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Sieg Heil Lizzie Exposed as Nazi Wunderkind

In today’s ‘Enhanced Royal Ignominy’ edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from Angus the Mole on the editorial desk at Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with hot off the anvil dispatches from the whistle-blowing hackers embedded throughout the reviled 'Royal Estate' - hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding nihilists and career revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

Her Royal Haughtiness, Queen Lizzie Mk 2, is said to be 'dummy-spitting livid' over leaked 1933-era home movie footage of her throwing up a series of 'Sieg Heil' Nazi salutes while playing with the royal corgi twins, Pookie and Wookie, to the delight of her Hitler-idolising Mum and treasonous Uncle Eddy – and has ordered the Met Plod Squad plus MI5 to launch an investigation into how the clip ended up in the hands of arch anti-monarchist Antipodean scumbag, Raving Rupert Mudrock, to be published on the front page of his red top gutter press 'The Sun' (more sluts, ttis n snatch on page three) tabloid.

Royal equerry Sir Dinsdale Ffitch-Dorkpuller informed salivating press hacks that Fuckingham Palace solicitors are considering legal action and have kick started an officially-mandated inquisition into whether there was criminality involved in obtaining the 17 second film clip, which every fucker and their dog in the royal spongers clan 'assumed' was safe in the family’s highly-restricted subterranean private archive at Windsor Castle – (or the dirty dodgy Astor's Cliveden Estate strong room) - along with all their Masonic / Satanist kiddie fiddling and ritual child blood sacrifice home movies filmed in the 'immoral' Balmoral's underground black mass temple (formerly Sir George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen's nasty dungeons and paedo torture chambers).

Lizzie is rumoured to be super pissed off not only that the clip has been leaked, but especially due the fact it shows her old baggage reptilian of a mother joining in with the treasonous Nazi-cult idolising King Eddy Mk 8 - (who considered the Third Reich's political luminary Hitler to be of Messianic status – and "a splendid chap with some spiffing 'final solution' ideas for getting rid of Europe's peasant class undesirables") - and leading a chorus of 'Sieg Heil der ├ťbermensch' – while Liz and little sister Maggie called out "Mummy, Mummy, can we have our own concentration camp and a Happy Halloween Holohoax party here at Balmoral?"

For the historical record the racist, anti-Semitic Fast Eddy was awarded an honorary Iron Cross - with Mistletoe Leaf Cluster - for kissing Hitler's ass and promoting the socio-political – and economic – advantages of Nazism. Oh well, it all still looked good back in 1937 – before the term Blitzkreig or any mention of Dunkirk or Barbarossa were on the tongues of the proletariat.
Every fucker with a Masonic membership and a Granny who listened to Wagner on the radio thought Hitler was gonna win hands down viz the appeasement policy that ruled the day – especially – much to their future socio-economic-political detriment - the deluded Krauts.

Alas c'est la vie for the wicked Windsors. It's always a problem when one's past indiscretions and the TRUTH finally catch up and bite you squarely in the ass.

As a parallel aside, per the current Met Plod Squad investigations into child sexual abuse by the PTB establishment VIP's (Very Important Paedophiles) – they were / are all in denial – until the past catches up with them – and now the shame dam has been breached and the child victims gush forth in a deluge, how many more ennobled royals (Prince Andy Pandy), lascivious 'vermin in ermine' lords (Brittan n Janner) and beknighted kiddie fiddling politicos, ranking moguls of commerce – and BBC DJs - will be exposed as raving sodomites, zoophiliac dog wankers and low life paedo-sadists?

Per The Sun's mortifying expose, the grainy silver screen footage shows the uber-troll Queen Mother (Lizzie Bowes-Lyon) and the wet sop effeminate bumboy / future King Eddy Mk 8 (post-abdication Duke of Windsor) - long fingered as a Nazi sympathiser under the thumb of his Zionist bisexual adulteress of a dominatrix mind-fuck controller consort, Wally 'Strapon' Simpson - teaching the seven-year-old wunderkind Lizzie and her three-year-old (future 'royal bike') sister, Slaggie Maggie, how to perform the Nazi salute.

Ah well, WTF can one expect from this warped inbred mutant clan of venal, incestuous bottom feeders – all of whom have been swimming too long at the shallow end of the gene pool – hence their bat-ears, aardvark-snouts and prognathous, piranha-fanged jaws – not forgetting the congenital haemophilia and aberrant mental lapses – such a stalking to plants (aka 'insanity').

House of Windsor my ass. Any respect for the scrounging royals went south and totally pear-shaped quite some time back – along with the 'divine right to rule' fantasy – with the illusion of a caring welfare state government – due the establishment's (sic) abuse of undeserved privilege and exaggerated sense of entitlement.
Well, WTF can we expect – they're all from nasty belligerent Kraut / Prussian militaristic stock who changed their name to Windsor from 'Saxe-Coburg und Gotha' following Uncle Kaiser Willy's embarrassing World War One military defeat.

To recap for those with an attention span calculated in nano-seconds (or less, if the telly's on) the brain dead monarchy-mesmerised British public, quite predictably, reacted with outrage and fury at The Sun's footage of the future Queen performing a Nazi salute, much to the delight of Uncle Eddy and Mummy.

Scores of Twitter users vented their ire, with appalled reader Ron Scrote of Smegmadale-on-Sea tweeting: 'All this "Queen does the Nazi salute" thing is ridiculous. She was 7. Are we really judging people based on what they did when they were 7?'

Sure, why not Ron – the now-infamous Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were tried, judged and convicted as murderers at 10 years old - for beating James Bulger to death.

Thought for the day. Really, WTF is wrong with the woman? Irate to the point of beetroot-red, venom-spitting apoplexy with a minor faux pas filmed as a wee lassie tossing up a Nazi salute, some 80 years ago?

She don't seem too bothered viz accusations of having her daughter-in-law, Dianna, murdered - or sons Andy and Eddie being fathered during cuckolding acts of adultery (Lord Porky Porchester / Baron Paddy Plunket) - or her lack of taste ginger mingin grandson Harry Hewitt being a cuckoo in the royal nest and carousing around in public, kitted out in his great-uncle Louis's Nazi SS Gruppenfuhrer's uniform – or photos of her vile husband, His Royal Rudeness Prince Stavros of Edinburgh - (formerly Phil Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Gl├╝cksburg of Greece) / (along with his matchmaking mentor, the schoolboy-bumming Lord Louis Battenberg (later Mountbatten). sporting a borrowed Royal Navy bicorn hat) – all attending sister Cecile's 1937 funeral in Darmstadt, Germany - flanked by relatives dressed in SS and Brownshirt uniforms.
Nice people / love dogs - woof-woof. 'Nough said. Amen.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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