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BDS Anti-Semitism Smear Scam Exposed

In today’s 'Zionist anti-Semitism smear scam against the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions campaign' exposé counter-culture edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from our frontline Jolly Jihad media correspondent, Achmed ibn Himar, manning the live news Skype satellite webcam hotline from Israel's illegal settlement kosher Manky Matzo coffee shop in the heart of the ever-diminishing occupied West Bank territories for Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with 'ring of the anvil' dispatches hand forged and crafted into razor-edged bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding anti-authoritarian non-conformists, proto-nihilists and career radical pro-justice revolutionaries who carry the immortal genetic Rh-Neg bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

Broken Britain's Nasty Party government – and by extension – 'Androgynous Alison' Saunder's corrupt Crown Prosecution Service – have once again stood up to be counted with the forces of socio-political darkness - (specifically the racist crime state of Israel's Zionist moneybags cartel lobby) – to prosecute any and all who dare reproach, censure or criticise the Tel Aviv rogue regime's illegal 'ethnic cleansing' land thefts, war crimes and human rights abuses against the Palestinian population of what was – once upon a fairy story 'long time ago' – er – Palestine.

Oh yes, the Deep State Establishment's gloves are off n the heat is on – and by that same Newton's Third Law opposite and equal reaction rule such applies to the pro-Palestinian BDS campaigners too – as Terry Mayhem's shelf life expired Zionist shill government prepare to prosecute those that might manifest their public audacity to protest the fact that Broken Britain's defence industry (read 'attack / war / weapons / armaments manufacturers') are supplying the paranoid psycho Israeli Defence Force military with all manner of Ka-fucking-Boom kiddie-maiming / snuffing nasties to target their fish in de barrel Gaza Strip – (and occupied West Bank) – non-combatant Muslim victim populations.

Down to the nitty-gritty. A group of five pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions activists in the UK face possible prison sentences after being arrested last July during protests outside the West Midlands / Shenstone-based Israeli-owned Elbit / UAV weapons systems manufacturing company.
As the regular stock n trade anti-Semitic slur / racial discrimination offence scam won't work in this case – the activist group have been charged with an unlikely breach of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act – and face at least six months in prison - plus a fine of up to £5,000 apiece – all for protesting Israel's human rights violations and war crimes in the occupied West Bank territories and besieged Gaza Strip enclave.

For a perfect example of what the BDS activists are protesting, let's take a peek at a disgusting example of the paranoid psycho Israel state's barbarity - visited on the hapless heads of the Palestinian population - reference Operation Protective Edge (read 'Operation Kill Every Fucker & Their Dog').

In August 2014, Eretz Israel's lunatic fringe Likit Party government, under the leadership of Bobo Nuttyahoo, launched a 50-day duration series of indiscriminate and destructive military strikes against the population of the Gaza Strip – besieged inside Israel's 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall - which resulted in a headcount of 2,256 non-combatant Palestinian civilians – mainly women and children - killed – with a further 17,125 maimed and injured – with an excess of 400,000 displaced – compared to the 85 IDF troops killed in reciprocal action.

Since this bloodbath slaughter ended Broken Britain's Nasty Party / Zionist stooge Tory government has licensed a further £140 million quids-worth of arms sales to Israel's psycho military machine.

Thus the case against the afore-mentioned five pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions activists will be prosecuted under a breach of the statutes of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act – and not the usual racist / sectarian 'anti-Semitic' victims whinge offence slapped on anyone who dares censure or criticise the rogue state of Israel and their heinous Zionist political creed.

To wit, with reference to the above, pro-Palestinian support activists beware the sinister designs of the Zionist shill Crown Prosecution Service towards BDS campaigners – to charge and prosecute them under the Section 28 statute of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 – and offences contrary to Section 31 (1) & (4) of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998.

A recent North-West England arrest incident – for spraying political protest graffiti on a remote rural bridge wall - specifically BDS: GAZA BLEEDS – to promote awareness of the Palestinian's marginalised and disenfranchised plight under the jackboot of political Zionism – and further publicise the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) campaign – aimed at compelling Israel's Likid Party coalition government to abide by the terms of the United Nations' 2016 Resolution 2334 – has resulted not only in the pro-Palestinian activist being charged under Section.1 (1) & 4 of the Criminal Damage Act 1971 – but further charged with offences under Section 28 of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 – and offences contrary to Section 31 (1) & (4) of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 – for 'intent to cause another harassment, alarm or distress – displayed any writing, sign or other visible representation which was threatening, abusive or insulting thereby causing that person or another harassment, alarm or distress, which was racially or religiously aggravated in accordance with Section 28 of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 and contrary to Section 31 (1) & (4) of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998'.

Hence the CPS intend to attach racial / sectarian 'hate crime' aspects to the charge of criminal damage – which is a wholly incorrect and too a malicious interpretation of the core elements of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions protest campaign.

As this BDS – Gaza Bleeds graffiti post relates directly to the plight of the disenfranchised Palestinian population of what was – until 1948 – Palestine – and since Israel – and the governing Zionist regime's blatant refusal to comply with the United Nation's Resolution 2334 to cease and desist its post-1967 policy of establishing illegal settlements on the military-occupied West Bank – (and too protesting the fate of the 1:75 million Arab Muslim Semite population of the Gaza Strip - imprisoned and marginalised behind Israel's 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall) – the CPS are – with purposeful bias - pursuing a hate crime centred on anti-Semitism – which links perfectly with the Zionist black propaganda credo that any and all criticism or censure of Israel is – to apply the Hebrew term – 'mesira' – forbidden.

To wit, obviously the intention of the UK's Crown Prosecution Service is to hinder - if not criminalise and block - free speech and socio-political censure, by implying any and all support of Palestine - or spraying BDS protest graffiti - constitutes a racist / sectarian hate crime inasmuch it is critical of Israel – therefore anti-Israel in nature – thus via the same skewed logic route of biased and erroneous interpretation: anti-Jewish and hence anti-Semitic in nature.

For the record, Semites are not of a racial type, nor sectarian caste, but a language grouping.
The term Semite is neither linked to race nor religion but rather the manifold Semitic language-speaking genre – (a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language congregation originating in the Middle East) - a tongue collectively spoken by more than 330 million people - including Palestinians 'and' Israelis.
Akkadian, Aramaic, Arabic, Ge'ez, Hebrew, Maltese, Mehri, Sabaen, Syriac, and Tigrinya – to list but a sampling.

The Israeli Zionist political movement have, decades past and with malice aforethought, hijacked the term 'Semite' and are attempting to patent it with the prefix of 'anti' – and thus force feed the Western media with a black propaganda racial / sectarian hatred aspect interpretation.

To wit: any and all criticism and censure of Israel's human rights abuses of their victim Palestinian population and the war crimes visited on the hapless heads of the population of the Gaza Strip – along with the illegal land grabs in the military-occupied West Bank is now categorised as anti-Israeli and thus anti-Zionist - hence by corrupt extension – also anti-Jewish – which is to be interpreted as their grand slam 'anti-Semitism' – racial / sectarian smear.

Obviously the CPS are either ignorant of – or blatantly in defiance of – the 16-page High Court ruling of the 22nd June 2017 in which the British government's wrongful and unwarranted Israel BDS / boycott restrictions were thrown out by UK’s High Court Judge Sir Ross Cranston.

The gospel according to Mr Justice Cranston stated: "Absolutely everyone has a right to peacefully protest Israel’s violation of Palestinian human rights"

A further excerpt of the judicial review's 'Introduction, item 4' states: "On the other hand, the Government is concerned that local government pension funds should not be involved in such political issues because of the mixed messages it might give abroad; because it might undermine community cohesion at home by legitimising anti-Semitic or racist attitudes and attacks - although it accepts that anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian campaigning is not in itself anti-Semitic; and because it could impact adversely on the financial success of UK defence industries.

Such a corrupt and pharisaical tenet is on a par with that of the oligarchs of commerce, dominant in the Westminster Parliament two centuries ago, who denigrated Palmerston's Christian moral policy of menacing the African slave trade with naval patrols – claiming such was blighting Britain's long-term trading prospects, and: 'No good or noble cause is worth the trouble if it damages trade'.

Hence logical progression suggests that under the provisions of the Royal Assent bestowed panopticon 'Investigatory Powers Act 2016' that any and all support for the oppressed predicament of the disenfranchised, abused and marginalised Palestinian population – including the endorsement of the BDS campaign via vocal or posted medium (graffiti / Twitter / Facebook / e-mails / texts) – will be branded as anti-Semitic and construed as – 'intent to cause another harassment, alarm or distress – by displaying any writing, sign or other visible representation which was threatening, abusive or insulting thereby causing that person or another harassment, alarm or distress, which was racially or religiously aggravated in accordance with Section 28 of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 and contrary to Section 31 (1) & (4) of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998'.

To wit, if a person aware of Zionist Israel's abominable record of human rights abuses and war crimes against the Palestinian populations of the military-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip – and Israel's defiance of the 2016 UN Resolution 2334 demanding the rogue Zionist state cease and desist in their establishment of illegal settlements on the aforesaid occupied West Bank – and whose sympathies lie with the Palestinian's plight and their BDS campaign – is shopping in one of the UK's Greedy Grocer supermarkets - and while selecting oranges, defers from choosing Israeli Jaffa's - grown on stolen West Bank illegal settlement lands - and opts for Spanish Seville's – is guilty of an act of anti-Semitism.

This factor, in and of itself, is preposterous as the Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip are also Semites / akin to the Israeli usurpers of their lands – and both speakers of their respective Semitic languages: Arabic and Hebrew.

The diverse racial speakers of the Semitic languages are Semites, and by logical progression, persons who do not speak a Semitic tongue are excluded from the Semite category – and to confound the Israeli Zionist's strategy of hijacking the term Semite as their very own Judaic-associated race / sectarian hate weapon – any follower of the Judaic religion who doesn't speak a Semitic language – more specifically, in their case, Hebrew – is perhaps a Jew – but not a Semite.

Specifically we refer to the official languages of Israel – Hebrew and Arabic – whereas by comparison – Yiddish might be confined to Israel's Jewish communities but is not a Semitic language and thus its 200,000 speakers fail to meet the Semite criteria.

Let us not overlook the fallacy that while Zionist Israel might declare itself a 'Jewish state' the devotee acolytes of Judaism are not a racial type apart, but a religious sect. As there is no Catholic or Protestant or Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu race, nor too is there a Jewish race.

To allege ‘anti-Semitism’ against the BDS campaign is a bogus defence to the ten year illegal blockade of essential goods against two million civilians in Gaza; the illegal settlement of 600,000 Israelis on to Palestinian land across the West Bank - and the razing of Arab villages, their homes and olive groves.
Plus is a deliberate deception to cover the criminal acts of an undeclared nuclear-weapons state, (armed and funded by the AIPAC lobby-controlled White House and US Congress – along with the same British government who signed off on the immoral Balfour Declaration of 1917).

Yet the Israeli government continues to defend the indefensible with cries of ‘anti-Semitism’ that have intimidated European governments to bring in legislation to defend Jewish communities against conjured hate crimes as a result.
Meanwhile the occupation and illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories continue unabated, as does the consequential criticism against those who censure and protest against such criminal activity.

To conclude, if the CPS choose to ignore the above and pursue with corrupt industry these anti-BDS campaign charges of - 'intent to cause another harassment, alarm or distress – by displaying any writing, sign or other visible representation which was threatening, abusive or insulting thereby causing that person or another harassment, alarm or distress, which was racially or religiously aggravated in accordance with Section 28 of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 and contrary to Section 31 (1) & (4) of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998' – then such will serve the BDS campaign well and expose the CPS pro-Zionist bigotry when Mr Justice Cranston's 22/06/17 judicial review ruling is cited as defence.

Further, such will publicly highlight across the expanse of the international alternative media the fact the CPS – and by extension - the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Tory Party's Ministry of Justice - are fielding an anti-BDS policy in defiance of Justice Cranston's High Court ruling - and are intent on supporting Zionist Israel's black propaganda offensive to criminalise and block the pro-Palestinian BDS campaign – regardless of the Tory Government's stated position that: 'it accepts anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian campaigning is not in itself anti-Semitic' – even if such does involve spraying pro-BDS graffiti.

For the record - recent UK polling showed that two in five people consider BDS – the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign – a reasonable Palestinian and international moral conscience response to Israel’s continuing and unchecked human rights abuse crimes visited on the Arab Muslim Semite populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip coastal enclave.

While these delusional Promised Land / God's Chosen People / the children of Abraham / House of David descendants of the tribes of historic Israel myths persist – gifted with longevity by the very same Zionist hasbara (propaganda) merchants – these self-proclaimed arbiters of Fact and Truth - that hijacked and patented the term Semite – (and by the agency of association – the term anti-Semitic) – as exclusively Jewish in nature – (to foment a case of anti-Semitic racial hatred out of the neurotic and pretentious concept that followers of the Jewish religion are an actual race) - the truth belays the deceit as the majority of the Jewish population of post 1948 Israel are not the descendants of the exiled children of the Diaspora - this highly questionable Twelve Tribes genetic line - but Ashkenazi Jews - the progeny of the 800 AD (CE) period Khazarian converts to Judaism – who decamped from conflict-ravaged Eastern Europe - to conflict-ridden Palestine - in the post-World War Two aftermath exodus.

Austrian-born Jewish Israeli historian, Shlomo Sand, reignited this complex controversy with the 2008 publication of his 'The Invention of the Jewish People' in which he contends the Ashkenazi Zionist propaganda cabal who claim an ancestral link to ancient Palestine are manipulating history for their own selfish ends - to justify the manifest destiny Greater Israel claim to Palestine in entirety – and beyond – from the 'brook of the Nile to the Euphrates'.

Conversely the followers of orthodox Haredi Judaism do not support the Zionist propaganda-driven Jewtopia daydream – which today translates more at 'nightmare' for the Palestinians – and abhor their hijacking of the Judaic faith and the wielding the term anti-Semitism alike some flaming sword to criminalise censure and criticism of the Zionist's burgeoning litany of human rights abuses, war crimes and continuing land thefts visited on the hapless heads of their victim Palestinian population.

Thought for the day. Regardless of their entire post-WW2 existence being a construct of bogus victimhood since the 1946 King David Hotel indiscriminate bombing by the Zionist cause terrorist groups – Irgun, Haganah and Stern Gang thugs - British governments – past and present - have been under increasing pressure from Israel to enforce a legally-backed ban on pro-Palestinian demonstrations and shut down social media pages, alternative news sites and web logs which post or host content critical of the rogue Zionist state.

This, under the aegis of today's infernal political correctness censorship model - where it is now a crime to say 'Booo!' to a goose - can – and will - be pushed to the extreme – until it is on a par with yesteryear's witch-burning days of Roman Catholic Inquisition heresy crimes – suppressing, sanctioning and imprisoning - to silence any and all who dare broadcast the TRUTH.

The rogue Zionists relish in the sins they commit – and continue to – geo-politically dividing (West Bank / Gaza Strip) and stealing the Palestinian homelands – (while dangling the more scent than substance 'Two State Solution' carrot) – and display zero conscience nor acts of attrition regarding their human rights abuses and the war crimes visited against the Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip enclave – all under the perjurious label of self-defence.
Then expect the global community to tolerate and absolve their racial, apartheid arrogance and barbaric excesses.

To conclude, a brief reflection on Facebook's hypocritical policy viz 'hate posts' and the truth of the Zionist Israeli establishment's superior culture attitude towards their Palestinian 'neighbours' – read 'victims' – from the foul mouth of none other than senior Israeli Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu - who on the 24th June, 2017 posted on his Facebook page a racist opinion that the Israeli army should stop arresting Palestinians – just execute them and leave no-one alive.
'Israel should take revenge against Arabs, and that Palestinians – the enemies of Israel - must be destroyed and crushed to stop the violence.'
'If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill 1,000 - and if they do not stop after 1,000, then we must kill 10,000. If they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000, even a million'.

Hmmm, how about a Hitlerian Nazi style Holohoax 'Six Million'?

Now that would surely stir stifled international political consciences and public empathy into kick starting a Nuremberg 2 war crimes trial and the graft and corruption-ridden United Nations into de-legitimising the current expansionist status of Zionist Israel back into the proscribed 1947 Partition Plan territorial boundaries.

Do you have any anti-Zionist condemnation / pro-Palestinian - BDS support political protests to make? Personal self-delusion, unqualified arrogance and religious sect observance besides - do you consider yourself to be one of God's 'Chosen One's' and deserving of preferential treatment above the other inhabitants of Planet Earth?
Apart from your local park or back garden, do you harbour selfish and illicit designs on someone else's property as your Manifest Destiny 'Promised Land'?

A selection of your comments may be published, displaying your name and location so the Zionist shill Plod Squad (or a Mossad Kidon Unit hit team) know where to come and arrest you on some conjured up anti-Semitic offence charge – with a nasty dose of Holohoax denial thrown in for good measure.

Carbon Credits Cap & Trade Offset Exchange (aka Global Warming / Climate Change Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration:
While a hefty score of conscience-stifled rabid rabbis, noncing Rothshite crime syndicate banksters, political ponces, perjurious Oxford college principals, kosher brochure publishers, Ashkenazi money lenders, mouldy matzo vendors and corruption-ridden Common Purpose NLP-programmed porky plods might have become collateral 'fear and alarm' casualties and thrown into paranoid psychosis states of scandalous exposure anxiety attacks - no innocent non-combatant women and kids - and especially so Yawm an-Nakba displaced Palestinian refugees – or trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees, small furry 'felcher friendly' sized mammals – ferrets and stoats, voles, moles, white mice, bum rats, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, miniature coypus, dwarf beavers, etcetera, et al – were harmed in posting this insurrectionist Truthsayer epistle.

Conversely, a large number of the NSA / GCHQ / Five Eyes Alliance’s Prism / Tempora / Carnivore / Pegasus / Echelon / X-Keyscore / Evident / SIG-INT I-Spy super snooper ‘Nosy Bastard’ wire-tap / IMSI catchers / eavesdropping / Eco-Giraffe data mining / TOR sniffing / JTRIG / Umbra Ultra-encrypted system’s nasty network electrons on Hubble Bubble Road in EMF smog-bound crappy Cheltenham were shocked into states of high anxiety and temporarily inconvenienced by our act of disrespect for political correctness.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour 'and' decaffeinated public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Rusty’s Skewed News Views (Purveyors of Bespoke Satire) - enhanced with a modest touch of Yeast Logic and a piquant dash of Political Incorrectness.
An anti-authoritarian counter-culture alternative opinion blog and free radical alternative media source 'not owned' by Raving Rupert Mudrock's News Corp and the ultra-racist Edomite Mafia 'Kosher Nostra' bankster crime syndicate - and committed to the relay of open source information – plus 'hopefully' immune from litigation under the statutes of the ‘Fair Comment in the Public Interest’ defence.

(Unless one has the audacity to support the pro-Palestinian BDS campaign and criticise Zionist Israel's human rights abuses and war crimes – or dare mention the dirty dealings of the Met's PPU (Paedophile Protection Unit ) or expose, name and shame the membership ranks of Nottingham's Nasty Paedo Club or Scotland's Masonic Speculative Society 'Nonce Ponce' Magic Circle arse bandit / Violate BD/SM Club VIP (Very Important Pederast) kiddie fiddling Edinburgh / Balmoral / Glencoe / Aberdeen-based cabal – along with their Westminster and Holyrood Parliament / Crown Office / Secret Squirrel Security Services / Plod Squad sodomite - paedo-enablers / cover-up protectors).


Tym R said...

Israel seeks to legalize 3,500 outposts on private Palestinian lands:

sarah harrison said...

Political correctness besides, whoever this BDS – Gaza Bleeds graffiti post upset is possessed of ultra-fragile sensibilities and is in denial if they can't accept that Zionist Israel is a crime state viz their continuing war crimes and human rights abuses visited on the hapless heads of the Palestinian Muslim Arab Semite populations of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip – and must be gullible beyond reason if they accept the God's chosen people / promised land myths as modern day truths.

We can accept children's belief's in God and Heaven if they're taught this is reality – as too the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Fairies, Trolls etc, et al – but surely not these people who claim their Judaic religion qualifies them as an actual race apart – and not only are they the Chosen People but also God has bestowed on them someone else's sovereign country.

How dare the Tel Aviv scoundrels accuse anyone of racist / sectarian hate comments when the purported 'Jewish' ultra-Zionist government of Israel impose 'Israeli only' vehicle routes on Palestine's occupied West Bank road system – that the Muslim Semite Arab population are not permitted to drive on – in their own country.

We personally are in agreement with the common sense Haredi Jewish Israeli faction of this Palestine / ultra-Zionist dispute – that there will never be peace or agreement viz a two-state solution along the lines of the UN's 1948 partition until the last Zionist illegal settlement usurper is strangled with the disembowelled entrails of the last of the Deep State elitist Rothshite crime syndicate’s New World Order military-industrial scumbags.

As to Israel's ultra-Zionist Likid Party coalition and their unchecked land thefts and barbaric racist abuse of the Palestinian peoples, the Latin credo applies: ‘impunitas sempre ad deteriora invitat’: (impunity always leads to greater crimes) – for evil does not need a reason – it just is.