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BDS Activists on Kosher Nostra Hit List

In today’s ‘Israel: Barbarism Sans Borders’ edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering war crimes and human rights and wrongs abuse from our 'Muslim Semite Sentinel' - Mohammad al Patsy - manning the occupied West Bank editorial desk for Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill from a Hamas 'Mole Unit' fortified dugout in Jerusalem's Rachel Corrie Memorial Park – with 'ring of the anvil' dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding non-conformists, proto-nihilists and career radical pro-justice revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

Following this past week's extra-judicial / civil targeted killings / (er, a paradoxical euphemism for 'murders') of BDS activists across Europe and the Middle East – which kick started when Palestinian radical Achmed ibn Himar was found dead in his Jerusalem apartment's bathtub with an excess of forty stab wounds inflicted on his chest and back – and Israeli Police Chief Shylock Scumstein informing gutter press reporters they were treating the death as one of the most determined cases of suicide on record – prompting cries of 'Foul!' from the entire international BDS campaign front.

Exiled PLO commander Shaheed Kess Emakk, speaking to media hacks outside his top secret Beirut hideaway at #25 Abdallah el Mashnoulk St, condemned Mr ibn Himar's murder, branding it the venal work of a sneak thief Mossad Kidon Unit – the very same homicidal psychos responsible for the sore thumb and bungled January 2010 assassination of Palestinian Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh – a top ranking official with Hamas' Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades - at his Al Bustan Rotana Hotel room in Dubai.

Amnesty International is urging the clinically insane Israeli PM, Bobo Nuttyahoo, and his ZioNazi racist Likit Party government, to curtail their apartheid state policies and end the threats and homicidal attacks against Palestinian and Israeli human rights defenders - specifically so the leaders of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement – by the IDF and the Yammam (domestic terrorist police – aka Bobo Nuttyahoo's thugster version of the Tonton Macoutes).

Meanwhile, European civil society and moralist 'Do the Right Thing' groups are launching a new campaign to defend freedom of speech from efforts to curtail it by Israel and the gossamer-skinned totalitarian dictator President of Turkey - Tieclip 'Attatuk' Erdogan - all wholeheartedly supported by their allied lickspittle national government across European and the good ole US of A.

Oh yes, and right on too, for under this current torrent of moronic censorship any and all criticism of Turkey supplying ISIS vis their 'Arms 4 Oil' deal cops a domestic terrorism charge and prison - while criticism of the outlaw Israeli ZioNazi state's human rights abuses and war crimes is automatically slapped with the broad brush anti-Semitism label – with a side order of Holohoax denial tossed in for good measure.

Perpetually confounded by moralist nuisance Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions protests in expediting their Final Solution to Israel's 'Palestinian problem' and stealing the whole of the West Bank territory to accommodate illegal settlers, the Kosher Nostra psychopath organisers of the Yediot Ahronot / Ynet conference recently resorted to adopting a fresh and somewhat novel tactic – by conspiring with Tel Aviv's Intelligence (sic) Minister, Israel Katzndogs, to recommend the 'civil targeted killings' (read 'murders') of BDS leaders world-wide - starting with Omar Barghouti - stalwart founder of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI).

In a pathetic attempt to avoid being branded a homicidal maniac for his intended murderous anti-BDS actions, while speaking with a gutter press hack from the War Mongers Gazette, Minister Katzndogs employed the term 'sikul ezrahi memukad' – a euphemism derived from the Hebrew phrase for the 'civil' pre-meditated slaughter (martyrdom) of Palestinian terrorists (peaceful protesters) - the literal meaning being – er – 'extra-judicial killing' – with the prefix 'civil' bestowing such atrocious and bloodthirsty acts with a ludicrous fantasy air of legitimacy.

And what is the self-proclaimed Global Policeman – the good ole US of A – the Mother of Democracy and Liberty (aka the Great Satan) - doing to censure and correct this litany of historical (circa 1948 onwards) human rights abuses and war crimes? Absolutely sweet fuck all apart from churning out the usual streams of bullshit propaganda and hycocrisy-ridden hyperbole – that poor Israel has the God-given right to defend itself.
Hence their perpetual funding and supplying the ZioNazi psychos with all manner of high tech ordnance and weaponry – not for 'defence' but 'attack' - including an arsenal of illegal nukes – from micro-tactical to strategic dial-a-yield varieties.

And that is the problematic sore thumb blatant 'in yer fuckin' face' fact viz America and Israel – both owned and run by criminals – the very same crime syndicate – the Kosher Nostra – with their AIPAC / ADL / Friends of Israel sayanim toadies, lickspittle lapdogs and snivelling sycophant political and corporate careerists – all out to get their corrupt palms crossed with silver - conjuring up black propaganda to fit the latest spin narrative tales.

Now we have Washington conspiring with Tel Aviv to cobble together a political kill index – the Joint Prioritized Effects List (JPEL) – aka the People the Great Satan and the Israelis Don't Like List – with Israel's Minister for Political Assassinations, Izzy Katzndogs, quick off the mark to get the job underway by targeting BDS campaigners – at home and abroad.

Thus it's hands-on 24/7 overtime and burning the midnight oils for the manky Mossad's Kidon Unit assassins – and doubtless the hit contracts will be farmed out to some equally noxious kikester quango such as the notorious Black Cube Corp – with the ever-evil Dominick Suter on stand-by and ready to dispatch his 9/11 False Flag Moving Systems' hi-fiver dance troupe psychos round to blow some hapless BDS campaigner's house up – then blame it on Mohammed al Patsy and his Jolly Jihad Takfiri Terrorist Club.

What kind of governing political regime employs a system of kick back 'illogical' punitive 'injustice' that demolishes the homes of relatives of Palestinian protesters accused of attacking uniformed IDF thugs and who are subsequently shot to death – extra-judicial style.
What kind of regime? Under ultra-right batshit bonkers racist PM Bobo Nuttyahoo, fostering his Likit Party's dingbat genocidal policies - a rogue regime that denies the basic human and constitutional rights of their Palestinian victims

Conversely, that's not the way God's Chosen People (more at 'sub-human species') regard the situation. The core of their perpetuated delusion is this historical fantasy claim of 'eminent domain' custodianship over all of Palestine – and half the Middle East (the brook of the Nile to the Euphrates / Lebanon-Syria-Iraq) as some mythical God figure deity is purported to have told Moses and his gang of stragglers it was their Promised Land.

Hence this depraved and spiritually bankrupt gang of inbred Ashkenazi crypto-Jews of convenience impostors continue the promotion of this persistent Holohoax and anti-Semite hysteria - to absolve and vindicate - and claim impunity - for their human rights abuses and war crimes against the Palestinian populations of the ever-diminishing occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip coastal enclave.

Hey, denials besides (dark arts hasbara), the Israeli Jewish 'anti-assimilation' / anti-miscegenation / holier-than-thou political cabal, Lehava, prove beyond any and all reasonable doubt that Zionist Israel represents all the worst qualities of an apartheid, racist state – wherein their military inferiors – Palestinians – will be used, abused and shit on from a dizzy height. Amen.

Thus, BDS campaigners be advised, you might come at the mega-bucks funded ZioNazi Bar-Code matzo munchers lobby (and their half-arsed 'Cashew' sycophant apologists that comprise the ranks of the EU / UK Friends of Israel Club governments) at a full gallop, high in oath and mud-splattered. But verbal and arm-waving protests besides – if you plan on a shoe-throwing exercise then make sure to leave the slippers and flip-flops at home and wear clogs or hobnail boots.

PM Nuttyahoo and his rabid Minister Katzndogs - both schadenfreude personified - are part and parcel of the Rothshite Zog crime syndicate fiefdom and corrupt to their venal core – and should be dragged before a war crimes tribunal for their sins. A veritable Nuremberg Two – and face the same charges and punishments as those evil Hitlerian Kraut bastards that were prosecuted at Nuremberg One – Boring Hermann Goring, Jodl, Hess, Raeder, Ribbentrop, Roseberg, Speer, Streicher, Weitzel, Waldeck, etcetera, et al – and the likes of the IDF and Knesset guilty parties – the list goes on and on – endless.

But what the fuck can we expect from a religious culture that worships a jealous and vengeful God and regards those alien to their 'tribe' as low life 'goyim' – on a par with cattle.

Thought for the day. Talk about these Khazar-Ashkenazi scumsters interferring with the foreign policies of sovereign democratic governments – specifically Broken Britain's – the grassroots Israel lobby group 'We Believe in Israel' (WBII) has started an online petition in response to reports that Prince Dobby of Wales – when not otherwise occupied in his frequent role as guest ribbon-cutter at new UK synagogues - is planning a visit to Iran - the first official visit of a UK royal to the Islamic Republic in over 40 years.

Thus the We Believe in Israel lobby's Propaganda Director, Luke Wankhurst, claims to be very disturbed (mentally) by this scheduled trip to Iran - which he accuses of anti-Semitism - and is demanding Chazzer von Big Ears and his chain-smoking royal whore, Gorgonzilla, the Duchess of Cornhole, shitcan the Tea in Tehran with the Ayatollahs idea– and come 'party' in the outlaw state of Israel instead.
Now how's that for blatant brass-necked chutzpah.

This skit is dedicated to the immortal memory of Palestinian doctor and peace activist, Hashem Azzeh, murdered by the IDF thugs in Hebron October 21st 2015 – and too not forgetting the martyrdom of prisoner Arafat Jaradat – tortured to death by the homicidal maniacs serving as his Israeli gaolers in the G4S-run Magiddo Prison – those clinically-insane kikesters (the Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience) running the apartheid state of Israel – who the UK’s taxpayer-funded BBC (British Coverups Corp) are under strict orders never to criticise – for such is ‘mesira’ – forbidden.

Further, to the rogue state of Israeli's dying shame, let us not forget either the thousands of other hapless Palestinians – men, women and rock-chucking sprogs - who dare protest against the inhuman treatment visited upon them by this latter day barbaric Zionist scourge, only to end up incarcerated in the likes of the kikester regime’s Facility 1391 interrogation (read ‘torture’) and transplant organ harvesting centre.

Hmmm, and we are to believe the duplicitous words of the Israeli Slime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo – himself another Jew of convenience with zero Semite DNA in his Khazar-Ashkenazi genes - when he declares in regard to the ‘Palestinian problem’ – “All options are on the negotiating table”. Yeah right – all options excepting fair play and ‘peace’.

In the 1980’s Oded Yinon, a senior advisor to the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Mischief, articulated the primary draft of the ZioNazi grand strategy to instigate the Balkanization of the entire Middle East via a chain of staged false flag terrorist attack events and contrived wars of aggression - with the participation of the US and European (read NATO) military forces to achieve the Chosen People’s Biblical ‘Promised Land’ – a Greater Israel stretching from the Nile to Euphrates – and far beyond – whose end result would ensure Israel’s Mid-East military hegemony and provide geo-political domination and guaranteed oil and gas reserves for the next century.

Regardless of their perpetual cultural obsession with things kosher, usury, anti-Semitism, the Holohoax - and snipping foreskins – all benchmarks of Jewish essentialism - the tactics of these Israel-based paranoid, certifiably-psychotic warmongering Khazar-Ashkenazi Yids of convenience - and their US- based AIPAC / Poxman ADL / B'nai Brith lobbyist groups - plumb the depths of dishonour and indecency, due their litany of character assassination, selective misquotation, the wilful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the statutes of international law – and ‘the truth’.

Hence fuck the Edomite Mafia and the Rothshite crime syndicate and their New World Order capital of Jerusalem. Plus fuck Israel and the Great Satan and the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion – or the Project for a New American Century – or the Foreign Policy Initiative or whatever they choose to label this game plan devoted to their Brotherhood of the Snake and Cult of the Golden Calf - and that insatiable god of greed and compulsive, consumer-driven materialism: Mammon.

To misquote the French ‘Age of Enlightenment’ philosopher Daniel Diderot: “There exists now a maxim agreed between Christians and Muslims, and too the real Jews of conscience, that there will never be any form of peace for the dispossessed Palestinians or the Holy Land until the final Zionist usurper is strangled with the disembowelled entrails of the last Rothshite-Baboon bankster crime syndicate’s military-industrial scumbag.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a politically-incorrect hostile environment infested with Māḡēn Dāwīḏ ZioNazi psychopaths and may contain elements of sickening Israeli schadenfreude, along with anti-Semitic paranoia, Holohoax ‘victims’ propaganda, unqualified arrogance, racist apartheid innuendo, lashings of Yidster hudaibiya, kvelling, hasbara and chutzpah - and quantifiable amounts of utter lunacy – along with nano-particle traces exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and a chemtrail residue of bush telegraph innuendo - plus a total disregard for the statutes of international law, human rights and the niceties of a polite and civilised society.

Rusty’s Skewed News Views (Purveyors of Bespoke Satire) - enhanced with a modest touch of Yeast Logic and a piquant dash of Political Incorrectness: a news sheet and media source not owned by Raving Rupert Mudrock's News Corp and the uber-racist Zionist kikester lobby, committed to the relay of open source information – and immune from litigation under the statutes of the ‘Fair Comment in the Public Interest’ defence - (unless one has the audacity to dare expose, name and shame the membership ranks of Scotland's Masonic Speculative Society 'Nonce Ponce' Magic Circle / Violate BD/SM Club kiddie fiddling cabal – along with their Holyrood Parliament / Crown Office sodomite / paedo-enablers and cover-up protectors).

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Tym R said...

You couldn't make this shit up: Katzndogs is actually the Israeli Minister of Transport, 'Intelligence' and Atomic Energy.
Well, considering his public media announcement declaring contract hits on BDS activists the Intelligence bit is out the window for starters – but the Atomic Energy bit is most definitely disturbing. They've put this Mamzer ben Zonah idiot scumbag in charge of things nuclear.
Now that is worrying.