff in excess of a couple of zillion people, destroy large portions of South Korea’s capital of Seoul, create a territorial refugee problem of Biblical proportions on both sides of the 38th Parallel - 'and' - as if Japan's never-ending 'glow-in-the-dark' Fuckupshima fubar wasn't enough already – a nuclear radiation contamination calamity across the Greater Eastern Asia region.

Knowing the Deep State / Neo-Con / Mil-Ind kiddie-fiddling paedo-scum Satanist infested cabal that are running the Shite House and Washington (Congress / Senate) – and this Zionist clique's predilection for live testing their latest Ka-Boom nasties on humans – a pre-emptive strike on Kim's NorKor missile bases – and whatever else gets targeted by 'accident' (Pyongyang) – might prove a temptation the blood n guts zombies can't miss out on and will be pushing the black propaganda / false flag attack card all the way to Armageddon.

So we have President Donald Chumpsky promoting peace on the election canvassing trail, then hires (and fires - like clockwork) a bunch of dog wankers – specifically appoints some 'sell by date expired' psycho army general called Mad Dog as Sec' of Defence.

All of which fits well with his vaunted 'swamp draining' pledge when we have the Deep State / Shadow Government's entire pro-Zionist Neo-Con Military Industrial Cabal and Wall Street banksters staffing the entire Shite House administration – with Exxon's T. Rex Tillerson at the reins of State for his Agent Orange boss - alongside Israeli Mossad sayanim / shitbag sleaze son-in-law, Jared '666' Kushner, who has 24/7 access to Daddy Chump's ear – on behalf of his Tel Aviv masters – who have incidentally been scripting US foreign policy since January 2017.

Alas the Yanks are lumbered with a thick as pigshit egocentric narcissist as President, hence any old fuckwit IQ-deficient advisors that Israel designates can pass muster with the bought n paid for pro-Zionist Congress n Senate shills.

As to the closet case fudging McMasters - his first assignment after commissioning in the US Army was to the 2nd Armoured Division at Fort Crudd, where he served in a variety of platoon and company level leadership assignments with 1st Battalion 666th Armoured Segway Regiment.
McMasters is a full-on Mil-Ind stooge who parrots their profit-spinning credo of: 'Hey, even if we ain't blasting the shit outa some hapless Muslim raghead or darkie enclave, then at least the US and NATO military have to stockpile the goods ready for the next war of aggression.'

Then we have the intellectually-challenged / trophy wife collecting / kiddie fiddling President Chump himself – today threatening that 'Kim's nasty NorKor regime will be met with a hail of fire n fury, the likes of which the world has never seen'.

No shit, the guy's a toxic vengeance-bent head-banger.

But the ever-paranoid NorKor's are playing tit for tat viz US threats - and behaving like a cornered rat – poke them with a stick and expect a violent reaction.

Lest the US forget (which they have a history of – taking on the little guy and getting their arses kicked) – they pushed the UN for an anti-Communist military confrontation in Korea back in the 1950's – and things didn't go as planned. McArthur got his sorry ass fired - plus it ended up with the North / South 38th Parallel 'Mexican stand-off' geo-political divide.

So let's keep a sharp eye peeled for the Great Satan's forthcoming false flag terrorist act to be blamed on the NorKors – targeting either their neighbours in Seoul or Japan – to justify their first strike military action to take down Kim's Marxist dynasty and install a Western shill / bankster friendly regime.

Conversely, a quick peek at this morning's Wickedpedia 'leak sheet' from the CIA's hacker-friendly top secret Vault 7 reveals that Kim's NorKor anoraks and beardies have manufactured a stock of miniaturised thermo-nuclear warheads that can be adapted to the range of missiles they've recently been testing and which US science types claim can reach the Great Satan's mainland.

Hmmm, miniaturised, eh. So no need for missiles, just pack one up in a Fed-Ex package n mail it to Washington.

Carbon Credits Cap & Trade Offset Exchange (aka Global Warming / Climate Change Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration:
Disclaimer: While a hefty score of conscience-stifled / empathy-deficient Washington Beltway paedo-sodomite Satanists, noncing Masons, political ponces, perjurious ZioNazi lobbyists, black market transplant organ smuggling rabid rabbis and corruption-ridden porky CIA scumsters might have become collateral 'fear and alarm' casualties and thrown into paranoid psychosis states of scandalous exposure anxiety attacks - no innocent non-combatant women and kids - and especially so Nor-Kor peasants, Muslim migrant refugee 'Junior Jihadi' sprogs – or trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees, small furry 'felcher friendly' sized mammals – ferrets and stoats, voles, moles, white mice, bum rats, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, miniature coypus, dwarf beavers, etcetera, et al – were harmed in posting this insurrectionist Truthsayer epistle.

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All this crap viz gobshite Kim and the NorKor missiles n nukes n threats n counter threats made by Donald Chump and now Guam - yet unlike Seoul zero attempt has been made to deploy Patriot or THADD anti-missile / interceptor systems there - apart from the usual bullshit propaganda shield.