Friday, 11 August 2017

Cross-Party Brexit Saboteurs Named n Shamed

In this morning’s ‘Treachery n Treason Beyond Borders’ exposé edition we bring you the latest and greatest in socio-political scandal-mongering hot gossip from Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with 'ring of the anvil' dispatches hand forged and crafted into razor-edged bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding non-conformists, proto-nihilists and career radical pro-justice revolutionaries who carry the immortal genetic Rh-Neg bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

Apart from the 'usual suspect' Brexit saboteurs and associated treacherous pondscum – as instanced by that untouchable war criminal Teflon Tony 'Miranda' Bliar, and the brass-necked, boat jumping, serial divorcee, 'Grotty Gina' Singh Miller – and too Sir Martin 'Scatbag' Sorrell – all with their own ideas on the definition of majority ballot result Democracy - and collectively guilty of high treason – we now have a proverbial Gang of Four establishment Fifth Columnist traitors – Posh Dave Scameron's appointed trade envoys, no less - undermining the common herd's 17:4 million 'We Want Out' Brexit vote – (a ballot count higher than the number of votes cast for any government in UK history) - in favour of their Brussels Maleborg masters.

Yet history, in hand with cruel Fate, shall not treat their ilk kindly, for the entire Remoaner camp is littered with insufferable egos – all of whom have been assigned eternal domiciles in Dante's Ninth Circle – the one reserved for low life cunts.

Thus, down to the nitty-gritty. Let's name n shame these toxic bottom feeders – starting off with the trade envoy to Bangladesh - Labour MP for Soylent Green and shadow minister for curry & naan bread affairs, Ms Rush Hour Scally Ali Baba - yet another Bengal Muslim darkie immigrant stock busybody dead set on frustrating the democratic processes of her host country.

Next to have their passport to social acceptance cancelled is Labour peer Lord Dickie 'Lee n Perrin' Forkbender of Worcester (Sauce) along with Librarian-Dummercrap trollops Baroness Lindsey Granshaw Hangover - and blonde moment rip-off artist, Baroness 'Plain Jane' Bottom-Carthorse – who gained top notch public funds embezzlement notoriety with her live-in political slug partner, Lord Fast Eddy Razzamatazz – a low-life expenses fiddling duo – both penny pinching twats claiming rent for the same shared flat.

Yep, this fuckwit foursome 'Quisling Quartet' collectively conspired to frustrate the Article 50 legislation and make a total fuck of the Brexit process negotiations - to up-end Britain's scheduled exit from the EUSSR in March 2019.

So, who's next to be exposed as treacherous shitbags? Why, none other than the 96-year old dementia-stricken 'non-European' music conductor, Daniel Barenboim - who hijacked the occasion of our iconic Proms to rant on aimlessly with regard to his personal skewed anti-Democratic views on Brexit - twice in a single weekend, no less.

Well, WTF can we expect from such a Nazi-spawned Argentinean-Israeli-Spanish fucked up senile, geriatric tosser - weaned on a diet of Peronist backstabbing and betrayal?

Or should the slings n arrows of outrageous fortune be next directed at the Nasty Party's Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip 'Dandruff' Scammond, who - along with fellow conspirator, the ginger-mingin Home Secretary, Amber Crudd - appear to all intents and purposes to be working flat out 24/7 - like a lizard drinking - to frustrate the will of the British people - who decided by a clear majority in the June 2016 referendum to ditch the fascist EUSSR Federation and its Brussels-based control freak kleptocrats, headed by Jean-Claude Drunkard – and regain our undermined and grossly diminished sovereignty.

But more Tory cabinet Remainiac turmoil is on the cards as Immigration Minister 'Baby Brandon' Lewis insists Britain will end EUSSR free movement in 2019 – whereas the Nasty Party's ginger mingin Home 'Sickretary' Amber Crudd – sans the authority to do so - vows UK borders will stay open to the 'brightest and best' pikey scroungers – while Scammond promises to pay Brussels £££ zillions in a divorce settlement – and the Crudd pledges to keep the UK's borders open for any and all Islamic Muslim Jolly Jihad terrorist types and Eastern European economic migrant gyppos and pikey low life's bent on a welfare benefits scrounging expedition.

Ahem, viz this pretentious skanger's 'brightest and best' statement, we prudently note that the IQ-deficient Ms Crudd doesn't fall into that category.

As to 'Dandruff' Scammond – whose wet dream is to become Tory leader (and PM) – this dog wanker has completely forfeited the trust of all who voted to give the EUSSR the finger - by insisting Broken Britain remain in the corruption-ridden customs union – plus further undermining the UK's negotiations with the EUSSR hierarchy through his anti-Brexit public pronouncements - thus attempting to frustrate the full execution of the common herd peasantry's democratic Leave decision.

Hmmm, if Terry Maybot has the cojones perhaps the next cabinet lateral promotion 're-shuffle' (firing session) is gonna turn out like a scarecrow's funeral.

Then we have the UK's Institute of Directors business panjandrums – all empathy-deficient sociopaths and parties of self-interest – whose perfidious fealty is to the Brussels kleptocrats – and are lobbying the Nasty Party's cross-dressing PM, 'Terrible Terry' Mayhem, to delay Brexit beyond March 2019 – promoting a favoured transition period of 80 years - to 2099) – and thus avoid the chaos of an EUSSR withdrawal over which the 50 seat Round Table Corporatocracy oligarchs are shitting kittens viz the imminent loss of their once 'oh-so' subservient and compliant UK cash cow.

In the unqualified opinion of the IoD bottom feeders, extending the negotiation period to the end of the century would be the simplest solution to avoiding a Brexit that will doubtless fuck up the funding source for the Brussels hierarchy's junkets and 'performance (sic) bonuses'.

This clique of IoD shites further proposed a string of measures which fly in the face of the true spirit of the Brexit vote – specifically that the UK stays in the single market - remains under the jackboot of EUSSR law - and maintains existing customs arrangements.

The split-arsed head of EUSSR Trade Policy at the IoD, Allie Renison, looking to be well behind with her Botox treatments, mesmerised gob-smacked media hacks with a cryptic diatribe against Brexit. “Really, this is what the stupid British public don't understand – Brussels and the EUSSR need us and can't survive without Broken Britain's mega-bucks fiscal contributions."
"Hence prioritising interim arrangements and thereby mitigating the risks of an exit from Europe means the eventual opportunities aren’t diminished by short-term chaotic cliff edges – and that's why we need to transpose EUSSR customs and VAT legislation into British law immediately – if not sooner."

'Sweaty Sebastian' James, the self-opinionated arse-wipe CEO of Dickhead Carphone, informed one gutter press hack from the Ripoffs Gazette: “To maintain optimum sales of our Smartphone Zombie merchandise – and hence maximum profits - we should maintain membership of the European Economic Area during a transition period leading to a new trade deal approved by the Brussels hierarchy and Commissioner Jean-Claude Drunkard – and the UK staying in the single market as long as – er - forever."

Then we have acts of Brexit sabotage and further black propaganda scare-mongering by the Bank of England's snap-frozen Yank Governor, Mark 'The Canuck' Carnage, who warned that the 2019 scheduled Brexit 'clean break' will have an adverse effect on Broken Britain's GDP growth - and the common herd's take-home wages (but not his gold-plated own).

Not wishing to miss out on any opportunity to do some evil deed and cause further havoc, Tony Bliar's New Labour henchman and fag-bag crony, Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers – aka Vermin in Ermine – has mobilised his effeminate bankster pal, Nutty Natty Rothshite, and a string of graft n corruption-ridden 'associates' from his wheeler-dealing days in Brussels as Broken Britain's EUSSR Trade Commissioner – whose criminal ranks include the infamous likes of exiled Russian oligarch (and ex-KGB Agent Polonium 210 assassin) Mikhail Sackashit – owner of Russtheft Energy 'and' Smegmadale's Premier League 'Offside United' Football Club – plus fellow zillionaire scumster Oleg Mobsaroubles – boss of Gulag Gaz and vodka-slurping / kiddie fiddling best of mates with President Vlad Putrid.

Also in line for a boat trip up the Thames from Worsminster to the Tower - through Traitor's Gate - is Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Stammerer with his Chinese whispers campaign in the ears of senior business oligarchs that it's vital to maintain 'the benefits' (Que?) of the single market 'and' the corruption-ridden customs union - and by what nefarious means that is achieved will be secondary to the outcome – as the end shall justify the means.

Pity the afflicted is the term for Labour’s Bell Curve Deficiency Syndrome-afflicted Shadow Minister for Cellulite Affairs, the knuckle-dragging, permanently sun-tanned egocentric Diane Flabbott - who defies categorisation under the rules of Linnaean taxonomy - and claims Labour is not taking any options for Brexit off the table – as long as she doesn't get fired or demoted to tea lady.
Alas, when it comes down to the cognitive privilege factor then sadly the Flabbott misses out big time - being as thick as pigshit.

As to the Lib-Dums – (liberalism – the politics of snivelling rats) - that delusional old Remoaner tosspot 'Vacuous Vince' Cable – MP for Twickenham – despite advanced dementia and an abominable taste in ties – has the party reins in his iron grip (as he was the only candidate on the ballot paper when nominations closed n no other fucker or their dog wanted the job leading a Losers Party) - and Super Vince is determined he can up-end the Brexit vote and keep the Brussels Mafia happy.

Cable's the oldest political party leader since Methuselah and on a par with a bullring jester - getting more shite than roses tossed at him as he prances around the political stage talking utter bollocks and eventually being gored on his own boasts – when he states with a measure of Biblical prophetic certainty that 'Brexit is not inevitable'.

Reality check in order here, Vince - as 17:4 million voters reckon it is.

London Mayor Sad-Dick Khan's derail Brexit threats - made off the record during an interview with the Scrounger's Review – heard him commit to coercing Corbyn to staying in Europe and making such Labour election manifesto policy - so it would trump the referendum result - if they ever again win power.

Yeah right – what if?

Talk about the 'name fitting' - Sad-Dick Khan - this wanker’s not even part of the federal government – just a shot-up council jobsworth with pretentious ambitions to backstab Corbyn n make grab for the Labour Party leadership.
Best Khan keeps a check on his public enthusiasm for this 'London is open' campaign he promotes - inviting legions of his fellow Muslims – ISIS terrorist types included – to come over and fuck up the Iceni / Celtic / Anglo-Saxon culture of our once-sceptred isle of Albion.

Last but by no means least on the Treachery scoreboard is the uber-scrote Foreign Secretary, Bonkers Boris al Pasha Attaturk Nonsense, who besides his public Brexit support deceit - is working up close n personal with the Tory's sleaze-meister Chancellor Scammond and the Brussels kleptocrat hierarchy to screw the UK over and keep Britain ‘broken’ - and part of the New World Order globalist EUSSR federation.

Thought for the day. Come the next election and payback time - let these traitorous Remainiac bastards be aware that the arc of the moral universe is infinite and eternal - but tends to curve towards revenge.

With regard to the scaremongering propaganda viz 'avoiding any cliff-edge Brexit crises' – bollocks – let's remember that moderation is for the craven and no muff's too tough – and take a daredevil 'live dangerously' lesson from those 'extreme sports' furry critters – the lemmings – to collectively go hard ball headlong over the Brexit 'cliff edge' – just for the hell of it – and Brussels be damned.

To conclude - We, the 17:4 million Leave means 'Leave' common herd taxpaying voter bloc – demand no less than a Viagra-fuelled hard-on Full English Brexit – and au revoir to the Brussels-based kleptocrat hierarchy motherfuckers.

The best way to deal with these Tory cabinet Remainiacs – 'and' their Labour and Lib-Dum House of Conmans contemporaries is force a general election and all vote UKIP – and boot the anti-democracy shits out of office – to be replaced by some fucker and their dog who will act positively to execute the will of the majority. UKIP?

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour 'and' decaffeinated public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Tym R said...

And when it comes down to self-serving anti-Brexit Remainiacs - let's not overlook the evil, toxic influence of the fascist Scottish Nonce Party and their broomstick merchant leader - the Wee Nippy - Jimmy Krankie Sturgeon - who wants Independence from Worstminster - but stay part of the EUSSR and under the Brussels jackboot.